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April 26, 1938.
. ‘ '
Filed June 28, 1937
' Patented vApr. 26, 1938 -
NiTED STATE'S2,115,448 Artur orrics '
Alan E. Pradt, Neenah, Wia, assignor to Mara
thon Paper Mills, Company, Bothsehild, Wia, a
_ corporation of Wisconsin.
' _
Application June '28, 1937, Serial No. 150,751
2- Claim.
(CI. 24847)’
This invention relates to a unit for retaining
on a heated roll coacting with the spreader roll
‘signs, posters, price tags, advertising cards, and
and spaced away su?lciently to permit the de
sired thickness of coating to be, applied. After
the adhesive coating is spread it is congealed
other printed matters for display purposes. In
‘ accordance with the invention theadvertising
5 matter is merely pressed by the ?ngers against
the support and is thereby ?rmly retained in
place, and it can be ‘readily removed by merely
pulling it_away from the support.
Further details and advantages of the inven-_
10 tion will be apparent "from the following speci
?cation‘and drawing, wherein
Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank for mak
ing a ‘preferred form of the easel support, ,
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the blank in
15 partially set up condition,
Figure 3 is a perspective view of the easel sup
port at a later stage of the set-up,
_ Figure 4 is a perspective View of the easel sup
port completely set up in relation to a card which
20 it may retain, and
by passing the web over a chilled roll and a cover
strip is applied lightly thereto: This method and
apparatus for carrying same out is disclosed in
copending application Serial 99,648, which ma
tured to Patent No. 2,089,525, dated August 10,
In order to protect the adhesive coating 5 ap
plied on ?ange portions 25 and 26, and tab is
prior to ‘use, a peelable ‘cover strip 3 is applied
thereto. Such cover strip may be made of
glassine, Hollandcloth and the like which will 15
adhere to the adhesive coating but will readily
- peel therefrom. One-
gin 8 of the cover strip
extends beyond the score‘ line it so that when
the blank is folded on score line i3 as shown in
Figure 2 the cover strip 3
y be readily grasped 20'
esive coating.
Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view taken on ' and peeled from. the
» In setting up the msel support the cover strip
lines 5—5 of Figure 4.
As shown in the drawing, the easel support is
made up from a blank l0 which is slit along line
it and scored along line it to form two sub
stantially triangular portions l2 and it, and
as is ?rst peeled ofi after the blank is folded
along score line is as shown in Figure 2. Flanges
25 and 25 are then bent at right angles to each 25
other on score line it. Triangular portion M
will then be superposed on triangular portion i2
?ange portions 25' and 25. Slit it is continued
by score line H which provides a hinge for ?ange' as shown in Figure 3.
Tab is is then folded at right angles to ?ange
portions 25 and 26. y
The portion M is scored along line S to form t .25 along score line H as shown in Figure 3.
a small hinged tab l5. '- FlangeyZE is scored along . Tab i5 is then folded over into engagement with
the adhesive surface on tab at and pressed
line H to‘ form a hinged tab [9.
Flanges 25 and-26, and tab it are coated with against same so as to retain it in place as shown
a pressure sensitive composition 5. I prefer to in Figure 4, thereby forming the completely set
35 use a hotv melt pressure sensitive composition.
This composition consists essentially of a co
hesive agent, an adhesive agent, a plasticizer and
a modi?er.
The following, composition is suit
able for use on display units made of cardboard.
by weight
' 15
Vistanex (isobutylene polymer) ________ __ 15'
The easel thus constructed consists of two,
hinged ?ange portions 25 and '26 which are re
tained at an angle to each other by means of
tabs l5 and i9. Any other means may, of course,
be utilized for. maintaining the ?anges in suit
up easel support.
Amorphous wax (M. P. 155° F.) ________ __ l8
Methyl abietate ___________ __'_‘__' ________ __ 25
Ester gumGlycerine _ '
Hydrcquinoneng. ______ _._-_____... _______ __
ll. 5
The composition is‘ preferably heated
180-200" F. and is applied to the base sheet by
able relation by other fastening means such as
staples, pins and the like. When the easel is set
up the triangular portions l2 and it serve as re- . -
- iniorcing or strutniembers for the correspond
ing ?anges t5 and id. Flange 26 is doubly re
iniorced by the two overlapping triangular por
tions it and id.
as shown in Fls 4 and 5, the easel support
is attached to any slnt'able supporting surface 42
by pressing the ?ange 36 thereagainst. The 50
pressure sensitive adhesive composition used is of
' ’ means of a roll or doctor blade heated to about
such a character that the easel support'can be
ISO-200° F; so as to spread a thin layer of the
composition of suitable thickness on the base
readily pressed against any type of supporting
surface such as wood, glasssmetal, painted, var
nished, or enameled surfaces wLQout fouling or
55 sheet; The baseesheet is preferably supported
vmarring same. The easel can be readily removed
by simply peeling it off the surface to which it
is a?lxed and it can be reapplied to the same or
any other surface by simply pressing it with the
?ngers. Flange 25 being coated with pressure
sensitive adhesive 5 is adapted to retain a print
red card such as _40 for display purposes. This
card is ‘a?ixed to the ?ange by simply pressing
members, means for retaining said ?anges at an
angle to each other, strut members hingedly ‘con;
nected to each of said ?anges for reinforcing said
?ange members, said ?anges being coated with
pressure sensitive adhesive composition, one of
said ?anges being adapted to be removably a?hied '
by pressure to a supporting surface and the other
of said ,?anges being Iadapted to removably re
it against the ?ange. 25, and can be readily re- ' tain an object for display purposes.
2. A blank for forming an easel support com 1o
moved by peeling it o'?‘. Any other suitable ob
jects, such as cartons, jewelry,>etc., can thus be prising two substantially triangular portions sep
mated by a slit and hinged together on a score
a?ixed for ‘display purposes.
The blank for forming the easel may be made line forming an extension of said slit, a score
of any suitable sheet material such as cardboard, line extending transversely of said slit adjacent
metal, veneer, sti?ened cloth, sheets made the base of said triangles to form ?ange portions
of synthetic materials such as celluloid, resins hingedly connected to each of said triangular
and the like. Although a speci?c contour of the portions, the ?ange portion hinged to one tri
blank has been described, it is obvious that it is angular portion having a‘ hinged tab portion at
one end thereof and coated with a pressure sensi
merely given as an exempli?cation oi’ the inven
tive adhesive composition, the apex of the other 20
may be given to the blank or the easel support triangular portion having a hinged tab portion,
said ?anges being coated with pressure sensitive
embodying the principles of the construction dis
closed. It is intended to include in the appended adhesive composition, one of said ?anges being
claims the many variations and changes ‘which
may be made of the speci?c embodiment of the
invention herein disclosed.
I claim:
1. An easel support for retaining articles for
display purposes comprising two hinged ?ange
adapted to be removably a?lxed by pressure to a -
supporting surface and the other of said ?anges 25
being adaptedto removably retain an object for
display purposes.
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