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- April 26, 1938.
2,115,252 7
Filed Dec. 1, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet l
liq/07720720.’ CZ 6672:5072
/ (A
April 26, 1938. _
1 2,115,252 J
Filed Dec. 1, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet 2 7
Patented Apr. '26, 1938
Raymond A. Carlson, Rockford, Ill., assignor to
Borg-Warner Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a OOY- '
poration of Illinois
Application December 1, 1936, Serial No. 113,593
6 Claims.
(Cl. 192—68)
This invention relates to friction clutches and
each pin from turning out of register with the
is concerned more particularly with a power
notches I8. The rear face of the plate I‘! is
provided with a plurality of notches 22 engage
able by a suitable tool for manual adjustment by
rotation of the plate about the sleeve I6. Such
transmitting spring loaded clutch of the toggle
operated type.
It is an object of my invention to provide an
improved spring loaded clutch of the toggle-op
erated type which requires relatively little man
ual effort to effect clutch release and to hold the
clutch in full release position, yet which employs
relatively heavy pressure plate operating springs.
rotation of the plate is accompanied by ratchet
movement of the pins I3 associated with the
notches I8, the plate being brought to rest with
each pin I3 disposed in a notch I8. This mech
anism operates therefore not only to vary the 10
It is another object of the invention to provide ' adjustment of the plate I‘! relative to the pres
in a clutch of the character described a toggle
operated clutch release mechanism which is op
erative without requiring over-center movement
15 of the mechanism.
Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will appear as the description proceeds.
An illustrated embodiment of the invention
appears in the accompanying drawings and is de
20 scribed hereinafter. In the drawings:
Fig. 1 is a rear plan view of a clutch embodying
the invention, portions thereof being broken
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal fragmentary sectional
25 view taken substantially as indicated by the line
II-—II in Fig. 1; and
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal fragmentary sectional
view taken substantially as indicated by the line
III—III in Fig. 1, but showing the parts as they
30 appear when the clutch is disengaged.
Referring more particularly to the drawings,
the ?ywheel I or other suitable driving member
is engageable with a driven clutch plate 2 car
ried by the clutch shaft 3, the clutch plate 2 be
35 ,ing urged against the ?ywheel by a spring-urged
pressure plate 4. A cover plate 5, secured at 6
to the ?ywheel has a key-like connection at ‘l
with the pressure plate to drive the latter, but
to permit of its axial movement, and is provided
40 with a plurality of circular recesses 8 substan
tially registering with corresponding recesses 9
in the pressure plate to house an outer relatively
sure plate 4, but to maintain the plate I‘! against
accidental displacement.
Means for. ' releasing
pressure ‘plate
against the compression of the springs I0 may
comprise a collar 23, having trunnions 24 to be
received by a fork _(not shown) operated by the
foot of the driver against the action of the usual
fork spring to effect the release of the clutch,
and adapted, upon release of the clutch pedal 20.;
by the driver, to permit engagement of the
clutch. .The collar 23 issecured to a sleeve 25
provided with a plurality of arms 26 having
forked ends 21 bridged by a pivot pin 28 about
which an anti-friction sleeve roller, 29 is ?tted,
the roller 2% being ?tted in the slot 36 of a bell
crank lever 3|. The lever 3| passes through a
slot 3Ia in the pressure plate sleeve I6 and ter
minates in a rod portion 32 having its ends jour
nalled in anti-friction bearing means 33 carried
by the cover 5. A thrust arm 34 is carried one at
each end portion of the rod 32. Each arm 34
has a rounded bearing end 35 slidably engageable
with a correspondingly shaped concavity .36 in a ,
thrust member 3'! whose outer end is cam-shaped
as shown at 38 for engagement with the forward
face 39 of the adjusting plate H. The thrust
members 31 are provided with opposed trunnions
4t) slidably and rotatably received in opposed slots
4| in the back plate 5 so that upon shift of the
sleeve 23 in the forward direction, indicated by
the arrow 42 in Figure 2, the thrust arms 34 will
heavy spring II] and an inner relatively light
impart acombined rearward sliding and counter
clockwise movement to the thrust members 31, as
II. '
Extending through the bottom of each
8 - viewed inFlg. 2, the cam surfaces 38 of which will
there is a pin I3 having a reduced tall portion
I4 telescoped within the inner spring II and
providing a shoulder I5 forming an abutment for
one end of theinner spring II. The pressure
50 plate 4 has a rearwardly extending sleeve IE to
which is threaded an adjusting nut, or plate, I‘!
engageable by clutch releasing means, the de
scription of which appears hereinafter. The plate
I1 is provided on its forward face with notches
55 I8, one for each pin I3, and each pin has its
rear end taperedto form a V-nose IS adapted
to be held by the spring II in a corresponding
notch I8 and to cooperate ratchetwise therewith.
A lug 20 projecting from each pin I3 into a
60 slot 2| in the plate 5 prevents the nose I9 of
be forced against the ‘inner surface 39 of the
plate I-‘l, causing the plate and with it the pres
sure plate 4 to recede from'the driven clutch
plate 2, thereby to release the clutch against the
compression of the pressure plate springs I0.
As will be observed from Figs. 2 and 3, the
action of this mechanism is substantially a toggle
action, and when the sleeve 23 reaches the limit
of its forward movement, the toggle mechanism
is at or short of dead center, as seen in Fig. 3.
The slots 4| are of such length that they do
not interfere with the sliding movement of the
trunnio-ns 40 throughout the limits of movement
of the members 31 against the plate H. In order
that the toggle mechanism including the thrust
members 31 and arms 34 may notpass beyond tion extending through
the dead center established between the fulcrum
an opening insaid cover, .. _
an operating plate located on the outer side of
points 32and 40, that portion'of the: back plate
said cover, and having screw thread engagement.
5 through which the thrust‘members 31 extend with said last named’ pressure plate portion ‘
. may be formed with surfaces 31a against which wherebyithe. operating plate may be moved "to
the inner'end portions of the thrust members may, ward and away from saidpressure ‘plate at will,
" rest (as shown in‘ Fig. 3) when the clutch is in’
its fully released position.
means associated with said cover and said oper
ating plate for locking said 7 operating plate
against movement relative to, said pressure plate,
While I have illustrated a mechanism bywhich
10 the clutch is released in response to- thrust ap-i
toggle mechanism including a member engage
plied to'thee collar 23, it will be appreciated that
able with said operating plate and a member 7
by a mere reversal 'of‘arrangement, clutch dis
having an operating arm and’ means adapted for ,7 7
manual control tov move said arm whereby to
operate said toggle mechanism thereby to move
This clutch structure is adapted for use’ in' ' said pressure plate.
V ‘ engagementrmray be effected upon drawing the
4. A'motor vehicle-clutch’ comprising a vcover,
a pressure plate mounted on the innerside ofr'said‘r
erably stronger than those found in conventional . cover, ‘said pressure plate having a central portion
trucks and for. other heavy duty purposes, and
when so employed, itssprings l0 may be consid
passenger automobile’ clutches.
extending through an opening in said cover,=an;‘
; '7
operating plate located orithe‘outer side of‘s‘aid
20 '1 >When¢theclutch is engaged‘, the springs‘ l9, ,
V ‘maintain engagement until man‘ualor power dis
cover,‘ andhaving screw thread engagement with ' Y
engagement is brought about through the toggle
said last ‘named-pressure plate portion whereby/‘'3' ,
‘ mechanism'.~ Once the clutch'is disengaged-the the operating plate, I may ‘ be‘ moved towardfand e’
'togg1e arrangement is such’as to maintain disen- ' away from ‘said pressure platerat"will,;means*
gagement with relatively little'manual 'e?ortL
locking said operating :plate against’ movement"
relative'to said pressure plate, toggle mechanism
'a?orded‘betweenthe‘thrust members 31 and the includinga member engageable with saidoperaj
plate l1 yvhen the'clutch is engaged, to provide a ating plate and a memberrhaving' an operating
"Clearance; preferably not more than ‘ 1%", is ~
:slight lost motion ‘of?the clutch releasesleeve 23 ' arln and means adapted for manual controlto;
V aozpreparatory to the commencementlof the disené move said arm whereby to operatevsaid toggle
gaging action.
mechanism thereby to'move' said pressure plate,
I claim:
said toggle mechanism, being mounted upon, said, '
3715A: clutch; fora/motor, vehicles‘ comprising a
cover; and including means preventing the move- » '
mentof the toggle, mechanism beyond its dead
- cover plate, a pressure plate located on'the inner
‘7' i gg?side of saidr'cover plate and adapted tomove ax
, ially thereof, compression springs interposed be-‘f '
: tween said pressure plate and said cover plate, an
5. A motorv vehicle clutch comprising arcoveria
pressure plate located on thevinner sideof said
operating’ plate located on the outersideof said vcover, compression, springs urging said pressure,
cover plate and parallel ‘with said pressure plate, 7 plate in a directionaw'ayfrom said cover along >
4a.; spring-restrained adjustable'means securing said 7
the longitudinal'axis thereof, an operating; plate in;
"foperatingxplate against movement relative to said , located on the outer side of said cover inparallels.
pressure platewhereby the distance between said f. relationshipto said pressure plate; toggle mecha
pressure'plate andrsaid operating plate'may be 7
varied at will, vand clutch release means associ—
a toggle
145:: ated "with said cover pl'ateincluding
"nism carried 'by said cover, having one of the
elements thereof engageable with said operating.
plate, the other; elementv of said toggle mechanism
mechanism ‘one’ member of which 1s engageable ' having an arm extending-therefrom,'manually ''
with said operating plate for applying thrust to
operated means for moving'said arm whereby to" r '
said operating plate ‘in-3a‘ direction‘ against the"
operate said toggle mechanism,and means limit-11 ~ " '
force of semi-decompression springs when the toggle, ' ingrthe operation of said toggle mechanism to
" movement on one side only of its dead center.;
50 I mechanism is moved ‘toward its dead center.
7 2. A clutch for‘ motor vehicles comprising _a
'cover plate, 'apressure plate located on the inner
side of .said cover‘ plate and’ adapted to move
axially thereof, compression springsinterposed
6.'A_ motor vehicle clutch comprising ‘a cover, 1
a pressure plate mounted on the inner side of‘said
cover, said pressure eplateshazving a central pork, '- '
tion extending through an opening in said cover, 7 7
between said pressure plate and said cover plate,. an operating platelocatedon' the .outer sideiof ‘
an operating plate located on the outer 'side of,
said cover, and having screw.thread'engagement
said cover plate and parallel ‘with said pressure
with 1 said 'last named pressure plate portion ' ' ’
plate, adjustable, means securing saidioperating; whereby'the operating plate may be moved to- I ~
plate against movement relativeto said pressure .' ward and away from said pressure plateiat will,
plate whereby the distance betweensaid pressure means locking said‘operating,plate'against move;
‘plate; and said operating plate may be varied'at ' ment' relative to said pressure plate, toggle mech-"
will,“ and clutch. release means associated‘ with
> saidrc'over plateincluding a plurality jof'toggle
, t '
anism including a member engageable withsaid
operating. plate‘and a member having. an'oper
means each having two arms, one engageable ating arm' and ‘means adapted ‘for manual cone '
‘with said operating platejand the‘other pivoted 7' trol to move said’ arm'wherebytooperate 'said' .6531.
on said cover plate, and common means for oper
toggle mechanism thereby to, move said’ pressure I '
’ ating said toggle "means simultaneously thereby to ,, plate, said toggle mechanism including said mem
‘transmit‘thrustfto said operating plate at a plu- 7' ber engageable with the ‘operating plate andlsaid ‘
rality of distributed'points. ‘
operating arm being wholly disposed between the
3. ‘A’ motor vehicle clutch comprising a cover,;
operating plate and the pressure plate.
' >
a pressure plate mounted'on the inner side of-said ‘
7‘ cover, said pressurerplate ,havingfa central p01‘?
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