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April 26,1938.
A. DI Domme@ ET AL
Filed Feb. 4, 1937
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
S'Anthony'. :Di Aîlìomenico,
Yinick Di fßomenicdeßrooklyn, N.
Application 'February 14, 193i; »seria-l No. 123,984;
3 i Claims. (c1. 229-6)
This invention >relatestofthe `fabrication of
vboxes made from materials óflthe nature o'f card
board, pasteboard and ìbristolboar'd or likejsheet
paper andstrip ñbrousstock;,especially to the
5 fabrication of such ajloox> When _composed .of .a
container member anda cover member'eachin
cluding a side strip of ¿paperboard stockscovered
With ñnish paper, -and each member including a
false'bottom element, or aífalsetop element, .as
’the case may be, with fonlyithe-„exposed inner=face
of such element finished,„each o-fïfthe ,elements
'being completed‘by a mask or. decorative` outer
partmadeseparately of sheet mate-rialandse
curedto the >false‘bottorn member .orthe false
15 top member 'insuch .a vmannerxasto „present a
peripheral ‘flange or. rimoîf aniornamental char»
acter projecting beyondlthev Ye'dgeat -Whichthe
`side stripjoints thebottom. or. ,top_f, components.
The invention is >ofparticular.utility when .used
"preparation'to‘fìt'itto’a given-'size-ofibox, in=ac- .
VVcorizlarnze'‘with ‘thi-sr invention.
Otber‘obj ectsA and features-‘ofthe Vinvention - will
`appear fas-thedescription-~ofv the particular phys- `
ical"1ernbodimentJ selected to illustrate `«the àinven- “'5
Alïrr‘tl're-accompanying"drawings, ‘like characters
-`ofrrelferenoe haveibeen applied to corresponding
'parts l“throughoutitl‘ierseveral views ' whichV Imalte y
up’the drawing, in which: , '
Fig. '1 ' is ‘aìplan’ -view of
v-'heart'-shaped~ candy
‘boxf in~'the --construction»of which >the presentY
invention has been embodied,vparts kbeing/broken
`2 is ‘aifragmentarm detail rview'ein =vertical @1:5
section, lon a ïlargerscale, fta-ken ~ on the line 242
, `Figi 'B‘lis'V an fragmentary,J detail view - of ~- the side
‘wall’s'trip component"y as vsevered'from'the roll 'of t `
Vstool: str_ipgfromwhich'is derivedëthe supplyîfor "'20
20 inthe fabrication of fancyboxesfor rholding tabricationrofîside walls‘both'of the container
candy or for like uses, such as the highly«„colored,
Jmem-bier' ‘of the rbox,- and o'f the -cover ~member
heart-shaped boxes - vpopularly identified. with
-part -shown being bent "to its
St. Valentine’sDay oîîerings„.although thebasic Vthereof;ltloieesevere'd‘
>appro:'iirnateA final shape-,_ and’having its ends
lidea of >means underlying »„the,.invention is sus
25 Ceptible of many otherphys'icalembodiments.
The principal objectofthe.invention .is- to¢pro-
vide a box structure Whichmay beiabricatedat
a relatively low cost andwhichis.substantially
a'replica of more expensivelyrnade'boxes of'th'e
30 last-named type, and to produce .abox which
- stitched together.
l 25
I'ïlï‘igßlîis affragmentary, detail View Vin‘vertical
esectionysimilar‘to¿Figi-2 and illustrating'a‘pre
liminary V‘step in‘the rassembly` of ther wall *strip of
3 ’with'otherelernents of the cover'member
'of -the box‘fshovvn’in-'Fig- '1;
Figfâ'lisa View` s'irnilar'to Fig. 4, but showing `
all of -:the f cover» elements.' assembled Vand4 adhered
is equally attractive in .appearancehand desir
ably sturdy in structural cornposition, .thus `mak V‘in v4molded juxtaposition, 'at a typical vvcross-sec- ,
ing it possible‘to create a wider..mar-ket thanican
be found forthe more'expensive boxes, of .conven
35 tional construction.
Another object vofthe to provide
o'f '- -‘2---2
the 'box'side
Vvof Fig; "lwall;
taken Yon "3'5
‘Figx'ô is‘a‘viewon'a'reducedscale of asupplly
hrollof the-composite sideewalll strip.
a'box vstructure’ which-is'the product vof a novel
A‘In ‘ a ~ now-*preferred ~‘ embodiment of` the inven
method of 'fabrication including "aj'step -of ,per ,j tion~ selected for ¿illustration and description, ’ the
Yfecting a heat-rnoldedlunion at"the‘edge‘of Ythe
reference character A designates generally,v Va 40
40 box Where the strip constituting‘the sidewallis heart-'shaped " lcandy' ‘boX, ‘of " which rthe >member
adjoined to the bottom Wall «of the -containen‘or i designated generally by ther-reference character
to the top wall of the cover, as the caselmayfbe, rvB"isithe‘lower, or-con-tainer,’part of theibox, and
and thereby to make‘available’y foruse asìtl'ie'side 'the ‘member‘designatediC‘is the -cover partî (see n
Wall component a continuous composite,` strip „of
45 the heavy paper stock .withgitsfnnish surface ply
Each o'f‘these lmembers‘or -parts'4 comprises as
oi’ superior paper giving both .sidesof the side 'components a- sidewall, as W", W", which, in
"pursuance -oflthe _invention v-is made `up ’from a
.wall an ornamental finish.
A cognate object is toprovide»astock‘stripffor vsupplyl `strip of -stock‘V of -composite character, Y
use in making vthe side Vwalls of;such'boxes=-which
can be made `up of >indefinite length and'severed
to supply a side Wall >part"íorxany, desired size-and
shape of box, the strip ibeingioî uniform-«width
andhaving smooth, unbroken edges throughout
its length, being-also capable--ofl‘use‘without-any
y'frornjwliich a'suitable'rnoiety Yisfsevered,v then is yï‘50
'ben-tf to4V approximately the rcontour Iintended 'f for
'fthef'boìx‘in courseof ~-fabrication, as indicated'at
y(Fig.l ’3) ,and'may haveits'freeends secured
together; as'by arnetalçstitch ' Il l;
`Tlreosupply<strip îfor 'this-> side ’ Wall‘component $5
2,115,417 ,
is composed, according to the invention, of a
foundation element of relatively heavy paper
stock, such as Kraft paper, which is ,of uniform
the flange thus formed into permanent overlying
relation with the contiguous margin of the»
disc 2|.
width, and has unbroken, smooth longitudinal
Adhesive is then applied, as indicate-d at 20,
edges, _throughout thelength of the stock strip
and of every moiety thereof.
This strip is num
over the upper surface ofthe flange I8 andthe f
adjoining marginal surface> of the disc 2 I, and the ,
cover member is completed by superimposing a
To one face ,of this foundation is adhered a
mask or decorative t‘bpelement upon the gummed 'n 'f
facing or reinforcement strip I3, of somewhat stiff
flange and underlying disc 2|, and pressing the ,
paper material, Vsufficiently narrower than the
foundation strip' I2 to leave exposed, along one
adhesive shall 'have'become set.
longitudinal margin thereof, as at I4, a free zone _ '
Yor edge, lwhich is adapted to be bent angularly
As already indicated, the lower member, or
container, B, is formed in identical fashion, and
' with vrespect to the inner face of the foundationj ,Y of proper size to have the completed cover inem'
strip, andr to beV molded by'heat and pressure, ber C fitted Ytelescopically in complementa] re
suitably applied, to constitute anattaching flange» flati'on therewith,“which completes the box.
bywhich >the side wall is united to the Abottom
assembled parts into close juxtapositionuntil the
VVarious advantages proceed from the fabrica-jr '
Y components, or top components, of the container ' _tion of' such boxes according to the above dis-v
, ¿ B, or ofthe cover C, as the case may be, as at I8
closed novel method of the present invention, '
Vamong which may bey cited the fact that the sev-Vr 20
The structure of the rcomposite side wall strip
also includes preferably; a facingV strip of paper or
other 'suitable material, I5, which is Vdesirably of
superior ,1inish, as compared `with that of ythe
x25 foundation strip, and which may be ofr lighter
eral members ofthe box elements can be pre
formed, each with its foundation component 'and' Y
its facing of vsuperior finish material, so kthat Vthe
delicateoperation of adhering relativelyV fiimsy Y'
colored paper, as that illustrated at I5, need not 25
, paper, asfor example a light giltnpaper'strip, in . be performed after'a box member is assembled.
the instance illustrated, the gilt facing shown ex-`
` tending over the vouter face ofthe foundation and
around the edgev I6, Vwhich is to be the free edge
of the ‘cover member C, „and also'extending, as at
löst', preferably toïabout theregion of the inner
-vsurface of the side wall'indicated by the line I1
Y" in'Figspâ'and 4.
Y 1 1 havekfound indésirable to terminate this fac
.35 ing strip somewhat short'ofsthe edge I 8'of the
' heavy foundation strip, as indicated to I9, inas-Vmuch as the molding of this edge and its ad-V
herence to the contiguous bottomortop compo
Again, the crimping of the side Wall compo
nent flange 4I4 can be effectively and rapidly ac
complished: Without first applying any adhesive,
so thatra Vtightly moldedvjoint between the side ._¿ëOY `
wall and false bottom 2| is providedbefore ap.
plication of the adhesive 20, and as Íthe latter'is
applied onlyV toa flat area of any member, there
can be no extravasation of adhesive through the
peripheral corner seam, >into the box. '
While we have illustrated anddescribed the best `V
form of the invention now known to us,y it is to
be understood that the particular embodiment il
nents is usually ‘accomplished more effectively lustratedçdoes not exhaust the possible physical
when the .edge I84 is substantially VVfree.Y This," embodiments ofthe idea of means which funder
i however, is’not an indispensableiprovision. ,
lies the invention;
The fabrication of the container member of
the box, according to the method of the present
invention, is Vcarried out in the same manner
as the fabrication of the cover member, so that
Vthe operation will beV described in detail only
with reference to the steps involved ¿in making
the cover, as shown in Figs. 3, 4 and 5.
We claim:
l. A compositestock strip for use in forming
side wall components in the fabrication of boxes
o_f the of
a uniformly Vwide
strip rela
tively heavy fibrous >stock of indefinite length,
having smooth, unbroken edges throughout its
A suitable length of the composite side wall length; >a ply of somewhat stiff, fibrous stock ad-l
strip W, such for exampleas that shown in Fig. hered to a face of said foundation ply, leaving free
` ~3, having :been provided, and preferably stitched a longitudinal margin of the latter; and a ply of 5,0
together at its freevends, as at I I, for convenience lighter material of superior finish adhered to, and
in manipulation, this side wall ,component is constituting a facing for, that edge and the .ad
f vbent into the approximate shape of the box to be jacent margins of the composite strip which form
.5,5 fabricated, and the side wall element thus con the free edge of the side wall of a box member;>
stituted is assembled inV circumjacent relation the other longitudinal edge and adjacent mar-VY
with a suitably shaped disc 2I of >appropriate
gins of said heavy foundation ply being exposed
stock, such as cardboard, which need vbe finished . beyond said’finish ply and being Adeformable under
only on its free face, the disc preferably vbeing of
a size Ysuitable to »fit snugly within they confines » heat and pressure to constitute a crimped flange
of the heavy foundation ply I2 »as shown most by which to effect attachment of said side wall
strip to a bottom or top element of the box, se-Y
clearly in Figs. 4 and 5. Y
ThisV snug fit is advantageous in therespect
that the disc is thereby caused to overlap the Y , 2. A composite stock strip for use in forming
edge I 3a: of the ply I3, which'serves asian abut#
ment for the disc andai-ds in creating a tight
joint around the innercorner edge of the cover.
At this stage of the operation, the side element
'l W stands with itsîmargin I4 in upright position,
as shownin Fig. 4, ready to be bent overinto the
A'io position
shown in Fig. 5, at I8, this step beingac
complished by suitable means, such asïa hand
tool, Vor a set -of dies, (not shown), by which the
margin I4 of theV side wall element is molded by
Q75, pressure, preferably with heat adequate toucrimp
side wall components in the fabrication of boxes
ofthe class described? said compositestrip adapt
ed to be included in the fabrication of a box mem
ber and consisting of a uniformly wide founda
tion ply of heavy Kraft paper stock of indefinite
length, having smooth, unbroken edges through- '
out its length; a ply of somewhat stiff paper stock,
finished on one face andk adhered Vby vitsother
vface to a face of said Kraft ply; and a ply. of thin,
highly colored paper stock adhered to,.and con
stituting a finish for, that edge and the adjacent
marginof the outer face of _said Kraft paper ply
which form the free edge of the Side wall of a box
3. A composite stock strip for use in forming
side Wall components in the fabrication of boxes
of the class described; said composite strip con
Cl sisting of a uniformly Wide foundation ply of
relatively heavy fibrous stock of indefinite length,
having smooth, unbroken edges throughout its
length; a '_oly of somewhat stiiî, fibrous stock ad
hered to a face of said foundation ply, leaving
free a longitudinal margin of the latter; and a
ply of lighter material of superior finish ad
hered to, and constituting a facing for, that edge
and the adjacent margins of the composite strip
which form the free edge of the side Wall of a
box member; Vtl'1e‘other longitudinal edge and ad
jacent margins of said heavy foundation ply be
ing exposed beyond said ñnish ply and being de
formable to constitute a crimped flange by which
to effect attachment of said side Wall strip to a
bottoni’or top element of the box, selectively.
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