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April 26, 1938.
Filed July 18, 1936
Patented Apr. 26, 1938" x
Frank W. Oleldt, McKeesport. Pa... casino:- to
Homestead Valve Mannheim-in: Company,
Coraopolis, Pa. a corporation or Pennsyl
Application July 1a, 1936, Serial No. 91,406
' 2 Claims.
This invention relates generally to tank struc
tures for heating ?uids.
An important characteristic of my invention
is the provision of means for including in a
5 common, outer enclosure or tank a combustion
chamber, a compartment for storing a supply
oi’ the ?uid or ?uids to be heated, and a fuel
supply compartment.
itnother characteristic is the provision of a
to compact and conveniently portable ‘structure
width may be advantageously employed i'or
many purposes for which a heated liquid is re
ouired, as for instance in various ' cleansing
anti/or spraying operations.
hnother characteristic oi my invention is'ithe
provimon of such a tank assembly which is ari
ranzerl both ‘for preheating the liquid to he
heated by proximity to the combustion chamber,
and for the heat-insulation oi the supply oi’ incl
0 by the interposition oi’ the lluid to be heated
between the loci storage compartment and the
combustion chamber.
_.Another characteristic is the provision oi”
means for heat-insulating the upper- end of the
% incl compartment, preferably by extending the
compartment for the liquid to be heated over
the top oi the iuel compartment.
Other objects and novel‘ features of construc
tion, and also of arrangement of parts, will ap~
m pear irom the following description.
combustion chamber 5 forms the compartment 8,
for the storage or the supply of the ?uid to be
t represents a incl-compartment iormed by ‘
a vertical partition it, which forms the cord of 5
an arc oi’ the perimetral wall of the tank i, by
the arcuate portion of the said wall, the ?oor
i2 and the top closure ii. The partition it is
spaced i'rom' the perlmetrol wall of the combus
tion chamber t and one oi the braces ‘i may be m
interposed between the same.
it represents a liquid supply pipe extending up
through a sealed port in the ?oor 2 ‘and within
the ?uid compartment t to a point adjacent to
the top oi the latter, and it represents a valve is
on the upper end of said pipe controlled by the
?oat it which is operated by the level oil the
liquid‘ in level
of the ?uidt, inthus
said maintaii
as ‘indicated.
As illustrated, the top ll oi the fuel com
partment t is materially below the normal level
oi the liquid in compartment t.
Thus at all times a body oi this liquid is inter- .
posed between the combustion chamber and the m5
iuel comrtment, thus preventing signi?cant
heat-transference to the lucl which would cen
erate dangerously explosive cases in the fuel
Further insulation tor the iuel tank is pro- 30
in the accompanying-drawing, wherein I'have vided by the liquid overlying the top of the fuel
illustrated a practical embodiment of the prin-w compartment, thus preventing heat-transference
through the air above the body of ?uid in the
ciples of my invention:
lilo. i is a plan view of a heater tank assem
35 bly constructed in accordance with my present
Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the heater tank structure.
‘Referring to the drawing, i represents a tanlr
compartment a.
There is also a consert‘a?on oi.’ heat energy 35
by surrounding the combustion chamber with the
liquid to be heated.
_ (
it represents a throat connecting‘ with the in- _
terior of the iuei compartment tor ?lling the
40 preferably constructed in cylindrical term and same.
it represents the port connection through the
having the elevated ?oor l which forms the upper
and lower compartments 3 end i. The upper ' ?oor i for withdrawing'iuel from the compart
compt 3 of the tank i is-subdivided into
' three chambers, the combustion chamber 5, the
it ?uid chamber and the fuel chamber..
The combustion chamber 8 is preferably cylin
clrlcal in shape and positioned eccentrically 'ot
the tank i but in spaced relation with the per
imetral wall the latter. The bottom oi the com
" so bustion chamber 5 rests on the "?oor 2 and is se
cured thereto by a ?uid-tight, sealed joint, as
by welding, as, indicated at t. The combustion
chamber may be supported by braces 1 extending
inwardly from the perimetrai wall of the tank l.
The interior of the tank i surrounding the
ment 9 tor the burner. ll represents a similar
port in the bottom of the compartment 0 ‘for the
withdrawal oi’ the liquid to be heated.
it represents a bracket or other support de
pending irom the ?oor 2 within the compartment
t. Upon this support the fuel and liquid pumps
are mounted. The fuel burner, indicated at Ilia,
is supported by the ?oor I and is centered in an 50
annular opening I! at the bottom of the com
bustion chamber I. Any suitable type 0! burner
may be employed, such, for instance, as is illus
trated in my co-pending patent application Se
rial No.v 88,106, ?led June 30, 1986. Inasmuch 55
as ‘the structure of the fuel and liquid pumps,
the burner and the ‘coil or other heat-transfer
means within the combustion chamber, are not
and side wall of said tank, said partition spaced
per se a part of the subject matter of the present
application, the same are not shown. Suitable
structures for these purposes are shown and de
from the wall of the combustion chamber, and
a, compartment formed by the partition and top
of the fuel tank, the wall and the ?oor of the
enclosure tank and the wall‘ of the combustion
chamber for storing the liquid to be heated.
2. In a heater tank assembly, the combination
scribed in my pending patent applications as
follows, Serial No. 87,847, ?led June 29, 1936;
Serial No. 91,405 ?led July 18, 1936, and Serial
10 No. 88,106 ?led June 30, 1936.
20 represents a frame secured to the lower end
of the tank I upon which are mounted the trac
tion wheels 2|. 22 represents a handle or tongue
for conveniently moving the portable assembly
15 from place to place.
The lower portion 23 of the tongue 22 is e}:
tended downwardly to form a leg to support the
assembly when stationary.
I claim:-
the combustion chamber, a fuel compartment
formed by a partition and top with the ?oor
1. In a heater tank assembly, the combination
of an outer enclosure tank, a ?oor in said tank,
a combustion chamber mounted on the floor
within said tank, a fuel burner associated with
of an outer enclosure tank, a combustion cham 10
ber constructed within said tank, a fuel burner
associated with the combustion chamber, a fuel
compartment formed by a partition and top wall
with the wall of said tank, said fuel compartment
.being spaced from ‘the combustion chamber,
and a compartment formed ‘between the fuel‘
compartment and the combustion chamber for
storing the liquid to be heated, and braces pass
ing through the upper part of the liquid com
partment for supporting the upper endof the
combustion‘ chamber.
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