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April 26, -1938.
Fil-ed June 11, 1933.
Patented Aprà 26, 1938
1:1 oaRmNG `
Lester Kírschb rauh, ' Leonia,
N. J., assigner to
The Patent and Licensing C orporation,
Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts c
Application .lune 11, 1931; serian No. stesse
5 Claims. (ci, zc-s)
This invention relates to constructional ma
terial adapted to be employed in covering and
weatherprooñng theI outer surfaces of a building
and aqueous dispersions of a waterproof thermo
plastic substance.
further directed to a new method of producing
the same.
making machine from a suitable mixture lof
structional units adapted to be employed as a Á`V`iibrous material and aqueous dispersion of as
weatherproof covering that closely simulates a phalt. Material of this character in which the
brick Wall.
Waterproof thermoplastic ingredient is incorpor
ated with the ñbre before formation into sheets
Heretofore, for this purpose it has been pro
or boards 1s readily susceptible to shaping as by
ated units, each unit con
rip having narrow spaced
strips of roofing ma
adhesively secured
thereto. These strips terial
are expensive to manu
facture because the pro per spacing and cementing
of the narrow strips t o the base is a time con
` suming and tedious ta
sk. Moreover, when strips
of this nature are laid on th'e side Walls of a
20 building, the -structure is subject, under the ac
tion of the weather, to the tendency towards
moulding or embossing operations. According to
the constructional unit or strip is of general rec- .
tangrular shape with upper and lower edges 4|
and 42 respectively and side edges43 and 44. The
strip is provided with raised substantially rec 20
tangular areas 45 bordered along their upper
edges by a' horizontal depression 46; the upper ex
tremity of which is space d
closely simulate a brick, stone or other like Wall,
and are not subject to delamination when ex
posed to the weather._
Another object of my invention resides in the
novel manner ofl procedure for manufacturing
the constructional units.
Figure lis a plan view of a constructional unit
35 embodying
my invention;
' ‘
Figure 2 is a front elevation of a portion of a
trated in Figure'l;
from the edge 4| a ~
distance equal to the desired horizontal lap and
the lower extremity of which is spaced front the 25
epressions 4l, spaced from eachl other a dis
tance corresponding to thelength of a common
In the accompanying drawing:
plastic properties, such as that made on a, paper
More specifically the invention relates to con-'
An embodiment of my invention consists in the
use of a water-resistant material having thermo
and particularly the side walls thereof, and i/s
The lateral ends ofthe strips are formed with
depressions @8 and 49 of substantially the same
depressions 41 and of a width, 35
respectively, of about one-half and three times
the width of said depressions 47, These end de
pressions are .so proportioned that the units, fin
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3_3
of Figure 2;
Figure 4 is a sec
tional view -taken on line 4_4
of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a transverse section of one of the
_units taken along -line 5_5 of Figure v1;
Figure 6 is a similar viewtaken along line 6_6
of Figure 2; and
.Figure '7 is a similar
of Figure 2.
In order that the finished strips may be laid in
overlapping courses with the bottom face of each
y adjacent the top face of the
view taken along
line ‘1_-'lp
In accordance with my invention, the construc
tional units may consist of unitary structures of
moulded or compressed pulp such' as wood pulp,
can pulp or other suitable material or a thermo
plastic ñbrous composition board made on a
'paper machine from suitable mixtures of fibre
pressions 41,
that the verti
between the vertical center lines of the depres
The depression l2 is of the same or
the depression 48,
partially syrfaced
accomplished by _pressing the -bed
vof i‘lne ,black
face 'into a. sufilciently /deep
picked up by
granules to permit the latter to bethe
grooves or
the adhesive or tacky coating in
and is located a predetermined distance from one
of the lateral ends of the strip to' provide the
proper amount of lap between adjacent s gies.
According to my invention the recta guiar
areas of the _thermoplastic unitary strips are pro
vided with a'coatlngy of weatherproof material
I elaim- as
said rows being spacedv from each other by a de
horizontally throughout' the
, pression extending
lations standing ‘out in relief beyond the mortar
length of the unit, each of said rows including a
plurality of transverse depressions and one of the
depressions of one of _said rows-being Wider than
jo _ t simulations afforded by the recesses or de
p essions.
1. A constructional unitlcom rising _a thermo
plastic unitary substantially rigid fibrous base,
a plural- 4said base being. embossed- to provide
ity of rows of‘depressions and raised areas and
10 in which is partially embedded granules of a
color resembling that of the usual -varieties of
brick and' contrasting with that of the recesses
or depressions of said strip, to present brick simu
my invention:
the other depressions of said row.
2. A constructional unit comprising a thermo
units of this character may
in accordance with my invention by
following the steps to be presently outlined.
Whatever the composition of the base, it lmay
plastic unitary substantially rigid ñbrous base,
said base being embossed toprovide a plurality
of rows of depressions and'raised areas and said
rows beingspacedfrom eachother by a depres
be coated >over its entire area, or on the portions
to be exposed, or only on the exposed face of the
raised or relief areas, with a suitable weather
sion extending horizontally throughout the length
proof material such as a high melt point asphalt
the upper of said-rows being vslightly wider than
or similar bitumen.
of the unit, each of said rows includinga plural
ity of transverse depressions, thefdepres'sions of
This coating operation may ' the corresponding depressions of the 'lower row.
be accomplished in any suitable manner, such as
by dipping the strips in a bath of the coating .ma
terial or by spraying, doctoring or otherwise ap
3; A constructional-unit comprising a thermo
plastic unitary substantially r1gid *fibrous base
said base being'embossed to provide a plurality
plying'the coating material to the desired por
of rows of depressions and raised areas and said
rows being spaced froml each other by- a depres
Thereafterand while the> coating on the face . sion extending horizontally throughout the length
to be exposed is still tacky, the surfacing mate
of the unit, veach of said rows including a plural
rial is applied thereto in such a way as to cover. ity of transverse depressions, the' raised areas
only the rectangular relief areas. This may be and depressions of the lower of said rows being
tions or areas of the strip.
accomplished, for example, by placing the' coated
35 faces of the strips in contact with a bed of gran
ules, such as comminuted slate, slag or the like,
of suitable brick color. Where coating material
is, applied to the grooves or depressions as well
of substantially greater dimension transversely
of the unit than~ are the raised areas and de
pressions of the upper of said rows. _
' 4. An article of manufacture comprising a
composition board for use as a buildingcover 40
as to the relief or raised areas, care should be _ ing unit, said board .having avlayer of asphaltum
exercised in the surfacing operation to preclude applied to a surface thereof, a -coating >of grits'
the brick or other light colored granules from
‘adhering tothe coating in the grooves or de
pressions and thus impair the mortar effect in
tended to be 'provided by the depressions. To
this end, the depth of the bed and the size of the
pressed into said asphaltum- and a plurality of
depressions pressed into said surface to leffect an
uneven appearance thereto, said depressions
having differently colored grits pressed therein.
5. An article of manufacture comprisingl a
granules 'in this operation should preferably be
composition board for use as a building covering '
50 ules, the >latter will be ‘picked up by and adhere
only to the areas in relief, leaving the depressions
or grooves unsurfaced and of a dark or black
color. If desired, howevenwhere the coating ma
terial has been applied also to the grooves or de
55 pressions, the latter may be surfaced with black
depressions pressed into said surface to definea'
plurality of rows of depressions and raisedl areas,
so» related to the depth of the grooves or depres-` unit, said board having a layer 'of asphaltum a'p-„_
sions in the strip that when the coated face- of plied to a surface thereof, Aa coating of grits
the strip _is brought into contact with the gran
pressedfinto said asphaltum and a plurality of
or other colored granules contrasting with that
of the granules on the rectangular relier“ areas
and of a size preferably >liner than said last men
tioned granules. This surfacing may readily be
saidA rows being spaced from each other by a~
depression extending ~ horizontally throughout 55
the length of the board, each of said rows includ
ing a plurality of transverse depressions, said de
pressions having diiferently colored grits
l '
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