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May 3, 1938.
Filed May 13, 1957
By »ww 5m
Patented May 3, 1938
2,115,830 A
Richard Thiele, Valley Mills, Tex.
Application May 1s; 1931, semi No. 142,519
lOlaim. `(Cl. 155-51)
My invention relates to improvements in seat also preferablyrectangular, and provided with
posts for use in cushioning and supporting the bolt slots Il by means of which said section is
’seat of a tractor, harvester, or the like, and the secured as by bolts I5 to the Aunder -side of the
spring 2. 'I‘he purpose of having the flange I3
primary object thereof is to provide a simply con
5 structed, inexpensive and eillcient device of this slotted is to permit sliding compensating move- 5
ment of the seat I on the section 5 and thereby
character for use beneath the usual spring sup
ported seat of tractors or the like, for cushioning prevent> binding of the section 5 in the section 6
downward movement of the latter, checking re
bound, and supporting the seat in the event of
10 breakage of the usual seat supporting spring.' _
To the accomplishment of the above, and sub
ordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred
embodiment of my invention hasbeen illustrated
in the accompanying drawing, set forth in detail
‘in the following description, and defined in the
claim appended hereto.
In said drawing:
Figure 1 is a fragmentary view of a tracto
having the usual spring supported seat and em
bodying my invention,
Figure 2 is a view in vertical section of my
member Il of any suitable resilient material, such
as rubber, and interposed between said cushion l5
member I0 and the section 5_'is a tension spring
The sections 5 and 6 are so designed that nor
mally, that is to say, when the seat I Is unoc
cupied, the upper section 5 is spaced above the zo
spring I'I, whereby under the weight of a person
Figure 3 is a view in top plan of the seat
post drawn to an enlarged scale.
tained by the usual spring 2. However, the spring
usual tractor seat I, as is well known, is mounted
above the chassis 3 of the tractor, rebound of the
spring 2 being checked, in this instance, by a
30 coil spring I suitably secured to said spring 2
and to the chassis 3. In the event of breakage of
the spring 2, the operator of the tractor is liable
to serious injury by being precipitated onto the
According to my invention, a seat post is pro
In the bottom of the lower section 6 is a cushion
occupying the seat I, the maximum load is sus
‘ upon a leaf spring, as at 2, in a floating position
spring 2.
improved seat post detached, and
Referring to the drawing by numerals, the
under arcuate movement of the seat I. The
closed end I2 of the section 5 is provided with an
aperture I5 for the accommodation of the usual` 10
bolt (not shown), securing the seat I to the
I1 is sufllciently reactive so that in the event
that the spring 2 breaks, the occupant of the seat 25
is yieidingly supported against shock or jar. 'I'he
ring II may be of resilient material whereby as
will be clear, rebound under the action of the
springs 2 and I'l will be checked, the space be- .
tween said ring Il and the cap 8 functioning as 30
an air cushion.
_ `
The invention together with the advantages
thereof, will, it ls believed, be clear from the fore
going description without further explanation.
Manifestly the invention, as described, is sus- -35
vided comprisingV upper ami lower telescopic tu- ' ceptible of modification without departing from
bular sections 5 and 6, respectively, the latter
having a closed base end 1 and a base flange 9.
preferably rectangular, provided with bolt holes
40 I0 by means of which the device is bolted to the
the inventive concept, and right is herein re
served to such modifications as fall fairly within
the scope of the claim appended hereto.
' What I claim is:
In a tractor, the combination with a seat, and
a leaf spring supporting the seat in floating posi-upper end of the lower section 8 is an annular tion, of a support beneath said seat comprising
guide cap 8 through .which the upper section 5 upper and lower telescopic sections, the former
45 is ñtted to slide therethrough. The upper sec-‘ slidably secured to said seat to permit longitudi- 45
tion 5 is sufficiently smaller, in diameter, than , nal movement of the leaf spring relative to said
., the lower section 6 to provide a slight clearance support and the lower fixed to the' body of the
between said sections and thereby reduce friction tractor against lateral movement, and resilient
chassis 3, as at II, in upstanding position im
mediately below the seat I. Threaded onto the
therebetween. At its lower end the upper section
50 5 has threaded, or otherwise secured thereon, a
ring II spacing said end from the section 6 and
adapted to coact with the cap 8 to limit »outward
movement of the inner section on the rebound
thereof. The upper section 5 is provided with an
55 upper closed'end I2 and an upper end flange I3,
means in the lower section interposed between
the bottom thereof and the upper section, and 50
comprising a lower pad of resilient material, and
a compression spring seated on said pad, the up
per section being normally spaced above said
compression spring.
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