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April 26, 1938.
Filed Jan. 8, 1956
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
k .
Harry Taylor, Rushcutters Bay, near Sydney, New
South Wales, Australia
Application'January 8, 1936, Serial No. 58,210 '
In Australia January 21, 1935
3 Claims.
vide cheap, simple and effective rims readily
adjustable for the mounting of different sizes of
tires thereupon, particularly tires of different
widths, thus obviating the need for a separate
vided therein through which adjusting bolts l2
pass to draw the rim parts 5 and 6 together
and for spacing them apart and for locking in
rim for each different size and rendering the re
adjusted position.
is thereto mixed by welding. '
. The side frames 9-—l0 have bolt holes H pro-
A slot [4 is provided in the well ?anges 9 and 10 7
According to this invention the rim is made in
two circular side parts adapted to be overlapped
or telescoped in the well, depression, or cavity,
wherein the beads or edges of the tire and the
15 usual air bag ?t, and the rim parts are adapted to
l0 forthe valve of the air bag to pass through.
In use a tire to be retreaded is mounted upon
the rim 4—5 with the usual air bag in position, ‘
thesaid rim parts 4-5 being separated while the
Fig. 3 is an enlarged cross section.
saidtire is placed upon the part 4, with one side 15
bead of the tire taking against the rim ?ange 6.
The part 5 is then placed in position with its well
?ange 8 sliding in under the well ?ange ‘l, the
bolt holes ll being threaded over the bolts I2 pro
jecting from the side frames ID of rim parts 5
and the two said parts being aligned as shown 20
in Fig. 2, the other side bead of the tire taking
against the rim ?ange 6.
Nuts l3 preferably of wing headed form are
then threaded on the bolts [2 and tightened to
suitably adjust the rim parts 4—5 to the size of
The retreaded tire is easily and quickly re
moved on removing the nuts l3 and lifting the
'rim part 5 out of the way when the said tire'is
pulled off the well ?ange l of the other rim part 4. 30
In some constructions the bolts [2 may be ‘fast
The rim consists of two circular side parts 4
in the frames 9—l0 of the rim part 5.
be adjusted laterally for width variations by mov
ing them together or apart with the overlapped
portions sliding one upon the other. Slide or
guide devices are provided at suitable intervals
around the rim parts to keep them aligned dur
2 O ing adjustment and to provide bearings for the
said parts to easily slide upon, and there are
looking devices for retaining, said parts at a de
sired setting.
In order to more fully describe this invention
reference will be had to the drawing accompany
ing and forming part of this complete speci?ca
tion, and wherein:—
Fig. 1 is an exploded perspective of the rim ac
cording to the invention, and
Fig. 2 is an assembled perspective while,
Ill preferably formed integral therewith extends
about medially of the length thereof and at or
about right angles thereto to the rim ?ange 6 and
1 O moval of the tire an easy operation.
(CI. 18-18)
This invention relates to rims which are used
for mounting. the tires of motor vehicles upon
for retreading in a vulcanizing mold.
The invention has been specially devised to pro
and 5, each having a side rim ?ange 6 and a well
?ange respectively numbered 1 and 8, the said
well ?ange 1' being adapted to overlap its fellow
8 and to slide thereupon as the rim parts 4 and
5 are advanced together or retired apart. The
well ?ange 8 (Fig. 3) is formed to provide an an
4 O nular shoulder 8a on the upper surface thereof.
This ?ange 8a. supports one bead of the tire to
maintain the bead at the same height as the bead
supported upon the ?ange l and prevents said
?rst bead from being pinched between the free
45 edge of the ?ange ‘l and the rim ?ange 6 of the
member 5 when the members 4 and 5 are moved
together. The rim ?ange 6 and the junction
with the Well ?anges may be contoured or shaped
inwardly according to the bead or edging of the
50 tires to be treated. ,
Each of the rim parts 4 and 5 has a side frame
formed of two side bars 9 a?lxed by welding or
other suitable means across the outside edgein
parallel relationship as chords so positioned
55 that equal segments are formed, and a stay bar
1. An adjustable tire rim for vulcanizing molds 35
comprising two separable portions, each of said
portions having a ?ange for engaging one tire
bead and each being provided with a slot for
passage of the inner tube valve but being other
wise circumferentially continuous across its whole 40
width, said ?anges being formed to telescope with
each other, the inner of said ?anges being formed
'with an annular shoulder for supporting a tire
bead on a level with the surface of the outer
?ange, at least one brace bar extending across 45
each rim portion at its ?anged side, the bar in
one rim portion carrying bolts and that in the
other portion having holes to receive such bolts.
2. An adjustable tire rim for vulcanizing. molds
comprising two separable portions, each of said 50
portions having a ?ange for engaging one tire
bead and each being provided with a slot for pas
sage of the inner tube valve but being otherwise
circumferentially continuous across its ‘whole
width, said ?anges being formed to telescope 55 "
with each other, the inner of said. ?anges being
bead; said ?anges being'formed to‘ telescope with ‘
' formed with an annular shoulder' for supporting
each ‘other, the inner of, said ?anges being formed l '
with an annular' shoulder for supporting a "tire ,
bead’on a level with the upper surface of the’ I
a tire head on a level with the upper surface of
7 ,the‘outer ?ange, means for_ internally bracing
‘ said portions andmeans for adjustably connect
‘ing said portionsitogether,
' '3. An adjustable tire rim’ for vulcanirzin'rg molds ‘
comprising, two separable’ portions, {each ofsald
portions-having a ?ange for engaging one tire
outer'?ange, means for internally br‘a‘c-inggsaid 5' I
portions and means for adjustably connecting g
sald portions together.
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