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i April 26, 1938.
Filed July 22, 1936
vlamented Apr. 26, 193s
'Í ‘_
.2,115,247'- 'A
mw? ¿EL? v,ÍÍÍÍÍs’ZÍIÍÈÍÑ am " _
This invention relates to an improved valve
structure. It is concerned more particularly with
a valve. of the so-called,“rotary disc" type, particularly adapted for use in a system through
5 which fluids containing suspended solids (e. g.,
between the fully open andfully >closed positions determined by said stops.
' The invention wil1“be'more particularly de.A
scribed by reference to the accompanying draw
ing, wherein,
relatively low-density pulp stocks)- are forced '
Fig. 1 is a central vertical section through a
under pressure, although the utility of the. struc- valve embodying the invention,
ture of the _presentinvention'cis not restricted to
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the linev 2-2 '
such speciilc application.
of Fig. 1, andl
In the transport of ñuid pulps by pipe lines
v -
Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken on l0
including valve units it heretofore has been a
the line 34 of Fig. 1.
common diillculty tomalntain the expected functioning of the valves, 'in such lines, due to lodg--
-The valve embodying the invention comprise
a body l provided with end ñanges 8 by which it
. ing ot solidsvin the valve structures.
i6 It is an object of the present invention to pro_vide an improved valve structure capable of func-
tioning in proper manner in the transposition
is secured to adjacent ends of pipes (not shown)
ln the pipe line in which it ls lto function and ¿l5 ì
having an inlet Passage 'l and an outlet passage
I. `Between the passages land 8 the body is
’of fluids containing suspended solids, e. g., rela-»
' tivelycoarse solids. Another object of the in-
formed with a circular recess >9 having an up
standing surrounding wall I0.
vention is _the provision of a valve structure, op0 erable in connection'with low-density pulp, which
A valve seat in the form of a circular disc II >20?
seated in the recess>9 is provided with a.' sub
is easy to assemble and to dismantle.
stantially semi-circular opening I2 in register
The above, and other, objects have been real- with the inlet passage 1. The valve seat is held
ized ln the valve structure of the present inven- _ in place'in the recess 9 by a post or spindle I3
tion. In the latter, the valve disc is'functionally which has a reduced end. portion I4 passing 25
integral with a hollow valve stem, the valve disc through a concentric opening I5 in the valve seat'
and stembeing capable oi' both rotary and,A to a
limited extent, reciprocatory movement about
,and along the longitudinal axis of a cylindrical
stud ilxedly mounted in the body of the structure, which stud serves tolocate and hold in said
body the disc-shaped valve seat.` The valve stem,
and hence the valve disc, is pressed toward the
and threaded into the valve -body-
The reduced -
end portion Il terminates in a shoulder vI6 which
engages the upper surface of the .seat II. A'pin
I1 or other suitable means may alsobe provided 30
to positively lock the seat II -against accidental
turning movement.
A rotatable valve disc I3 having a substantially
- co-operatlng~valve seat by means of a. compres- ' semi-circular opening 'I9 corresponding in size
sion spring mounted on the stud, adjacent the
outer end thereof, the degree of pressure of said
. spring against said stem being variable at will.
to the opening in\ the seat II and adapted to 35
be brought into and out of registry therewith `by
turning of the disc I8 is disposed’in therecess 9
In each of the valve discs and co-operating valve
.~ seats is an opening substantially semi-circular in
40 i'orm, the openings' being registrable. The passageways of the valve structure, including said
registrable openings, preferably are atleast as
large. -in cross-sectional area as is the' pipe or
conduit with which the valve. structure is de-
and seated upon the valve seat II. ' 'I‘his valve
disc I3 is formed with an integral axially dis
posed tubular stem 20 which is`rotatable on the 40 '
post I3 and which is provided at its upper end
with a hand wheel 2| rigidly mounted thereon.
The upper end of the po‘st I3 extendsfbeyondthe
upper end of the hollow stem I9 and a coiled
45 signed to co-operate, and they are so designed
spring 22 surrounding said post is confined be- 45
as not to provide any ledges or projections for
tween theupper end of said stem and an adjust- _
».lodgment of solids. ’There may be aillxed to the ing nut 23 which is threaded on the upper end
valve stem a projection in the form oi' an indi- oi' the post. A lock nut 24 is also provided for
catorl cooperating with stops on the exterior of securing the adjusting nut 23 in place. The
50 the valve gland for limiting the extent of 'rota- spring 22 serves to<retain vthe valve disc on its 50
~ tion of the stem and'valve disc: in such case 7seat, andvin order to facilitate turning of the
the exterior lof the valve gland may, and pref- valve stem, suitable bearing'washers 2l' are pro
erably does, bear indicia significant of the rela-
vided-between the'upper end of the stem and the
tive position of the opening in the valve disc with 1 springs.
55 respect to vthat of the opening inthe valve seat,
A cap plate 25 having a central jopening for 55
2,115,247 _
the passage of the valve -stem IS andpost or _
_ spindle I3 closes the opening 26 in the valve
1. A valve comprising a body having a circu
lar recess formedv therein, a valve seat in the
form of a removable aperturedl disc mounted in
said recess, an upstan'ding spindle element hav-_
body and a packing gland 21` surrounding the.
Valve stem is secured to said cap plate by _bolts 28.
For the purpose of providing an- indication as ing an end thereof extending through said seat
_ to the position of the .opening in the valve disc
and threaded into said body, said spindle having
relative to the opening in the seat, an index a shoulder engaging the surface of said.v valve
pointer 29 is mounted on the stem- 20 and co
seat to secure itin position in said recess, a
operating markings -are provided on the upperf rotatable valve disc- disposed on 'said seat, said
10 flat surface of the gland 21. Suitable -stops 30
valve disc having an upstanding hollow stern
and 3i are- provided for engagement by said journalled on said spindle, and a handle mem
pointer at the fully open and closed position of ber on said stem for operating said valve. '
,the valve.
2. A valve structure as deflned in claim l, in
The'cross _sectional area of the passages 1 and which the valve disc and hollow stem are mount
8 is _equal from end to end thereof and that of ed for both rotary and axial movement, and a
the openings in the valve disc and seat is of a compression spring mounted on said spindle adcorresponding size so as not to retard the free jacent the end thereof remote from the valve
flow of material through the valve. 'I‘he passage seat and held in compression between said hol
through the valve is also preferably the same size low st_em and Aan adjustable stop onnsaid spindle,
20 as that of the pipeline in which it is connected. whereby said valve _disc may be lifted oil of its
This is a ve_ry important feature, of my valve as seat by exerting an axial ,pull on said handle- in
any restriction of the passage when handling sus
order to-fiush out solids entrapped between said
pended solids such as paper pulp often results in valve and seat.
« a stoppage of the passages and thus causes great ’
3. In a valve -for handling iiuids having solid l
movement'with respect _to-its seat. In,the event
lifting the
>from itsseat and flushing out
the entrappedY solids.
` While aj preferred embodiment of the inven»
vtion ,has ,been shown forl purposes of illustra- `
tion, it'will be understood' that various .changes -
_matter suspended therein, a body having a pas
_Another importantfeaturevof my valve, par sage extending therethrough~ of substantially-_ I
ticularly` when handling suspended solids. is that equal cross sectional area from end to Lçênd there
the valve disc is capable of axial as well as'r'otary oi', said body having: 'a circular recess formed
_that solid particles work between the valve- seatA
and _disc so as tointerfere with the closing of
the valve, it is merely necessary for th'e operator
to give an axial pull on »the hand'wheel 2|, thus
in the detailsof construction may be resorted
toA without' departing :from the spirit of the in- _
ventlon within the scope of the appended claims.
therein, a valve seat in the form of a removable
apertured disc mounted in' said recess. an up
standi-ng spindle element having an end thereof
extending through said seat _and threaded into
said body, said spindle havin'g a shoulder en
gaging the surface of said valve seat to secure it _ '
in position -in said recess, a rotatable apertured
valve disc disposed on said seat, said valve disc,”
having an upstanding hollow stem journalled on
said spindle, and a handle member on said stem4
for operating said valve, the apertures in said
lseat and valve disc having a cross sectional area 40
as large as said passage through the valve body.
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