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April 26, 1938.
w. s. GRAHAM Er AL
Filed June 19, 1937
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April 26, 1938.
w. s. GRAHAM Er AL
Filed June 19, 1937
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Patented Apr. 26, 1938
" 2,115,387
'UêNITED vfs'i‘ATEii ‘ PATENT Aori-‘ICE
'Tamron ¿3112131126 BRACKET » ' ‘
William S. Graham and
nimm P. sinn-h, canton,
pany, a corporation of òNew Jersey
`Appnnmon.nine 19, 1937, sei-1am». 149,072
(ci. sav-_41)
lll., assignors to International Harvester Com
'I'his invention relates to farm implements-k of , line _3-3 of Figure 2, showing in detail thetrack-f.rjV
the direct connected type and particularly to at
et assembly; and,
taching brackets for connecting a cultivator oi' . Figure 4 is an elevational view taken on the
the type which is adapted to be swung across the fline 4-4 of Figure 2 of the yshifting lever mecha
5 front of the tractor incidental to movement of nism on the steering shaft.
the steering mechanism.
In Figures 1 and 2 there is shown a tractor of
The principal object of this invention is to the tricycle type having a rear axle housing II
provide an attaching bracket for the pendulum, and side sills I2 spaced at the forward end by
swing type cultivator when attached to a tractor a tractor bolster I3, -through which a steering
10 of the tricycle type that will support the culti
shaft I4 passes to the front wheel steering truck
vator within the confines of the forward end of
the-tractor, so that visibility of the plant rows
by the operator is enhanced.
It is another object of this invention to provide
l5 a bracket for pendulum swing type cultivators,
which may be -readily attached to or detached
I5.- Connected to the upper ends of the steering ’
shaft I4 by means of gearing is a steering rod I6
running rearwardly and longitudinally of the
axis of the tractor to a point near the operator’s
station I1, and having on the end thereof a steer 15
ing wheel I8.
from the tractor, and to which the cultivator
swinging arms may be easily attached when the
On the forward end of the tractor sills are se
cured the usual bracket plates I9 and I 9', having
tractor is moved intoV alignment therewith _for upper slots 2| and lower slots 22 adapted to re
Y 20 attachment to the cultlvator.
_ceive attaching bolts of the bracket assembly to
In general, this invention resides in an at
be presently described.
taching bracket assembly adapted for connecting
'I'he separable hang bracket assembly, in which
an attachment _to the usual attaching bracket the present invention resides, consists of two ver
plates carried by the tractor and 'comprisingtwo tical, forwardly bent attaching bracket support
5 vertical bracket support members which are >members 23 and 23', each of which has in its
braced to the tractor- bolster and which are so lower end portion bolt clamps 24 and 25, which
spaced in front of the tractor as notvto lie gen - are adapted to be disposed in the aforementioned»
erally within the view of the operator of the trac
slots 2| and'22 of the. tractor bracket plate for
tor; also, bracing means for fixing the upper ends attachment oi' the same to the tractor. The up
30 of these vertical support members, and the sup
per bolt clamps are adapted to include a verti
port 'members-having means at their upper ends cally extending brace 26 in rear of the vertical 30
for attachingswingingarms, which support the support members 23 and 23’ and adapted to be
attached to the same at a point near the upper
The cultivator comprises, in general, a trans
end vfor the purpose of bracing the vertical sup
35 verse pipe frame which carries straddle-row cul
port at that point. For further bracing of the
tivator gang implements adapted to be supported vertical support members 23 and 23' there is a
vby the swinging arms when the same are at
tie brace member 21 adapted to connect the up
tached to the present bracket support. The per ends of the vertical supports at the same
vtransverse supporting member is connected by point that the braces 26 connect with the sup
4o connecting links and levers to a vertical steer
ports, and tied to the tractor bolster I4 by means
ing shaft and is swung to the right or left by of a U-bolt 28. This provides adequate bracing
the operator in response to vmovement of the ' for the bracket assembly when once it is attached
steering wheel.
to the tractor.
For other objects and for a clearer understand
The upper ends of the> vertical supports 23
45 ing of the invention, reference may be had to `have a portion thereof turned down to provide
the following description taken with the accom
an inverted U 29 adapted to receive‘the ends of
panying drawings, in which:
vertically extending swinging arms 3| and 3l’
l Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a tractor
and connecting pins 32 and 32' therefor, and at
ofthe tricycle type having one of its rear wheels the lower end it is turned forwardly at 33, having
50 removed and to which the cultivator is attached a slot 34 for retaining the bolt 25 prior to swing- 50
by means of an attaching bracket assembly of ing the same up into the tractor _bracket slot 22
the present invention;
when connecting thev bracket assembly to the
Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the trac
tor, cultivator, and also ofthe attaching bracket;
Figure 3 is a side elevational View taken on the
tractor. It will be obvious that a quick attach
ment of the bracket assembly is to be effected
in the bracket assembly of the present invention. 55
' f ‘ arrasar-ff
lconsists»generally of a main te cile
rear axle housing illof the trectorfbyf‘fà. ¿1,
. transversepipe bar 38', which’ extends across the , means of a cap screw Il. ’ In order to remove
shearing stressof the push bar- plate from the
cap screw 68. a downwardly `extending portion»
>`tachedtothesills. 'I‘hisbaris the main support" il' is providedY to nt .over` the from mee `or the:
front oftthetractor to 'pointsfremoyed vfrom'the
Yand from the vertical supports 23 at
' bar‘for outsideïvcultivator gangs 86 andv 28’ and 4 rear axle housing.4
. insidecultivator gangs ’81 and 21'. andthe same . ' The lifting means forthe cultivator gangs collià,V
aredspaced above and 'parallelwith` the push pipes `f-_`
` I 28 and28'vby thejswinging’arms 8l and- 3l'~ at-‘ e
prise'right and left lift _pipesîland 1I', which i`-`r
is ‘adapted to'be hung from the vertical supports
by means voi' the pins rl2 and Y I8 and Il', and their k(forward endsgconnectedf
at 12 to a lift lever rocker-arm 13 Pivotally-eon-i»
nected at 14 topthe push pipe Áfrontend ccnl-_`
` \ to engagethe transverse barby means‘of their
rearwardly turnedportionsîßl extending through
necting'means I1., Therear ends of the lift pipe»`> ‘
sleeve members" :s and 39'., welded Vor secured tov `1i and 'li'f- have lift, pipe lugs ~15 iixed therein to > “
which the lift _lever n. isconnected,` as at 16,Íin \
the under surface of the transverse bar. In view
of the weight carried by the transverse bargthis the lift pipe> plug.- The lift lever rocker arm 1I;v`
‘i >S15
has'a projection 11 for connectinga helper spring y Y ; ._
‘L means of connecting theswinging'arms Il `and
ïl;li`"'to the transverse support/.eliminates theA `18 thereto-which is in turn connected to the liitl .
placing of `the downward strain ofthe swinging pipe` 1|,fas`indicated' at 19. This Vspri’ng‘iskto (
arms on a single cotter pin or thread connection assist during'the lifting movement of the lifting`
levertoa forward portion on the quadrant-62., =
that might’have been used. » Further.' the ar
` rangement of» theseswingin’g arms -do'wn- over the ' 'I'he actual lifting'is accomplished bymean'sïofV`
front ofthe transverse bar 35fpermits the trans-' i lift rods 8|; one of 'such rods-'being providedyfor"
verse bar toßbe` located nearerto thew front end . each> of the cultivatorgangsand attached tosthe-V
of the tractor, as isdesirable directly connected " V,the
lift pipe
1I andoi'havin'gliftingîlug
82 ilxedto Í. l. ` ‘i ’
types ofimplemerlts.V
_ The cultivatorÍgangs¿are'attached- for'pivotal
are held
83, for
_the lifting>
which operation
1_by '-collarsfïl4,`* " j "
d ~ . beams 4l and '4P-"for the outside gangsand 42 `the lift rods being attached iat"4 their lower ends, " ï“
vand 42' for the inside ‘gangs to gang beam hangers tothe tool bar clamps'Yl4,`fas‘findicated¿at 85.4` so
>V>movement .to they transverse support 36» by drag
43' iixed tothe transverse support by hanger >It is obvious that the ròt‘lsÍin'ayv slide with respectA
~ clamps'4`4. 'These gang beam hangers 42 `-may' ‘ to the ear .portions “ini` one direction, .but‘arcnf
held by the ear portions during the lifting opera."-v
vbe set at any positionÍalong the transverse sup-.
portfbar, depending V'llpon‘the rowïspacings of
the'crop to bec-ultivated.I `The cultivator gangs
` tion of the cultivatorfgangs.
apply "
pressure on the'cultivator `gangs during :the ‘culti-li"
`vating operation, pressure springs 86 are-provided v _
Y furtherconsist of. tooli bars 45 and of vground
on .the lift rods 8|,` which‘may beadiusted
g engaging tools, such as spring tripped shovels 45'A
" ofthe usualr typeattached 'thereto by means of
the amount of pressure by means of set collarsïll „
From this description,` it should be seen that any j
longitudinal movement of the lift pipes 1I and "I`I’j
by their respective lift levers 63 and r63.’. Íwill `effect
" i vstandard brackets-fü. t' Offset arms, such as shown
at141, permitl‘va spring tripped shovel“ to be lo‘
Ñcateduinfrear: ofthe 'steering_truck„ and oiIset
a rocking movement of the liftlever rocker _arrrr
13 vabout its pivot14 "on the push pipe, causing
the lifting of the lift rods 8| by lmeans of ¿the
lifting ear portions 82, all of which is‘fassistedi‘by,V
the helper spring ",18. The tractor.` gangsn‘iamg’>
`arms 48 andA 48’ on‘theinside gangs are spacedY
i ‘ to points behind the Vsteering truck< wheels. The
AusuaLstandardfbrackets; 46 may.v be loosened to
permit .the oiïset arms> 41,48, and 48' .to bero
45- vtamed'
away from the `rear ‘of the ‘steering truck
i . to permitvremoval- of thel tractor. steering wheels . thus be raised out of engagement with the: ground Y
upon detaching the cultivatorxfromf the tractor
and completelycarried by the tractor.
v .n
yThe. description thus far shows the >cultivator1
and then swunginto position behind the .steering
tractor and itsV transverse bar completely mounted ion'
the tractor and adapted for raising and lowering
Thegang beam hanger 43 also has means 4_9 ‘i _for
or the
the transverse
The Vparticularmeans
movement of` the ~\Y
making attachment ,ofthe
t to ‘truckfwhen
with.' the' c'zultiva’tor.` ' I
_ j for‘vlpivotally attaching a parallel link 5i, having
-transverse bar with relation to movement'of the
" ¿ aturnbuckle `52 and a clamping nut 53> and piv
>otally connected _atiits trailing end to a tool bar
.55 A’bracket
v54,1as at „55, 'The tool bar bracket 54
z steering lwheel will now‘bedescribed.~
, 55
.Asbest` shown inFlgure 4, there is provided"a`-1»ïè„~ ’
alsohasthe _gang beam 4i pivotedto it. This fshift arm 88 ilxed to the steeringshaftfllgby '
arrangement provides'` a parallel orsimultaneous‘v vmeans of aspline 89 andadapted to swing theref`
with.` i Journalerl to -the shaft I4 about the shift
lift of the cultivator shovels kfrom the ground.
In `order tn_?nalntainv the transverse supportH arm 8l isan axle spacerti having a projecting ~
and„cu1tivator gangs spacedu >from lthe forward „ «portion 92 with aßslot '88 inthe‘end thereoifàîA`
endof the tractor, -thereislprovicled push pipesv ï collar 94 ñxed to ¿the shaft I4 supports the-'shift
56 and'älì’A having connecting means<51 fixed _on .lever 68 and the axle spaceraßl on theshaft.> t, „
‘ their forward ends adaptedto be attached to the
Between ithe shifting lever 88 yandthe
$2 ‘n
’ '
transverse bar 35'by means oi sleeves 58 .(Figure of the axle spacer 9|,there isfslid-a shift latch
1) >welded to§therear face of .the _transverse bari 85`< having pivotedthereon a4 latch element I6»
ßiand'fadapt'ed .to contain an 4attaching bolt 59 within
a slot
81 and69pivoted
and permitting
to a pinfßiflxed
of e .' "
` Vf_or the push pipe connection 51. vTo` the» rear
>entif‘oiî >`the push pipe 56 thereis attached a push the latch“ on the pin 9|. The rearend of >the ~ `
pipe .connection 8|,Íwhich carries a quadrant 62 shifting latch member 95 has an -upstanding bolt
' 65al
IIII adapted to-iìt in the slot 93 of thefaxle spacer"
i . and a liiît> lever 463vby a telescoping connection
` y _64 with the push pipe lili.V The rear end of thev V8| and ilxed thereto byfmeans of a nut |02. ç’i'he
push 'pipe' connection 67| isturned down, as indi-. upper end of the latch element 96 has-a ,spring
cated‘at` 65, to‘be retained by means of a cotter > |03Á attached thereto and connected withhthe"
pin 66 in a hole 61 of a push pipe plate 68, fixed n upper endlef thefbon m to resiliency humane we`
. 2,116,387u
latch element 86 against the forward end of the
and push pipe plate 88 may be left on thetractor
M*slotl 81 and in a slot |04 in the end of the shift' or readily detached, if they should interfere with
`lever 88. When the latch element 86 is so disposed the mounting or work of’some other implement
- in the slot |04 of the shifting lever 88, there isa to be used. By leaving the bracket assembly at
driving engagement of the steering shaft with the tached to the tractor, one step in the operation
of attaching pendulum type cultivators to the
latch mechanism 85. `
tractor is eliminated. The bracket is left intact
. The outer end of the latch mechanism is con
nected to the transverse support member by and does not carry the swinging arms, since they
means of a shifting` lever link |05 (Figure 2)
10 that is attached to the ,shifting lever through an
I-bolt |08 and to a projection v|01 on the trans
_verse bar 35. It will now beseen that any move
remain on the cultivator apparatus. ,
It shan be understood-that the present inven- ,
tion herein described is obviously capable of _cer
ltain modifications without departure from the
ment of -the steering mechanism will - cause a ì spirit and-scope of the appended claims.
swingof the cultivator to the right or to the
What is claimed _isz
left, as may be desired bythe operator of the -
l. In combination with a tractor having 15
` bracket plates and tractor structure between the
In order to disengage» the connection of the \hracket plates, an implement, a separable at
taching bracket for mounting the implement on
steering mechanism with the cultivator support
ing bar upon lifting the cultivator gangs out of the tractor comprising vertical supporting mem
bers adapted for quick attachment to the tractor 20
20 the ground to a transport position, there is pro
vided a throw-out rocker arm -|08 supported on bracket plates, a tie brace for securing each of
the transverse bar 35 by means o_f a throw-out the vertical members to the intermediate tractor
' support bearing >|09 and a bearing I || on the pro
structure, and the vertical supporting` members
having means for pivotally attaching the imple
jection |01 which is. detachable therefrom to per
25 mit removal of the throw-out rocker arm from the ment to their upper ends and permitting trans
transverse supportV bearing |09. The throw-out verse swing of the implements on the tractor.
rocker .arm |08 is placed in position by feeding it ,
2. In combination with a tractor having for
through the bearing support |09 and-then attach
ward bracket plates’ and a steering head, an
ing the same in the bearing _support ||| on the implement, separable attaching bracket assem
30 `projection |01. The bar |08 has portions spaced bly for mounting the implement on the tractor 30
from the bar to flt behind the latch 96 of the comprising vertical supporting members adapted
throw-out mechanism 95 and a slot ||2 of a for quick attachment to the -tractor brackets, a
throw-out bar | I3 pivoted to one of the lift lever tie brace for connecting each of the vertical mem
rocker arms 13 (Figure l) . It ’should be under
bers to the steering head, and means for pivotally
attaching the implement to said vertical support 3.5
35 stood that any movement of the lift lever mecha
`nlsm will cause the throw-out bar to operate the members.
latch 96 to disengage the same from slot |04 of
3.v In combination with a tractor having brack
the shift lever arm 88, and that as long as the et plates, an implement, a separable attaching
cultivator tools are in ground engaging position, bracket assembly for supporting said implement
the latch 96 will remain connected to the shift comprising two vertical support members having
' arm 88.
means at one of the ends of each member adapt
It should now be apparent from the above de
ed for quick attachment to the tractor brackets,
scription and from the showing inthe drawings means for bracing said members at the other ends
that there has been provided a bracket for the of the members to the tractor, and means for
‘support of the cultivator of the pendulum swing pivotally attaching the implement to the vertical
type adapted to be Aoperated by the steering
mechanism, that is of simple construction and
within the confines of the front end of the tractor
wherein the forward visibility of the operator is
50 not impaired. Also, a construction has been pro
vided which permits easy attachment or detach
ment' of the cultivator- to and from the tractor.
To detach the cultivator from the tractor, the
cultivator gangs are first lowered to the ground.
Ul $1 Front stand clamps ||4 are loosened to permit
lowering of the front stands | I5 to the ground
where they are again clamped to provide for a
iront end 'support of the cultivator. The offset
arms I1, 48 and 48’ are loosened fro-m the tool
60 bars to permit rearward rotation of the cultivator
tools and allow clearance forthe steering truck.
Next, the cutter-pin 66 of the push pipe connection
6| is removed and the push pipe is lifted out of
the holes 61 of the push pipe plate 68 and rested
65 on some sort of convenient support means.
nut |06 of the bolt |0| is now loosened, thereby
disconnecting the latch mechanism' 95 from the
axle spacer. The swinging arm connections 32
and 32’ on the vertical bracket supports are dis
70 connected and the tractor may now be backed
4. In combination with a tractor having brack
et plates, an implement, a separable attaching
bracket assembly comprising two vertically and
forwardly extending members having lower and 50
upper end portions, means adapted for quick at
tachment to the tractor bracket vplates carried
by the lower ends of the vertical members, brace t
members for ñxing the-vertical members to the
tractor near their upper ends, and means for sup 55
porting the implement from the upper ends.
5. In combination with a tractor having at- l
taching bracket plates, an implement having ver
tical swinging arms, a separable attaching brack
et assembly comprising two vertically extending 80
members having lower and upper end portions,
means adapted for quick attachment to the
tractor brackets on the lower ends of the verti
cal members, means for bracing vthe members
near their upper ends, and said upper end por
tions being fashioned to receive the ends of said
swinging arms of the implement for supporting
the same operatively connected to the tractor.
6. In combination with a tractor having brack
ets, an implement having vertical swinging arms, 70
out of the cultivator apparatus. It will thus be
apparent that, by carrying on these operations
a separable attaching bracket assembly compris
ing two vertically extending members having
in the reverse manner, the apparatus may be
lower and upper end portions, means adapted
for quick attachment to the tractor brackets on
the lower ends of the vertical members, means 75
accordingly attached to the tractor.
The attaching bracket of the present invention
a 9,115,387n j
the members near theirA upper ends.
and the upper end portions oi.' the vertical mem
bers being turned- over toform an inverted U in
and maaar
the longitudinally
having-noie extending adapted
portion' to
the >swinging arms.v
which said' swinging arms tor aupportingthe
, implement are fastened.>
. 1o. In'V combination with «liu-«cm1naivln'g'ffarrV
f vattaching bracket,- an implement 'including a
at . transverse tool _supporting bar; ground engaging
t 7, yIn combination Íwith a -tractor
taching bracketplates of the typein which there >tools mounted on said ban-and means for Vattach
fare‘eopen slotsP in the top and bottom thereof, an ‘z ving said bar- and tools‘to said attaching brackets; , _
fg implement, a Vseparable attaching bracket assem 'i'or vertical `swinging movement relative thereto
bly for the implement,VV compr ing vertically ex
tending" bracket membershav g lowerand up
including vertically extending swinging arms piv ,
pivotallyr at@4 ‘
. “ lper end portions,` means fior fixing the lower end .>tached
otally in
to the bracket
bar extend-1` ,ï l , ‘
l „portion of each of thevertical" members to the
" tractor, ~bracket plates‘ including clamping , bolts
' ¿carried byfvertical bracketmembers and `adapted
'to'ï'lie in said tractorïbracket slots, 'and bracing
means forthe vertical bracket fastenedrbto. the
, tractor bracket by said `clamping bolts Aand ex
" tending to 'the upperïend portion of "the bracket
’ member and nxed thereto, and meanstor lattach
ing said implement to the upper ends/of the ver
ingdownwardly in front of the tool bar
-undei-neath the bar to _partially surround the"
same-and to contain it within the front ot` they 1
pivotally and
the by
the bar oi'ìïthef
being ,
swinging arms.V
l1. In combination with a tractor
ci the m4
cycle type having a narrow `forward end» struc- i
ture 4with attaching bracket plates thereon, `an
.~ Ink cornbi_natiofìwitlil a tractor'i having at- „ implement structure koi!> the `pendulum swing type
jtfaching bracket plates of> the type in which there adapted to be mounted across the forward` end
4[are open` slotsin projecting portions thereoi.l and structure and to extend laterally beyond the con-_.
l» f.' tractor structure intermediate the` brackets, an
y. implement.> an attaching bracket Iorsupporting
. ' -1‘ the "implementcomprising vertical bracket sup
f .Tpcrting membersî‘liaving lower and upper end
portions, means for nxing the lower endV portions
of _each of the „vertical Vmembers to the tractor
"bracketlncluding clamping bolts, carried by the
vvertical bracket'` members and adapted to lie yin
f „the tractor bracket slots, sidebracing means for
feach' of the> vertical bracket members fastened
, to the tractor bracket by one of said `clamping
attaching bracket “for swi'ngingly supporting the
implement on the front end tractorstructure so Y. „
constructed as to be within the Vconilnes of the
front end structure and out of the >line oi?V vision
of the operator of the tractor.
12. In combination with aA tractor of "the tri-f? e.
cycle type having narrowly >spaced side sills `with
bracket plates on the front ends thereof` and' a
relatively narrowtractor bolster Vstructure spac „86
ture of the pendulum type having swing arms'>` ,
upper end,-a‘ tie brace means connecting the ver
of the side sills and' an attaching hang bracket
tical members near their upperfends and attached
assembly for connecting the cultivatorV to ‘the
tractor comprising two verticallyextending sup->
porting members _having lower and upper .endgV
structure, and means Vformed in the upper ends of
' the vertical' Inemb` rs forr pivotally'a'ttaching said
and ground engaging tools extending laterally
_ l `9. In combination witha tractor having'an at
portions, means on the »lower end portion adapted
for quick I attachment to the tractor `biîaßl'iètvk
plates, means for bracing the upper end portions"
" taching bracket,` an implement 'including a
by connection'with the tractorwbolster structure;
transverse tool supporting bar, ground engaging
~ tools mounted onsaidbar, and means for attach
» g ‘ing said bar and `tool to saidattaching bracket
for swinging movement relative thereto including
vertically extending swinging arms pivotally at
l `tached tothe bracket and pivotallyattached to
the tool’support bar, said swinging arms in their
attachment to the transverse bar extending
` ` downwardly and rhaving their attaching portion
bent to extend longitudinally of the tractor axis,
ing thefront of the side sills, a cultivator_struc-I»` ‘jj
bolts and“ extending ‘totheY _upper end portion of
the bracket member and flxedat aípoint near its
' intermediate thereof to said intermediate tractor
Vilnes of the forward tractorstructure, v`and an
and retaining them within thek space between "
the vside sills, and means on the upperend porfn
, , ,
tions of the vertical supporting members Iorpiv-f. ' ‘ ,
otally attachingV the cultivator swingingj` arms 50
to operatively connect the cultivator to the trac» `
tor directly in iront‘of the end of the side sills`
and tractor bolster structure.
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