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April 26, 1938;
Filed Dec. 4, 1936
' Patented Apr. 2_6,_ 1938' .
rum roa mx cmcum-mzc srsrmas
Alfred Behrin'ger, Flushing,
Y.,_ assignor'to I
Speedry Gravure Corporation, New York, N. 1.,
a corporation of New York
Application December 4, i936, W No. 114,149 '
lclaim. (Cl. 103-126)
The present invention relates to ink pumps in common use, as shown diagrammatically in
for ink circulating systems for use withlrotary the Weiss patent above referred to. 'Se'cured- to '
intaglio printing presses such as shown and de ' the end face of a housing II is a bearing plate
scribed in the U. S. patent to Weiss No.“ 2,014,303, . i2 upon which a cover plate It is secured. Bear
ing plate l3 receives the ends vl5 and I‘. of pump 5.
granted September 10, 1935.
In ink circulating systems of the. type shown _ shafts l1 and I8, respectively. Suitable bushings
in the above Weiss patent, considerable di?icuity . I! may be carried by the bearing plate It inv
is experienced in maintaining an effective seal ‘order ‘that the shaft ends may be properly
about the rotating elements of-the pump to avoid
.‘I'he shafts I1 and it are provided with pump 10
,0 loss of ink from the ink circulating system and
the consequent injurious effect of the ink which .;rotors 20 as shown in Figure .'_2,‘ these, rotors
leaks from such systems and. comes into contact being received within the ‘pump chamber 21,
with adjacent mechanism including the bearings, formed within pump housing-l0. The foregoing
structure followsstandardpractice in pumpde
pump driving mechanism, etc. '
The present invention provides a mechanism
by means of which leakage of .ink from the ink
circulating system is avoided,_ thus relieving the
mechanism from the deleterious e?ects of ink
leakage, as above noted.
A further object of the invention is to pro
vide an ink pump of the above character wherein
friction ink seals are dispensed with, thus greatly
decreasing the amount of power required to drive
the pump.‘
A further object of the invention is to provide
a pump mechanism of the above character
sign and constitutes no part of the present in.- 15
In order that leakage of ink may be avoided
from the ink circulating system within which ~
pipes ii and I 2 are receivedra seal is provided
about the pump. shafts I‘! and it, this sea] com
prising a housing 22 provided withreiatively longv
bearings 22 for journaling the shafts l1 and i8.
Inasmuch as these hearings receive the greatest
relative stress of the shaft bearings included‘ in
the mechanism, theyv are made relatively long,
as shown in Figure 1. within the housing 22
wherein the structure affords long bearings on a chamber 21 is formed, the chamber being the pump shafts where the greatest strain occurs. provided with a sump 25 in the lower portion
A further obglect of the invention is to-provide . thereof. ~A passage 28 communicates with the
3 6.
a pump mechanism of the above character
wherein the structure is such as to prevent leak
age of air into the ink system.
‘ Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will be apparent as it is described in greater
3;, detail in connection with the accompanying
drawing, wherein:
sump 25' and an ink return pipe 21 which com- 30
municates with a passage 28 formed in the intake
Upon shafts‘ l1 and II, discs 29 and 29' are
provided respectively.
Disc 29 is preferably
formed with a peripheral ridge which is received 35
within ajsimilarly formed peripheral groove in
Figure 1 is a view in vertical section, taken ' the disc 29'. Each of the discs is non-rotatably
on a plane passing through the pump mechanism,‘ secured to the respective shafts in order that
they may rotate during operation of the ,pump. '
constructed in accordance with the present in
' 40 vention. The ‘section upon which Figure .1 is ' Ink which leaks through the bearings 22 advances 40
taken is illustrated by the line i-l in Figure 2, along .theshafts ii and it until it reaches the j
Figure 2 is a view in transverse section, taken discs 29 and 22'. Inasmuch as the. discs are
on line 2-—2. of Figure l and looking in the rotating during operation of the pump and when‘
ink leakage occurs, the ink is drawn outwardly
.direction of the arrows.
Figure 3 is a view in section, taken on the ' by centrifugal force and flows to the bottom of 45'
the chamber 2| and into the sump 25. _ Inas
line 2-3 of Ij'igurev 1 and looking in the direc
much as the pipe line 21 communicates with
tion of the arrows. ‘
Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional view of a the intake pipe ii, a suction exists‘ in the pipe
packing member partly broken away for a pump. 21, causing the ink which has leaked' from the
be'arims 23 ‘to be returned to the intake s'ide'of '60
50 drive shaft.
the pump.
Referring to the above drawing, a pump hous
To prevent leakage of- air into the chamber
ing‘is shown at VII and is provided with an ink
intake pipe II and a dischargepipe i2. These‘ 24, the pump housing 22- is formed'with an in-' '
,ternal boss 22 throughiwhich the shafts l1 and
pipes may be ?anged in order to‘ facilitate con
55 necting them in the ink
systems now - II extend. Mountedintheboss2l'areoilse'al-_ll
ing rings of known tyFe‘con'sisting of s leather“ bearings and gears
. {washer 1i and annular packing members I!
from the ink
and can be lubricated properly, thereby greatly _
having angularly' related portions lying- concen-
increasing their useful life. i
‘ trically against the shafts l1 and ‘II. The pack
ing members 32 are retained in liquid tight re
It should also be understood that the my
variations can- be made in the disclosed embodi
lationship to the shafts l1 and II by’a tensionv ment of the invention without deviating from the .
spring 32'. The packing member‘)! and spring inventive concept. Therefore, the disclosed em
32' are mounted)!!! suitable, ‘housing a which ,bodiment should be considered as illustrative,
I is held in position by-j'a?jtaperedcringj, a7 which only, and not as limiting thescop'e' of the inven
10 contactstlie roller bearings 34.
The drive between shafts ‘II and II is pro-g ,.
vided by ‘means of Intel-engaging pinions 3', car-' "
vried' by the respective shafts'and a;su.ita_ble~cover "
tion as defined in the following claim.
I claim:
'In an ink pump fonprlnting press. ink circu
lating systems, a‘ housing having intake and dis
36 is provided upon the end of housing 22. A I charge connections, means in said housing for
locating plate 8‘!v is providedftofniaintaln
i ‘circulating ink from saidv intake connection
bearings 34 in the assembled positions shown. ,
through said discharge connection, a ‘low. pres
In operation, any ink leaking through bearings sure sump chamber attached to said housing, a
23 will run down the walls ‘encumber-u to the conduit connecting said '_ sump chamber to said '
V sump 25 and/or_wi1l flow along the shafts l1 and . intake connection, a pair of spaced bearings be
20 It to the disks 2!, II’. As, the .disks~ rotate the
tween the housing and chamber, a second pair 20
ink v‘vvill be thrown *centrifugaliy into the cham
of hearings in an outer wall offsaid chamber
‘ i ber vIt’where 'it;will accumulate, be drawn oi! aligned with the ?rst bearings, a pair of drive
‘through-pipe’ 21 totherintake pipe.“ and re
shafts‘ journalled in said bearings for- actuating ‘
turnedto the pump'dueto ‘the suction created
by the ‘pump;
"isi'maintained in the, cham~
fber‘and'a'irleakage into the chamber 24 is pre
said ink circulating means, means hermetically
sealing said shafts in the outer wall of said cham
ber, said sealing means being ‘positioned ‘on the
inner side of .the bearings in the outer wall of
‘ventediaby -the-bearing<'packings 32. Thusair the said sump chamber tolprotect' the said bear
' cannot become mixed with-‘the ink and the for
139' niation 'o'f anink froth is avoided.
ings from the ink and the'ink vapors within the '
It‘ will "be understood that‘ construction‘ em
said shafts within the sump chamber and having '
bodying the 1 invention prevents ink ‘leakage and
'lossiiiwithout' necessitating a great increase in
power: for actuating the pump. Also, the roller
sump chamber, and disk members carried by ".30
interengaging peripheries for diverting ink'leak
ing along said shafts into said chamber.
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