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April 26, 1938.
Filed Mafch 12, 1937
.504 j. Gar/5M
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
PATENT ornce
Sol D. Cohen, New York, N. Y., assignor to Paper
Novelty Manufacturing 00., New York, N. Y., a
corporation of New York
Application March 12, 1937, Serial No. 130,445
1 Claim.
(Cl. 240-40)
incandescent lamp employed for ornamentative
body and from there diffused in all directions due
to the curvature of the elements constituting
such re?ector body.
My novel Christmas tree ornament is provided
5 purposes as in the decoration of a Christmas
with an insulating disc or element by means of
The object of the invention is to provide a
decorative or ornamental structure including a
re?ector body and a light diffusing element or
10‘ structure superimposed upon and secured to the
re?ector body, by means of which light diffusing
structure the light emanating from the incan
descent lamp will be effectively diffused in all
which the incandescent lamp is secured to the
ornament and also with means for securing the
The invention relates to a Christmas tree orna
ment and more particularly to a re?ector struc~
‘ ture to beused in connection with a miniature
directions including that directly forwardly of
15‘ the ornament and by re?ection from portions of
the diffusing element to the re?ector body and
in turn from such re?ector body in all direc
tions in front of the ornament,
A further object of the invention is to provide
20 an ornamental structure which will utilize to the
greatest degree the light emanating from the
incandescent lamp and having such light strike
bright, highly polished surfaces of both the re
?ector body and the interior re?ective surface of
25‘ the superimposed diffusing element, so as to have
such light re?ected from such interior bright
surface to the surface of the re?ector body and
from the latter in all directions forwardly of the
ornament to the central stem of a Christmas tree
at theluppermos‘t extremity of such tree.
A particular embodiment of my invention is 10
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
which Fig. 1 is a face View of a Christmas tree
ornament constructed in accordance with my in
vention; Fig. 2 is a vertical section therethrough;
Fig. 3 is a rear view of the ornament; Fig. 4 is a 5
plan View of the blank in ?at condition from
which the spider structure is to be ‘formed; and
Fig. 5 is a side view of the spider structure.
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
in which similar reference characters identify
similar parts in the several views, l0 designates 20
one of the plurality of sections constituting the
re?ector body, which latter in the illustrated em
bodiment of my invention is constituted of a
?ve-pointed star.
The re?ector body is preferably formed from
a single sheet of material, die-cut in the usual
manner, and then placed into a forming mold
which cups the elements forming the star points,
In accordance with my invention, the re?ector
body is constituted of a blank of sheet metal
having a highly re?ective surface which may be
colored, such blank being in the form of a star,
the sections constituting the points of the star
36 being cupped so as to be arcuate in transverse
section. To such re?ector body, in accordance
with my invention, is secured a light diffusing
structure in the form of a spider having a plu
so that such elements are arcuate in transverse
section. The blank of material from which the
star-shaped re?ector body is formed may advan
tageously have applied thereto an exterior sur
face ?nish of any desired color. The re?ector
body has a central aperture II.
rality of legs equal to the number of star points,
40 which legs are secured to the re?ector body by
a “spider”. Such spider is preferably formed of
means of tabs extending from. such legs and
riveted to the re?ector body. The diffusing
structure is constituted of a spider framework
having an upper plane surface provided with a
45 plurality of apertures, each of the leg portions
of the framework being provided with a tongue
out therein and brought from the plane of such
leg portion by bending, into substantially the
plane of the upper surface of the diifusing ele
50 ment. Such tongues, by reason of the highly
reflective surface with which they are provided
on their under side, will act as mirrors from
which light emanating from incandescent lamps
supported upon the ornament will be reflected
to the highly polished surface of the re?ector
Superimposed upon the re?ector body, in the
manner hereinafter to be described, is a diffusing
structure which will be hereinafter referred to as
a blank of material having a highly re?ective 40
surface ?nish, which blank of material is also
formed in the shape of a ?ve-pointed star as
illustrated in Fig, 4. Such spider comprises a
center portion I2 and a plurality of leg portions
I3. In forming the spider, the portions I3 are 45
bent downwardly along dotted lines l4 and the
end portions !5 of the legs are turned upwardly
along the dotted lines l6 so as to form means
by which the spider structure is secured in posi
tion upon the reflector body, such upturned end 50
portions [5 being positioned approximately cen
trally of the star elements l0, near their bases,
by rivets l1.
Each leg portion l3 of the spider has out there
in a tongue [8, which tongue is adapted to be 55
bent out of the plane of such leg portion and
substantially into the plane of the upper surface
I 2 of the spider. Such upper surface, is also
provided with a plurality of concentrically ar
surface thereof, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3, an
light emanating therefrom are re?ected and dif
fused throughout the interior space of the orna
ment and are re?ected and diffused by the plu
rality of highly polished surfaces both of the re
?ector structure and of the spider superimposed
thereon. Such re?ected rays of light, being
greatly enhanced in effect by reason of the re
ranged apertures I9.
The re?ector body has applied to the rear
insulating disc l9 by means of rivets 20, 20, the
peated re?ection and diffusion, in conjunction
insulating disc having a central aperture 2|
into which extends a plurality of tongues 22 from
with the light emanating at the same time from
the apertures in the surface of the spider, pro 10
the insulating disc, which tongues are adapted
duce an extremely effective illumination of the
to retain the socket element of an incandescent
lamp in proper position upon the ornament as
indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 2.
The means for mounting my novel ornament
upon the central stem of a Christmas tree com
prises a wire 23 formed at its lower end with a
entire ornamental structure.
plurality of convolutions 24 increasing in diam
eter downwardly. The upper end of the wire 23
is bent in the manner clearly indicated in dotted
lines in Fig. 3 so as to have a loop 25 inter
mediate the ends of the wire 23 surround the
lowermost one of the rivets 20 and the loop 26
at the upper extremity of the wire, surround the
upper rivet 20. The upper portion of the wire
23 having the loops surrounding the rivets is
placed between the central portion of the re?ector
body and the insulating disc l9.
After my novel ornament has been assembled,
30 as hereinabove indicated, the plurality of tongues
I8 are bent out of the plane of the’ legs I3 so as
to extend from the central portion of the spider.
Such tongues, on the surfaces thereof facing the
re?ector body, are provided with a highly re?ec
tive mirror ?nish so that when the incandescent
light bulb, which is housed within the spider, is
illuminated, the light therefrom is re?ected di
rectly from the re?ector body to the interior mir
ror-like surfaces of the spider tongues l8 and
40 again reflected thereby against the re?ector body
A very striking effect of reflection and diffusion
of light from the incandescent light bulb by means
of the several elements constituting my ornament
is thus obtained. This striking effect is enhanced
by the diffusion of light from the incandescent
bulb through the plurality of apertures provided
in the upper surface of the spider structure,
Thus, when the light bulb in conjunction with
which my novel Christmas tree ornament is
adapted to be used, is illuminated, the rays of
While I have described a particular embodi
ment of my invention, it is to be understood that
various modi?cations therein, particularly in the 15
number, arrangement and con?guration of the
several parts thereof, may be made without de
parting from my invention.
I claim:
As an article of manufacture, an ornament 20
adapted for use, with an incandescent light bulb,
in the decoration of a Christmas tree, compris
ing a re?ector body to foil material of substan
tially star shape, the star point elements of which
are cupped so as to be arcuate in cross section,
said body having a highly re?ective colored sur
face, and an apertured spider structure super
posed upon said body and being formed of an in
dependent blank of similarly highly re?ective col
ored foil material having star point elements equal
in number to the number of star points in the
re?ector body, from the plane of which spider
structure the said star point elements have been
depressed to constitute a plurality of leg portions
for the spider structure, substantially straddling 35
the base portions of the cupped elements, with
the ends thereof bent into the plane of the cupped
elements of the body, and secured at such bent
portions to said body by rivets, said leg portions
of said spider structure each having a tongue
out therein, said tongue being bent from the sur
face of the leg portion into a plane substantially
coinciding with the upper surface of the spider
structure, said tongues also having highly re?ecm
tive surfaces facing the re?ector body, whereby
said tongues are effective to diffuse the rays of
light emanating from said incandescent light bulb
by re?ecting such light rays to the re?ector body
from which they are again re?ected in all direc
tions from the cupped surfaces of such body.
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