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April 26, 1938.
Filed March 20, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
April 26; 1938.
Filed March 20, 1937 v
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Minna Isaac, Isipzig, Germany
Application March 20, 1937, Serial N0. 131,982
In Germany June 20, 1936
(C1. 2--56)
1 Claim.
The arm shield l is equipped with press button
parts 4-4 attached to the two lateral ends of
the circular seam 2. When folding up the arm
shield along its central line as is done when plac
ing the arm shield into the arm hole, the press
button parts 4-4 come to rest on top of each
other and can be united by exerting a pressure
This invention relates to an arm shield for
dresses preferably to be arranged in the arm hole
of blouses. The arm shields of this kind known
heretofore are sewn into the arm hole and have
5 to be removed each time when cleaning the dress.
The object of my invention is to provide an
arm shield having special fastening means of a
on them. In the same manner it is possible to ar
range press button fastenings on the central parts
press-button-like character enabling the arm
shield to be fastened easily exchangeably by a
10 simple operation in the arm hole of any dress, for
of the seam}, for instance by sewing a little band 10
‘I. to the seam or by attaching same by a press
instance, of a blouse.
button part, with a second press button part be
ing arranged opposite. Similarly, a little band
8 is attached with press button parts 6 at-the op
posite place of seam 2. As it will be noted from 15
The invention is characterized by the new form
of the arm shield in which press button parts are
arranged closely opposite each other on the seam
15 ends of the arm shield, and more particularly at
Fig. 5, the press button part I3 is provided with
a sharp point 15 in order that by pressing the
two press button parts against each other, the
the places where the latter are placed on the cross
seam of the arm hole in folded condition, the male
part being fastened to the. one and the female
part being fastened to the other side so that up
20 on folding up the arm hole these press button
parts can be brought into engagement with each
other. When inserting the arm shield into the
arm hole, the edge of the circular seam .of the
latter is to be placed between the press button
25 parts so that the edge of the circular seamis
pierced by the one part of the press button, an
effectual fastening being obtained by closing the
press button parts by pressing them into‘ each
other. Furthermore, a similar press button at
30 tachment can be ‘provided for on the two central
places of the seam of the arm shield in order to
connect also these two central places with the
edge of the longitudinal seam of the sleeve by
means of a similar press button fastening like
35 with the circular seam.
In order to make this invention more readily
understood, reference is made to the accompany
ing drawings which illustrate, by way of exam
ple, an embodiment thereof, and in which
Fig. l is a plan view of the arm shield in un
Fig. 2 is a sectional view at an enlarged scale,
along the line II—II in Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is an outer view of a blouse with the arm
45 hole provided with an arm shield, of which
Fig. 4 is an inside view.
Fig. 5 shows at an enlarged scale, the upper
part of the press button, and
Fig. 6 shows at an enlarged scale the lower part
w of the press button.
edge of the seam of the dress lying between them ,
can be pierced. The edge of the seam comes to 20
rest in the space ll. The inserting and exchang
ing of the arm shield is to be carried through as
shown in Figs. 3 and 4 in such a manner that the
press button lock 4—4 clamps the circular seam
ii in the arm hole, and the press button locks 5
and '6 press the longitudinal seam ll of the sleeve.
In this manner, the arm shield is held safely. in
the arm hole, without the wearer of the dress
thereby being hindered in any way. The arm
shield can be exchanged easily by another one or
if necessary, can be washed with the press but-.
tons attached thereto.
Having now particularly described and ascer
tained the nature of‘ my said invention and in
what manner the same is to be performed, I de
clare that what I claim is:-
An arm shield of two integrally connected and
similar parts joined by a transversely extending
central seam, snap fasteners, each comprising a 40
male and a female element, disposed to unite
said similar parts and disposed on said parts ad
Jacent opposite ends of said central seam, each
of said similar parts being also'provided with a
tape secured to the part by an element of a snap 46
fastener at the margin of the part and along a
line bisecting said central seam, each tape being
provided with a snap fastener element at its free
end cooperable with that at its secured end.
mum ISAAC. '80
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