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April26, 1938.
2,1 15,255
Filed April 5, 1956 -
M404’ [FAY/72;;
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Mark Eckenrode, San Diego, Calif., assignor of
one-half to’ George C. Compton, San Diego,
Application April 3, 1936, Serial No. r72,609
7 Claims. (Cl. 280-—S6.1)
My invention relates to an apparatus for bank
ing the front wheels of a vehicle when turning
a corner with the vehicle to affect the direction
of the stresses and prevent the collapse of ‘the
front wheel, particularly when making short,
rapid turns, and the objects of my invention are:
First, to provide a front wheel axle and wheel
support for vehicles which automatically banks
the wheel with the turning of the vehicle;
Second, to provide a front vehicle banking ap
paratus in which the support between the wheel
steering knuckle and axle is shifted from a sub
stantially vertical to an inclined position upon
the operation of the steering knuckle arm in con
' nection with the steering knuckle so as to bank
the wheel when turning;
Third, to provide an axle and wheel steering
knuckle connection for the front wheels of ve
hicles in which the wheel is banked in direct pro
tion with the wheel in banked position; Fig. 5
is a diagrammatic View showing the wheels in an
assumed proper banked position, the angle B be
ing the assumed proper angle; and Fig. 6 is a '
diagrammatic view showing the'forces operative‘ 5
‘on a vehicle for indicating the proper banking
angle, the line of force indicatingthe arrow at
the top by centrifugal force while at right angles
thereto is weight and gravity force while the line
It is the assumed proper angle for the banking l0 '
of the wheel 7.
. Similar characters vof reference refer to simi
lar parts and portions throughout the several
views of the drawing:
The main front axle I, ball member 2, thrust‘ 15
bearing 3, king pin 4, eccentric member 5, bear
ing member 8, steering knuckle ‘I, and steering
knuckle arm 8 constitute the principal parts and
portions of my vehicle front wheel banking ap
1 v
portion to the amount of the turn of the wheel paratu's.
The front axle l is bifurcated at its end and
in going around a corner;
Fourth, to provide an apparatus of this class in . provided at the upper bifurcated portion la’ with
I which the front wheels on opposite sides of the
vehicle are angled in the right proportions and
in the right direction for affecting the direction
of the stresses and preventing the collapse of the
wheels when making short rapid turns;
Fifth, to provide an apparatus of this class in
which the front axle and wheel steering knuckle
may be substantially conventional with but slight
changes in their construction and cooperative re
a hollow spherical socket ‘portion, lb and at'its
lower branch lo it is provided with a partial
spherical socket portion .ld which is substantially2 25
semi-spherical and secured thereto is a conform
ing cap member ie secured thereto by means of
bolts If as shown best in' Figs. 2 and'4 of the
drawing. Mounted in the socket portion lb is
‘a ball member 2 which is provided with a bureau
2a extending inwardly from one side in which; is
Sixth, to provide an apparatus of this class
mounted the normally upper end 4a of the king
pin 4, it being noted that the ball member is
tion, durable, eflicient in its action, and which
a thrust bearing 3, which is preferably a ball’
which is very simple and economical of construc- ' provided with a flat side 2b, against which rests
will not readily deteriorate or get out of order.
With these and other objects in View as will
' appear hereinafter, my invention consists of’ cer
tain novel features of construction, combination,
and arrangement of parts and portions as will
be hereinafter described in detail and particu
larly set forth in the appended claims, reference
being had to the accompanying drawing and to
the characters of reference thereonwhich form
' apart of this application in which:
Fig. 1 is a partial sectional and partial rear
elevational view of the axle, steering knuckle and
connecting parts, the axle being shown fragmen
tarily and showing the steering knuckle in a po
sition when the wheel is substantially vertical;
bearing. This king pin ii extends downwardly
and is integrally secured eccentrically with an.
eccentric member 5 which is cylindrical in form
and} provided with a" ?ange 5d at its upper side.
This, eccentric member 5, together with the flange‘i40
5a, is'positioned in ‘the spherical portion id and
the spherical portion formed by the conforming
cap Ie and supported therein by means of a par
tially spherical bearing member 6 which ?ts the‘
periphery of the eccentric member 5 at its inner as 5
side and ?ts the partially spherical portion Id
and conforming portion formed by the cap le so
that the eccentric member 5 may revolve together
with the king pin 4 in this partially spherical por
tion on a substantially vertical axis and may
Fig. 2 is a sectional view from the line 2—-2 of
Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a view similar'to Fig. 1 but show
shift in the portion id for changing the substan
tially vertical angle of the king pin 4 with the
ing the steering knuckle shifted with the wheel
in banked position; Fig. 4 is a fragmentary top or
stantially vertical axis.
"a plan view showing the steering knuckle in posi
revolution of the eccentric member 5 on its sub
Secured on the king pin 4 and prevented, from 55
'7 2,115,256
torque’ movement by key 74b isthe ‘hub portion the bearing in the
' " resting againstjthe-thrust:bearing 3 andthe lower
lower member, and means‘ for .
shifting said steering'knuckle around its axis.
r 3. In a vehicle front wheel banking apparatus, a‘
' end against the eccentric member 5'. This steer
a front wheel main bifurcated 'axle provided with , '
'7 '1a of the steering knuckle 7 with its upper end
ing knuckle is also clamped atitsupper side by
a ball socket in the upper member, a partially 5L
means of a bolt lg'to provide a tight?t on the
- king pin 4; the steering knuckle beings'lit at ‘lb to
spherical socket in the lower member, a bear?
ing in said upper socketq a spherical bearing in > i -
permit the'clamping of said member rigidly on ‘fthe‘loiwer' socket, a steering knuckle with the
10 '
vertical axis of the king pin eccentric‘alrly Dosi- . '
Thesteering knuckle lisprovided with an ex
tioned in the bearing in the lower member, "and‘ .10‘ 1
' ' tended lug portion ‘id in which is secured the one "
means for shifting saidsteering knuckle around ‘a
.end of-the' steeringknuckle arm 7,8, which pro ‘ its axis whereby the normally vertical axis of'said V
.vides means fori shifting and turning the eccen'g steering knuckle isshifted to various inclinations’ ;'
tric' member 5 in the lower side of the axle, there- r because off'th'e eccentric’mounting of its axis. 7
fore, shifting the king pin to various'vertical in; . . 4.’ In aivehicle front wheel bankingrapparatus, '15
' clinations for banking the'ewh'eel onv the steering "a vehicle front wheel axle with‘a bifurcatedrend v1
knuckle ‘l, itrbeing noted that the eccentric 5 is ‘ with one bifurcated member positioned above
‘ the
V raised and lowered 'slightlyrin "the bearingi6. as ' other; a, steeringknuckle with a substantially».
, shown :by their/varying positions in Figs. 1 and 3 vertical and'horizontal axis, its Vertical axis _piv-. .
»of the drawing with-theturning of the steering : otallymounted'in the upperbifurcated member 20
“knuckle together with the eccentric 5. '
of said axle andfitslowerend eccentricallyT-and ’ .
; The operationof ‘my vehicle front wheel.,-bank+ I shiftably, mounted in the lower bifurcatednmemgj
;ingf-'apparatus is as fcllowsg’Upon the usual or ber of said ‘axle, and a bearing member in corinecl " " ‘
@conventional movement of the steering :knuckle
' .tion ‘with said eccentrichmountingtorallowjhorieir
"arm 8, the steering knuckle ‘I. willbe shiited with
zontal shifting of the steeringknuckle relative 5to‘275 V
Pits-outer endiorwardly at one ‘side of thejve
the lower-member of'said axle.
‘,hicle' .and its._-outer end backwardly'attheioppo- ,
5.,In a vehicle front wheel banking apparatus;
a vehicle front'wheel axle ‘with a bifurcated end
1; site side of the vehicle which turns the'king pin
' f4 and: eccentric 1,5 in-the bearing and inasmuch withone bifurcated member positioned above the .
30 ; asthis king pin 4 is eccentrically connected with. other, a steering‘ knuckle with la substantiallyr?oi ~.
the eccentricre?nwillcauee the steering knuckle ‘l verticalrand horizontal axis,its vertical axis piir- ‘ . . .
f_ to assume varying angles from the horizontal at otally mounted in ' the; upper bifurcated "member
V ’ {opposite sidesrofjthe vehicle,_ thus ‘banking .Vthe of saidreaxle and its.loweruendieccentric'allyaand
> . wheels as shown by diagrammaticiview in Fig.5 " ' shiftably mountedin the lower ‘bifurcated mem- 7‘
j of. therdrawing and a?ecting thedirection oi the ber of saidvaxle, a bearing member in connection¥35
“stresses as shown in Fig.5 of-Wthe drawing;
; withsaid eccentric mounting touallow’horizontalg
{I'houghi have shown’and described a particu shifting of the-steering knuckle relative: to; the] '7
vi-{lar construction, combinationand arrangement
; t V
lower'meniberof said axle, and _a steering knuckle ' r
.7 ' ofjparts and portions, I do not wish to be limited ‘ arm in connection with said steeringjknuckle for’ 1 ‘ f
to this particular’ construction, combination, and
turning said'steering knuckle 'o-nitslverticalaxisr,’ '40 a '
thereby shifting the" angle’ of its ‘substantially’ '.
arrangement, but desire toin'clude in the scope
1 ‘of .my. invention the construction,‘ combination,' horizontal axis
' P-nd arrangement substantially as set forth in the
' 6. Ina vehicle zfrontfwheel banking apparatus, - , .7
1 I appended claims.
the combination with a front.‘ wheel axle, oflla; f
;Ha- sing-1 thus described‘ ‘my invention; ewhat I
its king pinl'is-i'i
bear-1 45~ a
claimas new ancl'desire to secure by Letters Pat~' ingiin
‘centrally and-pivot'ally mountedi-landjl anrecrcen-
11' 'In agvehicleqfront vwheel banking apparatus," tricandg'readilyfshiftable bearing for'saidiyrking "
la front wheel main bifurcatediaxle provided-with ' pin at its lower , end.
~;a;ball socket inthejupp'er member, a} partially
7.7. In a vehicleirontwheel banking apiparatus,’v 5o
spherical socket inthe lower'mem-b'er, a bearing i the combination’ with .a front wheelaxle, .oI-a'; ‘7
-;inaisaid upper socket, and a spherical bearing. in ' s'teeringiknuckle providedwith a universal bearé
ejthe lower socket, and a steering knuckle with the
I ;
ing in which'theupper portion of its king pin is V
a’ Y' .7; vertical axis‘ofetheiking pin eccentrically .posi-'
I, trio
v(‘and readily
and pivotally
‘bearingior saideccen-J
_~king; 55
:tion’ed injthe bearing-Vin the’ lower membenf _ a
' ,2. In‘la vehicle‘front wheel banking apparatus, pin at its lower. end, andrneans forshifting'jsaid' .
_'a ‘front wheel main: bifurcated axleprovided with
' steering" knuckle ' on.itsf_normally vertical'jlaxis
aball ' socket . in I the upper member. ‘la-partially ‘'
whereby. the’ lowerv end of its.‘ normally vertica ‘
' sphericallfsocket‘in‘the lower memberfa bearingv axis .iSfshifted in inclination from thexvertica
yin] saidupper socket; a spherical bearingin the
lowerjsocketa steering knuckle with the vertical
'7 a’
of, the’ kingpin eccentricallypositioned in
therefore ' shifting the horizontal; axis‘. or sad so‘?
‘ steering knuckle. ‘
' ‘
amass; ~
: ;
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