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April 26, 193s.
Filed May e, 1955
E,_ f.
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Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Walter Vaver, Cicero, Ill., assignor of one-half to
Benjamin A. Tetzlañ", Riverside, Ill.; Harriet
Vaver administratrix of Walter Vaver, deceased
Application May 6, 1935, Seria-l No. 19,935
8 Claims. (Cl. 33-56)
This invention relates to improvements in tion in accordance with such indicia tg, correct
sights for guns, rifles and firearms.
points of elevation corresponding with predeter
One of the objects of my invention is to pro
mined ranges for a specific or particular type
vide a sight for firearms which is characterized and character of ammunition or bullet.
by marked simplicity of construction and opera
Still another object of my invention is found in
tion, and the elements of which possess novel fea
the provision of means including a stud and a
tures of construction, arrangement and provision tightening screw which may be secured to the
which materially increase its effectiveness and range plate for definitely locating the range plate
on the sight.
Among the novel features or elements of my
sight is an improved sighting device the use of
which will aiiord a more clear or sharply defined
Still another object of my invention is to pro
vide a novel elevation adjusting and locking han
image of the object aimed at. Increased image
ing the sight carrier and thereafter locking it in
the desired adjusted range position; such adjust
definition is attained by the use of a very thin ap
erture disc which is so mounted in the bore
of the sighting device as to be shielded from most
of the interfering light rays. Peep-sights which
are made from a single piece with a bore drilled
in from each end to secure a thin separating ap
ertured wall are not so commercially possible to
‘ manufacture as to produce the aperture of the
desired precision as is possible to produce and se
cure with an aperture disc made from a separate
piece of very thin metal.
Another object of my invention is to provide
the sighting device with an interchangeable, re
movably mounted, aperture disc so that discs
having apertures of diiîerent diameters may be
readily substituted one for the other.
Another object of my invention resides in the
provision of a firearm sight eye-piece the bore of
which is provided with an oriñce which is com
posed of a multiple of comparatively small planes
each disposed angularly to the adjacent plane;
the oriñce decreasing in diameter inwardly of
' the bore or which oriñce may be progressively de
creased in diameter as by a series of circular steps
decreasing in diameter progressively inwardly of
the sight bore to thereby reduce to a minimum or
40 dissipate reflected interfering light rays to facil
itate visibility and afford sharper definition of
the image of the object viewed therethrough.
A further object of the invention is found in
the provision of a sight eye-piece having a re
movably mounted aperture disc and a removably
mounted aperture disc retainer, which retainer
and aperture disc are adapted to be unscrewed
from the eye-piece and screw-mounted into the
peep-holder or block of a standard sight for use
50 as a small eye-piece to afford unobstructed vision,
as for instance, on a hunting rifle.
A still further object of the invention resides
in the provision of a ñrearm sight having an in
terchangeable plate with indicia thereon which
permit the adjustment of the sight as to eleva
dle which serves as a handle for raising or lower
ing and locking operations being performed by
one hand of the operator.
With the above and other objects in view, my
invention consists in the novel combination, con
struction and arrangement of the parts and
members shown in preferred embodiment in the 20
attached drawing, described in the following spec
ifications and particularly pointed out in the ap
pended claims.
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a gun sight embody
ing my invention;
Fig. 2 is a vertical section taken on line 2-2
of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on line 3_3 of
Fig. 2 showing the operating and retaining mem
ber for adjusting the sight as to elevation;
Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical section taken on
line 4-4 of Fig. 2 showing the improved sighting
eye-piece, and
Figs. 5 and 6 are enlarged perspective views of
the aperture discs.
As shown in the illustrations, the sight com
prises an adapter block I0 of any suitable form
which is adapted for attachment to the side
of the firearm barrel II and on which block is
supported the sight frame I2 by screws I3.
The sight frame I2 is grooved, as at I4, to re
ceive the vertical leg ISA of an L-shaped sight
carrier I5.
'Ijhe horizontal portion or leg 15B of the sight 45
carrier is provided with a depressed channeled
portion I5C for the slidably mounted peep-sight
block I6, a lateral extension IGA of which is cen
trally and longitudinally slotted, as at IEB. The
peep-sight block I6 is slidably adjustable as to
windage within the channel IBC and is adapted to
be securely retained in adjusted position by a
screw I'l mounted in the lateral portion ISB and
extending for adjustable screw connection within
the slot IBB with the head thereof in engagement
With the upper face of the extension IBA.
gated slot 24A in the upper part of the range
plate into threaded connection Within a small
The block I6 is provided with a threaded bore
IGC to receive a sighting device or peep-sight I8.
range plate and positioned in a recess or hole in
To facilitate and guide the operator in Wind
age adjustment the extension IIìA may be pro
vided with an in-dicator line which is adapted to
register with suitable indications on the hori
zontal portion |53.
The sighting device or peep-sight I8 is formed
with a comparatively enlarged eye-piece I8A hav
ing an exteriorly threaded end connection I 8B
into the slidable block I6 and is provided With a
sight bore I8C which is enlarged inwardly, for
substantially half of its length and threaded as
at IBD to receive an aperture disc retainer I9.
'I‘he aperture disc retainer I9 is provided with
a sight bore I9-^~ adapted to optically register with
the bore I8C of the eye-piece IBA.
The outer portion or orifice I9C of the bore I9A
of the retainer I9 is formed with a multiple of
small planes each disposed angularly to an adja
cent plane, or progressively decreased in diameter
as by a series of circular steps ISB which de
25 crease in diameter progressively inwardly of the
sight bore I9A and which act to reduce or dissi
pate to a minimum, by refraction, interfering
light rays to thus afford a sharper or clearer defi
cylindrical stud 25A disposed on the back of the
the leg I5A of the carrier I5. This range plate
24 is provided with indicia 24B which permits the
adjustment of the sight, with reference to an
indicator 26 (which, in the present instance, is a
part of the frame I2) as to correct elevations
corresponding with predetermined ranges for a
specific or particular type and character of a
bullet, the indicia preferably indicating the
range of the targets in terms of yards. A specific
range plate may be furnished for each specific
type or character of ammunition, so that when 15
the ammunition is changed it is only necessary
to interchange .the used range plate for a range
plate calibrated for the changed ammunition.
The precise position of the range plate may be
corrected and adjusted by loosening the screw 25. 20
When the sight is attached to a riiie, the cor
rect mounting or position of the peep-sight in
relation to that rifle is zeroed once.
This is done
by adjusting the small zeroing screw 21. The
interchangeable range plate is then adjusted to 25
zero position by loosening the screw 25 in the
stud 25A, to permit vertical adjustment of the
range plate. When the range plate for the par
nition of the image of the viewed object.
To further enhance the visibility and definition
of the image of the sighted object, I provide an
aperture disc 20 which is made from a very thin
ticular ammunition has once been zeroed, the
stud 25A is securely aflixed to the range plate by 30
tightening of the screw 25. To change one range
material, as for instance steel of a thickness of
.005 or .007 of an inch, and is provided with an
the head ZIA is loosened and the sight staff or
35 aperture 2|)A in optical alignment or register with
the axes of the sight bores I8C and ISA.
The aperture disc 20 is removably mounted
within the eye-piece I8 between the inner end of
the retainer I9 and the shoulder formed at the
40 enlarged portion of the sight bore, or the inner
end of the retainer I9 may be formed with a
small annular groove to receive the aperture disc.
Being removable, the aperture disc may be inter
changed with any one of several other similar
45 aperture discs of different size apertures, thus
providing a desirable andefûcient sight eye-piece.
The exterior connection threads of the retainer
I9 are such that the retainer I9 and aperture
disc 20 may be readily removed from the eye
50 piece I8 and remounted in the sight block I6 for
use as a small sighting eye-piece.
To conveniently and quickly permit the verti
cal adjustment of the sight as to elevation, the
sight carrier I5 is slidably movable, with its ver
55 tical leg I5A within the stationary frame I2, by
plate for another, when changing ammunition,
carrier leg I5A removed from its support by up
ward movement. The used range plate 24, screw 35
25, and stud 25A may then be removed as a unit
and replaced by a similar unit plate which has
previously been corrected for the ammunition
then to be used. ‘The removed range plate can
thereafter always be properly reinserted into pre 40
determined zeroed position, for use with the par
ticular ammunition for which it was previously
calibrated, by replacing with its attached stud
in the hole provided for it in the vertical leg I5A
of the carrier.
It is obvious that various changes or modifica
tions may be made in the details of construction
or arrangement in the sight as here shown in
preferred embodiment without departing from
the spirit of the invention as defined in the ap
pended claims.
I claim:
1. In a firearm rear sight, sighting means, a
support secured to the firearm, a movable carrier
for said sighting means slidably mounted in said
means of a combined handle and locking device
which includes a threaded member or screw 2|
support, said support being provided with a slot,
screw-mounted in leg I5A and having a head por
tion 2 IA. A coil spring 23 is positioned about the
60 threaded member 2| between the head 2|A and
ing through said slot into said carrier and hav
ing an enlarged head, a loosely mounted washer
a washer 22 which is loosely mounted on the
posed between said Washer and said head, said
washer having a portion interñtting within said
slot of said support to retain said washer against
member 2|.
The washer 22 is formed with a fitted portion
22A having a pair of parallel sides slidably inter
65 iitting between the channelled portion I4A of the
sight frame I2. The cylindrical portion 22B of
the Washer is adapted to be pressed by the coil
spring 23 upon the tightening of the head 2|A
to frictionally retain or lock the sight carrier I5
70 in proper adjusted position.
The vertical leg of the sight carrier I5 is formed
with a vertical depression IBD extending longi
tudinally thereof and adapted to receive therein
the range plate 24 which is securely held in posi
75 tion by a screw 25 extending through an elon
a handle comprising a threaded member extend
on said threaded member, and a spring inter
rotation and said washer having a portion ex
tending beyond parallel margins of said slot and
adapted upon rotation of said head to be pressed
by said spring into frictional engagement with
the face of said support to thereby retain the
sight in adjusted elevation position.
2. A firearm sight, including, sighting means, 70
a support fixed to the iirearm, a carrier movably
mounted on said support, said sighting means
being movably mounted on said carrier and ad
justable relatively to said carrier as to windage,
an interchangeable plate removably mounted on 75
Search iiooti
said carrier, said plate having indicia thereon
indicating correct elevations of the sighting
means for deiinite ranges for a speciñc type and
character of ammunition, means for adjustably
retaining said plate on said carrier, said plate
having an elongated slot at one end thereof, said
support having a face extending over a portion
of said carrier and said plate and having a slot
therein, a handle adapted to raise and lower said
carrier to adjust said sighting meansas to ele
vation in accordance with the indicia on said
plate, said handle comprising a portion extend
ing through said slot in said support and through
said slot in said plate for rotatable connection with
15 the carrier, a washer slidably mounted on said
handle portion, said washer having a portion in
terñtting within parallel margins of the slot of
said support to guide said washer, said washer
also having a portion thereof extending beyond
20 the parallel margins of the slot of said support,
an enlarged head on said handle portion, and a
spring interposed between said washer and said
head adapted upon rotation of said head to exert
pressure upon the washer to form a frictional en
25 gagement of the washer with said support to re
tain the sight in adjusted elevation position.
3. In a firearm sight, sighting means, a ver
range-indicating plate relatively to said sighting
means comprising a stud and a screw for securing
said stud to said range-indicating plate, said stud
being adjustable longitudinally of said range
indicating plate and adapted to be positioned in
said recess.
5. 'I‘he combination in a iirearm rear sight,
of sighting means, a removable interchangeable
plate removably mounted on the sight, said plate
having indicia thereon whereby the sighting 10
means may be adjusted to variable target con
ditions, said plate being adjustable relatively to
the sighting means, and locating means for said
plate adapted to be secured to said plate after
adjustment of said plate and thereafter being
removable from the sight as a unit with said
plate, said locating means and plate being rein
sertable as a unit in the sight in a fixed predeter
mined position relatively to the sighting means.
6. The combination in a firearm sight as em
bodied in claim 5, said sight including a recess,
and said locating means comprising a stud ad
justable relatively to said plate, and means for
securing said stud to said plate, said recess in
the sight being adapted to receive the stud to 25
thereby locate said plate relatively to the sighting
tically adjustable carrier for said sighting means,
’7. A ñrearm sight having a sighting bore, said
an interchangeable plate removably mounted on
bore having an oriiice the surface of which is of
general frusto-conical form but composed of a 30
30 vsaid carrier, said plate having indicia thereon
indicating correct elevations of the sighting
means for deñnite ranges for a specific type and
character of bullet, and means for definitely lo
cating said range-indicating plate relatively to
35 the sighting means, said range plate locating
means being adjustable relatively to said range
plate and adapted to be secured into iixed con
nection with said range plate.
4. In a iirearm sight including sighting means,
40 a carrier
for said sighting means movably
mounted on the iirearm, a plate removably
mounted on said carrier, said plate having in
dicia thereon indicating correct elevations of the
plurality of comparatively small circular steps
progressively decreasing in diameter inwardly of
the sight bore.
8. In a iirearm rear sight, a bored tubular
sighting member having a peripherally iianged 35
circular wall portion at the sighting end of a
diameter greater than the adjacent bored tubu
lar portion constituting a light shield, a tubular
peep sight removably mounted in said sighting
member in axial alignment with the bore of said 40
sighting member, a thin aperture disc remov
ably mounted at the inner end of said peep sight,
sighting means for definite ranges for a speciñc
the outer end of said peep sight having an ori
lice formed by a series of circular steps of pro
type and character of bullet, said carrier having
gressively increasing diameter outwardly.
a recess therein, and means for locating said
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