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'April 26, 1938.
Filed ’Dec. 14, 1936
,J’Ear/15rd ?f/ée.
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
' ‘
Applicftion necenflrfreidizzzzefiigl?fbl???
1 Claim. (01. sac-15)
This invention relates to cartons of the nature
employed in holding commodities in attractive
conditions to be sold to the retail trade and the
primary object of the invention is the provision
5 of such a carton wherein is employed a number
of compartments each marked to represent the
days of the month and having associated therewith anriin the carton a header upon-which may
be printed or otherwise marked, the name of the
10 particular year, month and day.
Another important aim of the instant invention
is the provision of a novel and unique carton of
the aforementioned character which may assume
the nature of a box within which is packed such
15 widely sold articles as candy, nuts, fruits and the
like, and to ful?ll the concepts of the invention,
the said articles should be isolated in compart~
8 that will form the lower half of a telescoping
box 'of well known type. A header l0 formed of
material the same as that from which the tray-,
like receptacle is created occupies a small portion
of the receptacle and preferably extends across 5
one side thereof so as to present a panel l2 upon
the face of which may be imprinted the S'e?r as
at ‘ll, the month as at l6 and the days of the
week as at l8. This header I0 is U-shaped in
cross-section and the down-turned legs 20 ‘of 10
their lower edges resting upon bottom 6 and the
face of ‘panel l2 in a plane substantially the same '
85 the Plane 0! the upper edges of Sides 8. The
reason for constructing header l0 as mentioned is
to permit the manufacturer to print a year’ssup- 15
ply, 101‘ example, of headers and insert them into
the tray-like receptacles as the trade demands.
, ments appropriately marked so that ‘the user will ‘ If the retailer has a number of "December" boxes
have some guide as to the number of articles he of candy at the close of said month, then header
20 is to consume each day of the calendar month,
said box being so constructed as to at once re-
“I may be bodily removed, destroyed, and a 20
header for the subsequent month positioned in its
veal to the user the number of commodity units
_ he has consumed and also the date and whether
or not the commodity unit for any particular day
25 has been consumed.
The major portion of the tray-like receptacle is
It is well known in the candy or confectionery
trade that over-indulgence oftentimes is an ele-
subdivided into a plurality of compartments .
through the employment of partitions 22 and 24. 25 .
Partitions 22 are formed to extend across the re
ceptacle in planes parallel to one leg 20 of header _
ment which precludes purchasers from buying
l0 and in blank. appearas Figure 3 indicates.
larger quantities of candy and it has been felt Each partition 22 has a‘ series of notches 2B
35 that if some means could be employed whereby ~ formed inwardly from one edge ‘thereof and. at 30
the consumer could govern the amount of candy spaced apart points so as to provide a number of '
consumed per day or per week, that the sales of stretches 28.v In some instances partition 22 will
such confections would rise.
have a, tab 30 extending outwardly from the
'To ful?ll the aforesaid apparent desire on the , aforesaid edge thereof in each'stretch 28. In the
35 part of the candy dealers therefore, a carton simulating a calendar and especially the calendar for
the invention. Investigation
has been designed
has also
to em;
vealed thatfcommodities other than candy might ' ‘a tab 30 extending outwardly from each stretch
40 be soldto advantage through the employment of
such cartons andtherefore the preferredembodi-
ment of the invention which'is illustrated in the
accompanying‘ drawing is merely one exempliflcation of the‘ broader points of the invention.
example illustrated partition 22 is the ‘one which.“ ._
is directly‘ against header l0 and therefore, thev '‘
30 are
not needed
will require
for each
there'be 1 Y j’
In the drawing‘, =
Only the partition 22 adjacent to header l0 and 45
Figure 1 is a perspective viewof 'a carton made
partition 22 parallel toand next adjacent'the up
standing side opposite to' header ill need be
Fig. 2 is across sectional view through the same
taken on line II--II of Fig. 1.
printing of these dated partitions'so that assem;
bly becomes easy and no time is lost in prepar
ing boxes for any particular month of the year.
to embody the present invention. _
28. Separately forming partitions 22 so that par- 40
titions'u will interlock therewith permits the?- -.
‘ ‘
changed.’ ‘Each partition 24 is provided with a
series of inwardly extending notches 32 which
50 Fig. 3 is a partition blank showing the same in ‘
' condition before insertion into the carton, and.
Fig. 4 is a blank of another partition.
1 j
In constructing the especially formed carton
the same should be provided with a tray-like re-
when interlocked with the notches 26 of parti- 5o
tions 22 ‘will create a grill work of partitions ,
which presents the plurality of compartments in _
a conventional manner. After partitions have
been moved to place and the commodity, such as
55 ceptacle having a bottom 6 and upstanding sides
pieces of candy 34, positioned in the numbered 55
' compartments, tabs 30 are hinged down along the
line 36’ so as to overlie the compartment and
- candy 34v therein.- After the carton has been so
constructed and ?lled the standard type of cover
,may be telescoped to place and the package is
ready gifor sale.
Af'carton of the character and for the purpose‘
speci?ed comprising a tray-like receptacle have,
ing a bottom and upstanding sides; a header
along one side. of the receptacle, occupying a '
minor portion thereof ;,a number of intersecting
partitions disposed in the remaining portion of
In the carton illustrated in Figure 1, pieces of the ‘receptacle to sub-divide-the same into a plu- ' ‘
candy for the’ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of De
rality of commodity-receiving compartments‘; and
cember, 1936 have been consumed and if the user I indicia-receiving tabs integral with certain of the
has been accurate in consuming the ?rst ?ve
partitions each overhanging acompartment re—' 10‘
pieces of candy, the date to follow is the 6th and 'spectively, said header and upper edges oI-the
there remains a piece of candy to be consumed on partitions being in substantially thev same plane
that date.
, Practice has taught that a carton of this par
15 ticular character is extremely useful in merchan
'1 dising a large number of commodities and the in
vention might be included in commodity carriers
having different physical characteristics than
that illustrated herewith.
20 j What I claim as new and desire to be secured‘
by LettersPatent is:
as the’upper edges of the upstanding sidespof the
tray-like receptacle, said tabs being ‘extended
laterally to one side of the partitions and having 15
elements thereon forming dates of a calendar
month,the‘re being a tab and an associated com-‘
partment for each day of any certain month of
the year.
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