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April 26, 1938.
` 2,115,037
Filed June e, A1956
2 Sheets-Sheei'T l
In Ver) for
.5a/wif? @Moses
Api-n.26, 1938.
Filed June 6,41936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Edwin. P. Moses, White Plains, N. Y. ,
Application June s, 1936, serial'Nu. 83,945
The invention'relates to railway rolling stock
and comprises features of vehicle underframe
construction particularly adapted for use in hop
per cars although not limited to such applica
(not shown).
f Transverse vertical Webs ‘I brace the center
sill structure> at intervals and preferably these ..
ginal portions of the apertures includingv brack
ets 9> for mounting the piping either directly or
accessories usually made separately from the un
through clamps such as indicated at Ill.
Bolster structure indicated generally at il
merges with the center sill structure and extends
transversely thereof to the sides of the car. At
Another object of the invention is toV con
struct and locate equipment such as air reservoirs,
brake cylinders, etc. so that space limitations
may be accommodated and, preferably, so that
this equipment may contribute to the framing.
Structure embodying the present invention and
other structure having the same general objec
tives is disclosed in the copending application of
25 the present applicant, Serial No. 734,080, filed
July 7, 1934, now Patent No. 2,085,762, of which
the present application is in part a division and
These and other detailed objects indicated be
30 low are obtained by the structure illustrated in
the intersection of the bolster Vandcenter sill,
lower wall 3 is depressed as at I2 to form> center
plate structure arranged for interengagement in
the usual manner with the center plate of a sup
porting truck (not shown) . lAn upstanding tubu
lar member I3 extends upwardly from the central
portion of VVthe center plate structure, rigidifying
the latter and providing a mounting for the king
pin (not shown) which connects the underframe
A vertical transverse web I4 at the rear of
center plate I2 forms a part of the bolster struc- '
ture and reinforces the sill structure at this point.
An upright rib I5 extends between member I3
and webV I4 and into the depressed center sill
forming portion of bottom wall 3. A draft gear
stop block I6 extends upwardly at the front ofv
' the center plate structure >with its sides spaced
from the adjacent side walls 2 ofthe center sill.
the accompanying drawings, in which- .
Stop block I6 is connected Withrnember i3 by '
Figure 1 is a top View of one longitudinal half
of a hopper car underframe structure embodying
a central vertical rib I'l corresponding generally
to rib I5 anddiagonal ribs I8 extend from block
i6 rearwardly and downwardly into the depressed
center plate forming portion of the bottom wall
3 bracing elements I2 and IB from each other.
the invention.
gear keys
The` invention consists primarily in center sill,
bolster, and associated structure whereby Various
One object of the invention is to reinforce the
center sill bolster and center plate structure as
is necessary for heavy service requirements to
'f which hopper cars, for example, are subjected
15 without unduly increasing the weight of the
with >suitable rib openings E' for receiving draft
Webs are apertured to receive piping 8, the> mar- `
derframe and forming no partthereof are com
1 O bined with the underframe structure.
<01. 105;-415) .
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same, a por
tion being sectioned to more clearly illustrate a
detail of the structure.
Figure 3 is a verticaltransverse view and sec
tion taken on the line. 3--3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a longitudinal section taken on the
line 4-4 of Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a detailed transverse section taken
on the line 5-5 of Figure 4.
Preferably the underframe comprises a single
unitary construction such as a one-piece casting,
although this preferred form is not essential for
most features of the invention. Such a casting is
illustrated in the drawings and includes box
50 shaped center sill structure having a top wall
I, side walls 2, and a bottom wall 3 with substan
tial openings 4 for lightening the structure and
facilitating production of the casting. This sill
structure extends from end to end of the car
55 with its forward portion comprising draft sills 5
The bolster structure at the sides of the center l
sill structure is of general I-shaped cross-section
having a vertical web I9, a top flange 20 substan
tially horizontal from end to end, and a bottom 40
flange 2I which is inclined upwardly and out
wardly from the center plate to the side of the
car. An air reservoir 22 is located in one of the
angles formed by the bolster and draft sill struc
ture and utilizes the adjacent draft sill as an end
wall and the adjacent portion of web I9 as an
element of the side wall. The adjacent portion
23 of the inclined bottom flange 2| of the bolster
merges with the outer end of the reservoir and
the reservoir constitutes a substantial bracing Ul 0
structure across the angle betweenV the bolster
and draft sill.
Preferably a horizontal bracket 24 projects
from the forward portion of the air reservoir and
mounts a diagonal brace 25 extending to the
55 .
forward corner of the built-up platform struc
ture (not shown) carried by the underframe.
An upright web 26 intermediate the ends of res
ervoir 22 braces the walls of the latter and re
sists the thrusts transmitted to bracket 2,4.
saidbolster, and the lateral flange on the oppo
site side of said web extending inwardly from
the end of the bolster and merging with the end
of said reservoir.
5. A railway vehicle underframe rigid one
A gusset 21 extends between the bolsterand
draft sill at the side of the latter opposite to
reservoir 22 anda brake cylinder 28 is carried
by this gusset, and the cylinder and its support
29Y are shown as cast integral with the'remainder
of the underframe. VGusvset 21 Vincludes a bracket
32 corresponding to bracket 24. Between cylin
der 28 and reservoir a rectangular bracket>
30 for mounting the air brake valve 3l, and
bracket 30 also is preferably formed as part of the
piece structure comprising intersecting center sill
and bolster members, a ñuid pressure brake cyl
inder and a fluid `reservoir in theV respective cor
ners between said members and merging there
with, and an air brake valve mounting merging 10
with said center sill betwee'n'said cylinder and
6. In a railway vehicle underframe, a bolste
having an upright web», a draft sill extending
from said bolster towards the adjacent end of 15
the underframe,- and a ilui-d reservoir located
The above described structure comprises an vbetweensaid bolster andsaid underframe end
effective underframe for hopper cars and the and having a portion of its wall structure formed
relation of the underframe to the sloping end by said bolster web.
'7. In a railway vehicle underframe, abolster 20
20 floors and hopper structure is indicated by the
broken lines H in V'Figure 2.' The provision of having an upright web, a draft sill extending
from' said bolster towards the adjacent end 'of
complete'separately formed reservoir and brack
ets therefor on the underframe is avoided by the the underframe, and a flui-d reservoir located
between said bolster and said underframe end
unitary structure.v The arrangement of the’cen
and having va portion of its wall' structure formed
' 25 ter plate isy simplified and the elements of the
center plate and the reinforcement thereof also by said bolster web and draft sill.Y
8. In a railway vehicle underframe, a bolster,
constitute elements of the center sill and draft
a draft sill extending from said bolster towards
stop structure.
the adjacent end of the underframe, and a fluid
As previously indicated, the casting of theele
Y30 ments in one piece is not essential to all features reservoir located between said bolster and said
underframe casting.
» `
' of the invention and other modifications of the
invention maybe made without departing from
underframe endV and having a portion of its wall
structure formed by said bolster, said reservoir
the spirit of the invention and the exclusive use g being-constructed and arranged to mount a diag
of such modifications as come within the scope Vonal corner brace at a point spaced from` said
Vbolster and to transmit thrust from the same to
of the claims Vis contemplated.
What is claimed is:
l. A railway vehicle underframe integralstruc
Vture including intersectingrcenter sill and bolster
said bólster independently o_f other framing
¿9. In a railway vehicle underframe, a bolster,
a draft sill extending from said bolster towards
members, and a fluid reservoir between said bol
ster member and theend of the underframe, said. itheadjacent end of the underframe, and al fluid
reservoir having walls mergingwith and forming reservoir located between s-aid bolster and said
underframe end and having a portion` of its wall
a part of the upright webs‘l of said bolster mem
structure formed by said bolster, said reservoir
2. Structure as speciñed in claim 1 which also being constructed and arranged to mount a di
ber and center sill members.
includes a bracket projecting from the reservoir
for mounting a platform framing member.
3. Structure as specified in claim 1 which also
includes a bracket projecting from the reservoir
intermediate the ends of the latter for mount
ing a platform framing member, there-being a
Yreinforcing web extending across saidreservoir
between said bracket and bolster structure;
4. In a railway car underframe; a centersill,
a bolster having ’a vertical‘web extending from
55 said center silll to the side of the car, there Ybeing
a lateral flange projecting from the lower por
tion of said web at one side thereof, van air res
ervoir located at the opposite side of said web
Vand extending along the same towards the side
60 of the Vcar but terminating short ofthe end of
agonal corner brace at a point spaced from said
draft sill and to transmit thrust from the same
to said draft sill independently of other framing
10. In a railway vehicle underframe, a bolster, .
ya draft sill extending from said bolster towards
the adjacent end of the underfrarne, and a fluid
reservoir located Ybetween said rbolster and said
underframe end and having a portion of itsY wall
structure formed by said-bolster and draft` sill',
said reservoir being constructed and arranged to
mount a diagonal corner brace at a point spaced
from said bolster and draft sill and .to transmit
thrust from the same to said bolster and draft*
sill independently of -other framing members.
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