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April 26, 1938.
_ Filéd Dec. 22, 1956
z T >‘ ) I
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Patented Apr. 26, 1938
» 2,115,216
Mary Evelynne Samuel, Martins Ferry, Ohio
Application December 22, 1936, Serial No. 117,186
2 Claims.
(91. 15-236)
‘This invention’ relates to- cleaning devices of
the ‘character employed in the kitchen for clean
ing dishes or pots and pans and pertains particur
larly to an improved scourer or scraper.
body is cut, pressed, or molded to have the paral
lel- serrations 2 upon both of its faces.
The for
mation of these serrations provides a plurality of
transverse edges 3 upon each side of the body
and when the body is made of rectangular form
as illustrated in Fig. 1, it is preferred, that the
serrations extend along lines oblique to the side
The primary object of the present invention is
to provide an improved device for cleaning pots
and pans of food particles or other substances
edges ‘of the body so that one central rib or edge
which may be adhering thereto, which is par
ticularly designed for use in association with the ' 3 will extend between two diagonal corners and
10 usual dishcloth which is employed in the washing the other ribs will be parallel therewith and'of 10
gradually decreasing length.
of dishes, whereby the device may be kept con
At the center of the body there are formed the
veniently at hand for removing adhering particles
two long parallel openings 4 which are separated
of food or blackened areas from dishes or pans
by a central bar portion 5. These openings 4 and
while the dishcloth is in use.
Another object of the invention is to provide the bar 5 form holding means for the dishcloth 15
an improved pan or dish scraper having a novel which is indicated by the numeral 6, the cloth
means for attaching a dishcloth thereto so that being drawn through the openings across one
the dishcloth can be used in the usual manner side of the body I andunder the bar portion 4
in the manner illustrated. With the device at
without interference from the scraper and the
scraper may be used when necessary.
tached to the'dishcloth in the manner, illustrated, 20
it will be always found for use when it is neces
A still further object of the invention is to pro
vide an improved dish and pan scraper which is
designed to be formed of semi-hard rubber or
other suitable materials in such a manner as to
obtain a maximum scraping action and which is
also so designed that a dishcloth may be detach
ably connected therewith so that the cloth and
scraper may be easily and quickly coupled to
gether or separated as may be found desirable.
The invention will be best understood from a
consideration of the following detailed descrip
tion taken in connection with the accompanying
drawing forming part of this speci?cation, with
the understanding, however, that the invention
L: iii is not con?ned to any strict conformity with the
showing of the drawing but may be changed or
modi?ed so» long as such changes or modi?cations
mark no material departure from the salient fea
tures of the invention as expressed in the append
40 ed claims.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a view in plan of one form of the
sary to remove from a dish or pan some particle
which has become stuck thereon and in the ordi
nary course of washing the dishes the body I can
be held in the palm of the hand so that the dish 25
cloth 6 can be used in the usual manner and‘
without interference from the scraper body.
While the scraper body shown in Fig. 1 is of
rectangular outline, it is to be understood that the
invention is not to be con?ned to a body of this 30
speci?c con?guration as it will be obvious that the
same may be circular or oval without departing
from the spirit of the invention.
In Fig. 3 there is shown a modi?ed form of the
invention wherein the body is indicatedv as a 35
whole by the numeral 1' and ‘while it is substan
tially rectangular it has had the corners cut out,
as indicated at 8, so that two parallel sides will
be formed of portions of gradually decreasing
length, thus providing a plurality of corners 9 40
for obtaining an improved cutting or scraping
action against the material which may be at
scraper embodying the present invention, show
tached to a pan or dish.
ing a washcloth attached thereto.
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
2—2 of Fig. 1, the cloth having been removed.
Fig. 3 is a view in plan of a modi?ed form of
with spaced parallel serrations In similar to those
indicated by the numeral 2 in Fig. 1, thus form
ing parallel relatively sharp ridges vl I. At the
the invention.
Fig. 4 is a view showing in plan a portion of a
modi?ed form of the invention as illustrated in
Fig. 1.
Referring now more particularly to the draw
ing, the numeral I generally designates a rec
tangular body formed of relatively heavy rubber.
55 In accordance with the present invention, this
This body ‘I is provided‘
central part of the body are two or more parallel
openings l2 through which a dishcloth may be
drawn across the dividing bar portion l3, to be 50
?rmly held attached to the scraper.
Fig. 4 illustrates inv plan a portion of a scraper
somewhatsimilar to the scraper shown in Fig.
l, but in this form the body of the scraper which
is indicated by the numeral i4, is formed to have 55
upon both faces the parallel ribs l5 which instead ' ation but is always ready for use with the dish
of being perfectly straight are zigzag, so- that cloth.
I claim:
each rib will have along its length a plurality of
1..A scraping device comprising a ?at body of 7
points I6. These points provide additional means
rubber, a plurality of scraping ridges formed 5 .
. for cutting away from the surface of a pan or dish
across one face of the rubber body, and means
food material adhering thereto.
From the foregoing it will be apparent that a facilitating the attachment of the’ rubber body to
device of the character herein described may be a cloth comprising a pair of elongated parallel
made to have all of the efficient cutting action of openings in the central part of the body sepa
10* steel wool or other types of pan scrapers, without rated by a bar of the body material beneath 10
the disadvantages whichsteel wool in particular which bar a cloth may be frictionally held.
72. A scraper device comprising a ?at body of
has of breaking up so that the particles of the rubber, a plurality of ribs formed completely ‘
_ ' same become embedded in the skin and cause the
15 development of irritating sores. . The ‘present de
vice,being serrated or ribbed upon both faces,
may be turned over when one side has become
badly worn so that the opposite side can be used.
In addition, because of the provision in the de
20 vice of means for attaching it to a dishcloth, it
cannot be mislaid during the dish washing oper
across each face of the body‘from one side edge
to the other, the body having certain corners 15
thereof cut away to provide an increased number
of edge points, and a pair of spaced openings
formed through the central portion of the body
and separated by a narrow strip of the body
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