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April 26, 1938. I
Filed May 12, 1957
J0 32 17
Patented Apr. 26, 1938 i
' 2,115,540
sarnrr Maren PAiUliMGlE
Romano, Weathcrlly, Pa. '
Application li/liayll2, littt, Serial No. lidhllilli
ii Ciaims. ((911. tilt-aw)
My invention relates to a new and useful safety match sheets it of paper or ?brous material
match package and one of the objects of the pres~ fashioned to provide a connecting strip it and
ent invention is to provide a unique device of this integral splints ill which have heads it that can
character simulating the well known book type , be ignited by drawing them across the abrasive
5 of match package but having the match sheets
A staple it passes through both covers of the
pivoted between the frontand back covers of the
case or book.
case or book at one corner of the front cover to
In accordance with one feature of my invention,
one end of the covers of the case or book projects
10 beyond the adjacent end of the other cover to pro
vide a surface for reception of an abrasive which
will be concealed and cannot be contacted while
the match sheets are exposed, thus reducing to- a
minimum the chances of a'person being burned
15 due to igniting the remaining matches when pur
posely striking one of them.
In accordance with another'feature of my in
vention one or more sheets of matches are piv
oted at one end by one leg of a. staple which fas
tens the covers of the case together while the other
leg of staple functions as a stop to limit the in
ward or closing movement of the match sheet or
sheets and to provide the latter with a tab or tabs
for withdrawing the match sheet or sheets.
With the above and other objects in view this
invention consists of the details of construction
and combination of elements hereinafter set forth
and then designated by the claims.
In order that those skilled in the art to which
this invention appertains may'understand how to
make and use the same, I will describe its con—
struction in detail, referring by numerals to the
accompanying drawing forming a part hereof, in
hold said covers in position and one of the legs
of said staple passes through one corner of each
match sheet or one .end of the connecting'strip 10
to pivotally mount the match sheet or sheets rela
tive to the covers or in the case. The other leg
of the staple is engaged bye. side edge of each
match sheet to limit the inward or retracting
movements thereof and prevent withdrawal of a in
match sheet through a side of the case or book.
In order’ to facilitate withdrawal of a match
sheet from the case or book each match sheet is
provided with a tab 20 projecting from the end
of the connecting strip opposite the pivot and 20'
Sltlch tab is a continuation of said connecting
s rip.
The end of the case or book opposite the fold
is open for the extraction and retraction of the
match sheets and since the abrasive is adjacent 25
this open end whenever a match sheet is with
drawn from the case or book this abrasive will
be concealed by the protruding match sheet.
After the match sheet is withdrawn from the case
a match may be torn off but the remainder of the 30
match sheet must be replaced in order to uncover
the abrasive before the match can be ignited by
the use of the abrasive, therefore the lighting
of said match cannot cause the others on the
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of ‘the safety match match sheet or sheets to be ignited. This is a 35
safety feature not found in ordinary book matches
package constructed in accordance with my in
where it is possible to ignite one match while
vention and shown in a closed position or condi 'others
are uncovered, often resulting in injury to
or damage to property.
Fig. 2 is a face view of thesame with a num
of course I do not wish to be limited to the 40
40 ger of match sheets shown 'in an outer posi
exact details of construction herein shown and '
Fig. 3 is an edge view of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is a similar view of Fig. ,2.
Fig. 5 is a section on the line 5—-5 of Fig. 2.
In carrying out my invention as herein embod-I
led, It] represents the case or book which is formed
from an elongated sheet of stiff paper, cardboard
or the like. folded upon itself to provide a back
cover II and a front cover H, the latter being
50 shorter than the former to leave an extension I 3
projecting beyond the adjacent end of the front
cover. This extension l3 has an abrasive M
on its front face which is the surface facing the
front cover.
described as these may be varied within the scope
of the appended claims without departing from
the spirit of my invention.
Having thus described my invention what I’ 45
claim as new and useful is:-- ,
1. A safety'match package including a case
consisting of a sheet of material folded upon ‘
itself to provide front and back covers with the
end of the front cover opposite the fold termi- 50
nating short of the adjacent end of the back
cover leaving a normally exposed extensionya
match sheet pivoted within the-case and adapted
to be withdrawn from the case between the ends
Between the covers are positioned one or more - of the covers, and an abrasive on the front face
of the exposed extensionof said back cover and
concealed by the match sheet when the latter is
2. A safety match package comprising a case
consisting of front and back covers spaced apart
and providing an open end to the case, an ex
tension projecting from the back cover beyond
the open end, an abrasive on the front face of
said extension, and match sheets pivoted at one
10 corner within the case and withdrawable through
the open end and adapted to conceal the abrasive
when any of said match sheets are withdrawn.
3. A safety match package comprising a case
consisting of a back and a front cover folded from
16 a sheet of paper, a staple passing through said
covers to hold them together, match sheets piv
oted on one of the legs of said staple whereby
said metal sheets may be swung into and out of
the unfolded end of the case, the other‘ leg of
said staple acting as a stop for the match sheets
as they engage said last named leg during re
traction thereof, a tab on the side of each match
sheet opposite the pivot point, a longitudinal ex
tension on the unfolded end of the back cover,
and an abrasive on the front face of said ex
tension which is exposed for use while the match
sheets are within the case and concealed by any
one of said match sheets when withdrawn from
the case.
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