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A914126, 1938;
Filed March 17', 195'?
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
> _2,115,293
2,115,293 ~
EAsEL Fo-aDIsPLAYpEvions
Rnsling Wood,
Orange, NVJ., assigner _togv
Rusling Wood, Inc., New York, VN.»Y., .acorpoe .
ration of New York
Application March 17, 1937, serial Neasi’aoz
8 Claims.
This invention relates to display devices and
particularly to a 'shipping container therefor, a
removable part of which forms» an easel or sup
port for the display device.
Fig. 10 is a view similar toI Fig. 9 illustrating
the completion of the settingV up operation.
Referring to the drawing, 45 indicates a display
device which may be made offany suitable stiff
sheet ‘material such' as cardboard, pulp-board, >`5V
Display devices of cardboardrpulp-board or
similar stiif material are widely'usedto adver
tise and to display merchandise. `Such devices
ing material applied-preferably by lithography,V ,
are frequently of relatively large size and elabo-`
rately decorated with cut-out figures having pro
jecting parts. Devices of'this type require care
able manner. -It willïbéïunders‘tcodthatthe‘paf
tieuiar form‘offfthedispiayfdeviee, including the io
and the like. It may carry any desired advertis
although-the `deviceI may befdecorat'edin any suit
ful and relatively expensive packing for ship-V cut-out'ñgur'ePforms"no‘lpai‘t of the present in
vention and~ may be'modified to "meet the'par
ment to avoid damage. An easel or support for
the device is usually Yattached to the back thereof,
and the packing case is removed and discarded
when the device is set up.
It is the object of the present invention to
provide a combined shipping container andr easel
for display devices which affords protection dur
ing transportationV and is transformed by simple
manipulation into a ysturdy support for the de
20 vice when it is used for display purposes.
Another object of the invention is the pro
vision of an exceptionally strong and rigid easel
by folding a portion of the shipping container.
A further object is the provision of a rigid easel
constructed of folded sheet material, with the
folded sections interlocke-d.
Among the advantages of the invention isthe
provision of a more rigid support than otherwise
would be available because the shipping container
ticularadvertising purpose;-v
The‘display Ídevice is» enclosed within a ship'-
ping container consistingrof a flat rear wall S I5
with folded flaps 'I and4 S’preferably overlapping.
to protect the’enclosed device. `'The shipping con-fv
tainer may be‘made of'any suitable stiff sheetv
material, but corrugated board is preferred be
its strength
"and resistance
¿of using integral
to wear flaps
l and 8, the front of the container may, ofcourse, .
consist of a single sheet secured in any suitable
manner to the rear Wall l6. The container is
closed preferably at the ends by strips of ad- 25'
hesive tape 9 and I0, the latter being adapted to
be slit with aknife or other sharp instrument in
opening the container as indicated in Fig. 5.
The rear Wall 6 of the shipping container is ,
sco-red or perforated along lines II, I2, I3, I4,V I5, 30V
is of necessity made of substantial material, , I6, and I'I, as indicated in Fig; 5, to permit sepa
which provides the easel or support. Another
advantage is a considerable saving in cost due
to the elimination of the easel as commonly pro
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will be understood by reference to the following
speciñcation and accompanying drawing, in
Fig. l is a view in perspective of the front ofv a
characteristic display device;
ration of the central portion of the rear wall from
the marginal sections I8 andV I 9, and also to per
mit the folding of the central portion on the
lines I3, I4, I6, I'I, and 20, as indicated more 35
clearly in Figs. _9 and 10. Thus, as indicated in
Fig. 8, the marginal sections I8 and I9 are broken
away from the central portion of the rear wall,
and the lateral wings 2I and 22 having projec-v
tions 23 and 24 thereon are folded to a position >40 K.
normal to the plane of the rear wall. The trans
Fig. 2 is a similar View of the back of the device verse brace 25 is then folded upwardly until it
engages notches 26 in the lateral wings 2| and 22.
showing the easel assembled for use;
The top brace V2‘I is then folded into engagement
Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3--3 of Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3;
with the upper ends of the lateral Wings 2| and
Fig. 5 is a View in perspective of the shipping 22, and the apron 28 is folded downwardly and
container in the form in which it is shipped and slots 29 therein formed> by perforated knockouts
illustrating the manner in which it is opened;
, in the apron are engaged with the projections
Fig. 6 is a section on the line 6-6 of Fig. 5;
23 and 24, the device being thus assembled as
indicated particularly in Fig. 10.
Fig. '7 is a section on the line 'I-1 of Fig. 5;
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 5, illustrating the
The display device is preferably permanently
further procedure in opening the shipping con
connected to the rear wall 6 of the shipping con
tainer, but a separable connection may be pro
Fig. 9 is a view in perspective illustrating the vided, if desired. When the device has been as
55 procedure in setting up the easel; and
sembled, as shown in Fig. 10, it may be set up. 55'
2 ..
l 2,115,293
The easel or support formed by the folded rear
shipping container of stiff sheet material having
wall Vof the shipping container is rigid and 'sub
stantial and will hold the display device securely
in the desired position.
inner face thereof, the rear wall being scored to Y
.A substantial portion of the shipping container
is `thus utilized as an easel or support for the
a'ñat rear wall, a display device supported on the
facilitate the removal of marginal sections and
knock-out sections and the< bending of other sec
tions for interlocking engagement to provide an
display device. The remaining portion of the . easel for the display device.
4.' In a device of the character described, a
shipping container may be discarded. YA substan
tial saving is effected in'thus providing aneasel ,shipping container `of stiiï sheet material havingl
or support consisting of a part of the shipping“r _a flat rear wall, a display device supported on the
container, whereas inthe practice heretofore fol-il »inner face thereof, the rear Wall being scored to
loWed it has been customary Vto provide sorneform;> facilitate the removal of marginal sections and
0f support for the device attached to the backv „knock-out sections and the bending of lateral and
transverse sections for interlocking Vengagement
~ thereof and entirely separate from thepshipping
container; Thematerial " of the shipping, con ' "to provide ,an easel for the display device»-
'5. In Va._device of the character described, a
tainer is particularly adapted'for use in formingrv
shipping container of still sheet material having
the easel or support> because the materiall em
ployed is stiiî and rigid. Furthermore, the irn‘-'
fproved.r form of support as `illustrated and de
20 scribed herein is staunch and ensures that'the
display device .will be held securely in itsV intended
display position.
Y. ’f
Various changes may be made in the form, ar
r'angenieri'tandl construction ofthe parts Without
departingqfromthe' invention or sacriñcing the
a; devicefof
v ¿115.
they» ,«_
` described,
y a
- shippingcontaineneof stiff; sheetrmaterial having
'anat rearfwallLïa‘display device supported on the
a llat- rear walland Voverlapping Wings formingV ' v'
`the front Wall, a display device supported on the>
'inner Vface of the rear Wall, the latter Wall being 20
scored lto facilitate the removal of marginal sec
tions-andthebending of other sections for inter
lockingv engagement to provide an easel for the
display device.
6.'.In a-,dev‘ice of the character-described, a .25
shipping _container of stiff sheetìmaterial having ’
a- ñatrearWall,- the rear Wallabeing scored .to
vfacilitate the 'removal (1f-.marginal sections and
the ,bending of .other sections for interlocking en
gagement to providearigideasel.;
» `
¿In a deviceof thecharacter described,.a
inner facefthereof, the :rear wall'fbeing scoredto
Vfacilitate the removalï`oiî.marginalV sections and » shipping ycontainerofstiflî sheetmaterial having`
Vthe bending `Yof otherY sections ¿for interlocking a flat "rear wall, the .rear Wall >being scored to
engagementto provide» an easel for the Ydisplay . facilitate the removal of marginal sections and
the bending of lateral and transverse sections forV 35 Í.
In a device Vof the character described, a interlocking‘engagement to provide a rigid easel.
shipping. Vcontainer ovfrstifî sheet material having
I 8, VIn a'device ofthe character> described,Y aV l
-a íiat rear Wall, a display device supported on the Y shipping’container of stiff’sheet material having.
Vinner facethereof, the rear Wall being scored to ' a -flat'rear wall .and overlapping Wings forming
facilitate the removal o-f marginal sections and the fron-t Wall, «the vrear Wall beingy scored toV 40
'the `bending of lateral and-transverse sections for
' Y interlocking engagement to providezan easel for
thefdisplay device.
3. In `a deviceVV of lthe character described, a
facilitate-the removal of marginal> sectionsV and`- Y l
the bending of other sections for interlocking en
gagement to provide a rigid easel.
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