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April 26, 193-8.
2,1 15,538
' Filed Aug. 20, 1936
B {1M APPl-‘L 840M
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Max Radin and Abraham Appelbaum,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application August 20, 1936, Serial N0. 96,960
4 Claims. (Cl. 206-44)
merit of coins therealong. This is accomplished
by extending the side walls 8 as at l5, said walls
also serving to obscure the chute from casual
view and lending an attractively mystic aspect to
the device.
The rear wall ‘I is provided with a shallow tray
l6 into which coins may be dropped to ?nd their
way into the chute l4 and similarly, the front
wall 6 may be provided with a shallow coin tray
ll for collecting the coins which pass through 10
said chute. The coins may either be dropped
manually into the tray IE or be dropped from a
change-making machine thereinto.
To each of the walls 8 may be ?xed an auxiliary
box or receptacle l8 which may also be ?lled with
This invention relates to a combined goods or
article tray and coin chute.
As an aid to selling certain articles and in or
der to attractively display them, the invention
5 contemplates the provision of a preferably in
clined tray or box, having auxiliary article hold
ing portions if desired, and combining said tray
or box with a coin chute preferably positioned
thereunder. said chute starting at a tray at the
H 0 rear of the device and terminating at a coin
receiving tray at the front thereof. A device
of this type is particularly adapted for use
at the cashier’s desk of, for instance, a restaurant
where the customer, receiving change through
‘ the chute, is attracted to articles which may
be placed in the main tray and to toothpicks
articles‘ or goods as hereinbefore stated.
or the like in the auxiliary portions above men
The wall ‘I may be upwardly extended, but pref
erably a separate, or several separate panels 19
serving as display placards may be removably
attached to the wall ‘I as at 20. The panel 20,
tioned. In addition, the device may be provided
with display advertising means such as a placard.
In this manner, there is provided a combination
‘ device suitable for many uses, being particularly
adapted for use in retail shops, etc.
The invention, therefore, has for its primary
object the provision of a combined device as
herein contemplated, which is simple, inexpen
sive, and attractive.
Another important object is to provide a com
pact device occupying little space and yet af
fording easily accessible means for passing change
30 from the seller to the buyer.
With the above and other objects, features and
advantages in mind, the invention resides in the
novel arrangement and combination as illustrated
in the accompanying drawing which is described
in detail in the following speci?cation. Both the
drawing and speci?cation are intended to disclose
the present contemplated form of the invention
which may be varied within the skill of the de
signer of the device.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view, partly broken, of
a device constructed in accordance with the in
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view as taken along
the line 2--2 of Figure 1.
The device, which is preferably made of sheet
metal but may be otherwise formed, as for in
stance, of stiff paper, comprises a tray or open
box 5 formed with a front wall 6, a rear wall 1,
side walls 8, and a bottom 9. The walls 6 and l
are preferably extended as at Ill and l l and these
extensions are each provided with a crescent
shaped opening respectively I! and IS. The lat
ter is preferably, larger than the former and a
chute connection I4 is provided between these
it may be noted, is set so as to substantially ob
scure the tray l6 when the device is viewed from
the front, further enhancing the mysterious aspect
previously mentioned.
It can be seen from the foregoing that a de- ,
sirable device has been provided for the purposes
intended. It is also apparent that the disclosed
structure may be varied in size, proportion, and
arrangement without departing from the scope
of the invention as claimed.
We claim:
1. A device of the character described compris
ing an article holding tray having a bottom wall,
and a front and back wall, said latter walls being
each formed with an opening, and a coin chute ;
disposed beneath said bottom wall and extending
between said openings.
2. A device of the character described compris
ing an article holding tray having a bottom wall
and a front and back wall, said latter walls be l I.)
ing each formed with an opening, a coin chute
disposed beneath said bottom wall and extending
between said openings, and a coin tray at each
end of said chute and beyond said openings.
3. In combination, a display tray having a bot
tom wall and a rear wall, a display placard car
ried by said rear wall, a coin chute contiguous with
said bottom wall, means for receiving coins for
passage through the chute, and means for col
lecting said coins after said passage, said placard 50
being positioned to obscure said coin receiving
means from casual observance.
4. A device of the character described compris
ing an article holding tray having front and back
walls, said walls each having an opening therein
and a coin chute disposed beneath said tray and
extending between and communicating the said
openings, said chute or passage becoming de
creasingly smaller as it approaches the opening l2.
Both the tray 5 and the chute I4 are disposed openings.
at an incline, the former, for increased display
60 purposes, and the latter, for facilitating the move-W,
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