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@5126, 1938.
Filed Sept. 18, 1934
3~26c@m, f.MaS .mEu.mi* Han.Ire.Qm?
. n
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
2,115,554 ‘
f I 2.115.554
Harrison, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor
to American Engineering Company, Philadel
‘ ‘
phia, Pia, a corporation of Pennsylvania
\ 'i ‘ ‘Application September 18, 1934, Serial No. 744,513
"4 Claims. .(Cl. 110-108)
This invention relates to ‘retort structures, and’
more particularly ‘to retort structures for under
Retort structures of the character set forth
C21 ‘usually comprise -a- pair of substantially hori
zontal cylinders in which operate the main fuel
feeding-ram and the'idistributing pusher, respec
tively, ‘a fuel supporting surface, and a hopper
from which fuel is‘ supplied to the fuel supporting
" surface. During operation of a ‘furnace it ‘often
happens that either the ram cylinder or the fuel
Fig. ‘4 is a longitudinal sectional view taken
substantially on line 4—4 of Fig. 3.
Fig. '5 is an enlarged fragmentary View of a
portion of the structure shown in Fig. 4.
Fig. 6 is a plan View of the hopper portion of 5
the retort structure, with certain parts broken
away to show the structure thereof, and also of
the wear plates mounted in the hopper.
‘Referring to the drawing, the numeral I desig
nates generally the retort structure comprising 10
the present invention which consists of a main
supporting portion of the hopper becomes dam-‘ body portion 2, and a main ram cylinder 3. The
aged due to the‘ abrasive‘action of the fuel or to
“the erosive action thereon‘ caused by the chemi-'
“cal elements'of the fuel, and as a result‘ in the
older constructions'the entire structure must be
body ‘portion 2 comprises an inclined substan
tially flat fuel supporting surface ll, which is
adapted to be secured to the side plates of a
stoker retort, a hopper 5 for receiving the fuel
renewed.’ The present invention, however, con
to'be fed to the retort, and a forwardly project
ing, substantially horizontal cylinder ii for re
ram cylinder; and also‘renewable wear plates in ' ceiving a fuel feeding and distributing pusher
templates a structure which provides a renewable
20 I
the bottom of the hopper so that in the event any
(not shown).
of these partsshould ‘become damaged’itiis only
:Hopper 5 terminates at the bottom thereof in
a ‘substantially U-shaped portion 1, having pro
necessary to renew the damaged part. "
Another object is to provide a generally im
proved retort structure which may be used inter
changeably with’ those in existing stokers.1
Another object of the invention is to provide
wear plates in the bottom of the hopper, which
may berenewed through the inlet opening of the
30 ‘hopper
while the'stokern is in operation.
A further object is ‘to provide an improved re
tort structure having a renewable ramcylinder
which is soconstructed as to provide a greater
bearingv surface for the ram without increasing
35 the overall length of the structure, and without
materially decreasing the amount of fuel fed at
each stroke of the ram;<.~‘ .1 f
A still further object is to provide an extension
on a ram cylinder of the stated character which
increases the bearing surface for the ram and.
which is so arranged as to be substantially free
from the corrosive and erosive action of the fuel.
Other and further objects will become apparent
as the description of the invention progresses.
Of the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a perspective View of the retort struc
ture comprising the present invention.
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the ram. cylin
50 der associated with the retort structure showing
the extension provided thereon.
Fig. 3 is a sectional elevational view taken sub
vided therein a similarly shaped recess 8 in which
is seated a series of renewable wear plates 9, Ill,
H and I2 respectively, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4.
The wear portion of the hopper 5‘ terminates in
a substantially rectangular discharge’ opening
I3, whereas the opening at the front end thereof
is substantially cylindrical to- conform with the
bore of cylinder 3. The front end of body por
tion 2 is provided with a ?ange M against which
abuts a companion ?ange [5 provided on the left
hand end of cylinder 3, and a series of stud ‘bolts
l6 extending through these vflanges rigidly se 35
cures cylinder 3 to body portion 2. The upper
and inner end of cylinder 3 is provided with a
semi-cylindrical extension l? which in assembly
extends into the hopper 5, as shown more clearly
in Fig. 4. This extension provides additional 40
bearing surface for the ram, and being mounted
at the upper end of the cylinder, is not subjected
to the abrasive or chemical action. of the fuel.
By this construction a greater bearing surface is
provided for the ram without increasing the over
all length of the retort structure. An improved
retort structure has therefore been provided
which may be readily interchanged with those in
stokers previously constructed. Cylinder 3 has 50
also provided in the lower side thereof a longi
tudinal slot l8 through which a portion of the
stantially on line 3~~3 of Fig. 4, through the
operating mechanism for the ram and pusher ex
hopper portion of the retort structure looking
tends. Reinforcing ribs |9 extending longitudi
nally of cylinder 3 between ?ange l5 and an 55
55 in the direction of the fuel bed.
outer flange 20 provide the necessary strength to
said cylinder.
The side walls 2'1’ and 28 of hopper 5 incline
downwardly, while the side walls 23 and 24 of dis
charge opening 13 are substantially vertical, as
shown more particularly in Fig. 3 of the drawing.
The lower portion of the rear wall of the hopper,
disposed on either side of discharge opening I3,
is substantially vertical and forms with the side
10 walls 21 and 28 of the hopper and the side walls
23 and 24 of the discharge opening a pair of
triangular portions 2| and 22. Wear plate 9 is
made up in one piece and consists of an-inclined,
forwardly extending portion 21', a triangular
portion 2!’, and a substantially vertical, rear
wardly extending portion 23’, which in assembly
lie in abutting relation with wall 21, triangular
portion 2|, and wall 23, respectively, as shown
in Figs. 3, 4 and 6. Wear plate I2 is similarly
20 constructed and comprises an inclined, forwardly
extending portion 28’, a triangular portion 22’,
and a rearwardly extending, substantially verti
cal portion 24’, which in assembly lie in abutting
relation with wall 28, triangular portion 22, and
25 wall 24, respectively. Wear plates 9 and I2 are
secured at one end of each to walls 23v and 24,
respectively, of discharge opening l3, by bolts
25, and at their other ends to walls 21 and 28,
respectively, of hopper 5, by bolts 26. Wear
at an angle to each other, and a substantially
triangular portion connecting the adjacent ends
of said ?at portions.
2. A retort structure for stoker furnaces, com
prising an inclined fuel supporting portion, a
cylinder integral with said fuel supporting por
tion communicating with the interior thereof.
and a hopper integral with and disposed for 10
wardly of the upper end of said fuel supporting
portion, said hopper having front, rear, and side
walls, said side walls inclining downwardly and
inwardly and terminating in a substantially arou
ate bottom wall, said bottom wall and a portion 15
of said side walls having a recess therein adapted
to receive Wear plates, said rear wall having a
discharge opening therein communicating with
said fuel supporting portion, and a substantially
vertical, triangular portion disposed at either
side of said discharge opening.
3. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a retort structure, and a ram cylin
der detachably secured thereto, said retort struc
ture comprising an inclined fuel supporting por
tion, a cylinder integral with said fuel support
ing portion and communicating with the interior
thereof, and a hopper integral with and dis
posed forwardly of the upper end of said fuel
plates l0 and H are secured to the bottom of
supporting portion, said hopper having front, 30
the hopper by bolts 29. Plates 9, 10, II and I2
rear and side walls, said side walls inclining
downwardly and inwardly and terminating in a
substantially arcuate bottom wall, said bottom
wall and a portion of said side walls having a
recess provided therein to receive wear plates, 35
and said rear wall having a discharge opening
therein communicating with said fuel supporting
may be formed of cast iron and chilled so as to
present a hard outer surface adapted to with
stand the corrosive as well as erosive action of
35 the fuel. These plates may also be constructed
of steel or any suitable alloy if it is so desired.
In order to renew plate 9, II], II or I2, it is only
necessary to remove the fastening bolts and ex
tract the plates through the inlet opening of the
40 hopper. New plates may then be set in place
and then bolted in position. Such renewals ob
viously may be readily made even while the stoker
is in operation.
As shown more particularly in Fig. 5, the wear
45 plates are at all times out of contact with the
ram, and therefore do not in any manner consti
tute a support therefor. The ram is supported
entirely by the ram cylinder 3.
While the embodiment herein shown and de
50 scribed is admirably adapted to ful?ll the ob
jects primarily stated, it is to be understood that
the invention may be embodied in other forms,
all coming within the scope of claims which
plate consisting of a pair of substantially ?at
portions arranged in offset spaced relation and
What is claimed is:
l. A new and useful article of manufacture
comprising a wear plate for hoppers, said wear
portion, and a substantially vertical triangular
portion disposed at either side of said discharge
4. A ram cylinder adapted for attachment to
the front end of a retort structure, having a,
longitudinal slot provided at the lower side there
of, a transversely disposed ?ange provided at
one end of said cylinder having bolt receiving 45
recess therein, a second transversely disposed
?ange provided at the other end of said cylinder,
reinforcing ribs extending between said ?anges,
and a substantially semi‘circular projection in
tegral with the upper portion of said cylinder and 60
extending longitudinally from said ?rst men
tioned ?ange, the inner surface of said semi
circular projection forming an extension of the
inner surface of said cylinder, thereby providing
an extended bearing surface for the ram.
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