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May 3, 1938;
Filed Nov. 6, 1955
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Amman/bee,- I
May 3, 1938.
_ '
2,115,868 \
Filed Nov. .6, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented May 3, 1938
UNITED isrri'nriss
;~fegr-sN-;r orgies
‘ Earl C; McIntosh; St. Louisy‘Mo.
Application" November 6, '1935;>Serial"N0.' 48,499
(01. 189-—2'1.1)
‘ 2 Claims.
This invention relates generally tov a device erally stated, a series of metal sections " which
for terracing' graves, and particularly *1to* a “may conveniently be formed of sheet'metal and
vknocked-down'irame ‘or curbingwhich mayfbe ‘iOf L-section may be formed'in relatively short
assembled-together in order‘to simulate a‘stone lengths and enameled sofas to simulate pieces of
5 curb.
The object of the invention, ‘generally'stated,
is to‘ provide a device constructed “and arranged
to be assembled together so'as'to' form a terrace
of the size 'correspondingvwith any particular
10 grave.
: A‘ further ‘object of the invention‘is- to provide
a grave terracing' device of the character men
'tioned wherein the respective sections are formed
scans to simulate cut'v stone.
"A more speci?c object of the invention is 'to
‘Such enameled section may be of any desired
provide agrave' terracing devicerof the character
device will not be visible so as to give thereffect
of adjacent ‘or abutting sections of stone.‘ More
overgthe respective sections may be'treated as
by 'enameling- with: a slightly different color for ‘U230
Other objects- will become apparent‘ toi those
skilled in the art when the following description
- Figure 1 is a perspective viewof the grave ter
a short distance near the ends thereof or may
be ‘interposed with‘ a separate narrow piece of
slightly contrasting color so as to simulate
mortar ‘between the adjacent sections. It will. be
understood, of course, that thesections may be r25
race-in connection with which a device 'of the
made‘in plain colors so that the stone-like sec
present invention is employed.
tions are in abutting endwise relation. Suitable
means may be provided for anchoring the ‘ter
racing device vformed of'the sections referred
to to the earth and this may be accomplished <30
~ Figure 2 is a~perspective view ofv-one ofthe
side or end sections -of ‘the device shown in Fig
ure 1.
Figure 3 is a similar view of a cornertpost.
Figure 4 is a'fragmentary View illustrati-ng'the
by interposinganend post, which, in accordance
with ‘one embodiment, is made of the samev length
corner construction of the terracing ‘device.
as the side or end sections, and hence may be
Figure 5 is adetail view' illustrating one'form
-o»f~device'~for connectingthe respective sections
‘conveniently assembled and transported with
Figure 6 is asectional view taken along lin
6--5 :of Figure 5.
. Figure 7 is» a view in side elevationshowing
40 another embodiment of the present-invention.
Figure 8 is asectional 1view». takenalong-line
8—8~ of Figure .7.
.‘Figure 9 is a-perspective-wiewcorresponding
to Figure 1 but showing another embodiment'wof
45 the device.
Figure 10 is a perspective view showing the
longitudinal member employed in the embodi
ment of Figure 9.
Figure 11 is a perspective View showing the
50 end and corner member of the embodiment of
Figure 9.
vice. or curbing of relatively short sections of
‘uniform length, it is apparent that great ?exi- ‘L110
bility in'size is obtainable," while atthe‘same time
the ‘beauty of the device is accentuated.
referred to wherein various'stone-like sections for
short uniform length may be connected together
to form a terrace of the desiredsize simulating
drawings, 'in which:
desired number to form a terracingdevice of any
required size. By thus forming the terrac-ing de
color, such as to simulate marble, red granite,
White stone, etc., and may be connected together ~15
on ‘the interior thereof where the connecting
is read» in connection with vthe. accompanying
These enameled sections, being of s 5
shortlength; may be assembled together in‘ the
said sections.
v‘Referring now particularly to the drawings,
the‘ terracing device may comprise a series of
side or ‘end sectionsi which, .as shown in Figure
2, are‘ formed of L or angularsection and may
be'made of sheet metal.
These sections i may
be coated, particularly on the exterior thereof,
so as to} produce'enameled horizontal and ver
tical’surfaces. A plurality of sections I may be
vassembled together with corner posts 2, as shown
desired number
in Figureof3,sections
it being Iunderstood
is employed
form a frame of the required size. On the in
terior of the frame the earth may be piled, so as
to terrace. the grave as shown at 3.
As shown particularly in Figures 3 and 4, the
Figure 12 is a detail View showing the manner
of connecting the side and end members of the
corner post 2 is of the same maximum dimen
sions as the side or end sections I, while the por
embodiment shown in Figure 9.
In accordance with the present invention, gen
tion 4 thereof, which is connected to and alined
with the adjacent sections l is of the same width 55
as the sections I so that these parts may be con
veniently nested together for transportation and
Suitable means may be provided for connect
ing the respective sections together. One em
bodiment of such meansv is illustrated particular
ly in Figures 5 and 6. As shown in Figure 2, the
respective ends of section I may be provided
with back turned ?anges 5 in the formation of
which it will be understood that the exposed ends
of the sections I will become slightly rounded
tending longitudinally thereof, and at right an 10
gles to the respective main ?anges of the angle
so as to present an appearance simulating stone.
If desired, however, the ends may be left sharp
enforcing means whereby bulging of the relative
ly long members, shown in this embodiment, is
or angular, but in the embodiment illustrated it
15 is convenient to round the ends as the ?anges
5 are formed. As shown in the drawings, a sim
ilar ?ange 6 is formed upon the horizontal sur
face of section I, it being understood that the
?anges are formed on the interior of the section
20 so as to be concealed from view when the device
is in use.
As shown particularly in Figures 5 and 6, a
slide 1 may be provided and may be slipped over
?anges 5 of adjacent sections I so as to hold the
25 same together. A similar slide 8 is provided for
corresponding ?anges 6. In order to securely
anchor the slide 1 in position, a slot 9 may be
formed in the ?anges 5 of the respective sections
and arranged to cooperate with a tongue l0,
.30 formed upon slide 1. It will be understood that
the tongue Ill is upset so that the slide may be
moved freely over the flanges but when in posi
tion with slot 5 may be driven down into the slot
as shown in Figure 6, so as to securely hold the
35 slide in position.
Another embodiment of the connecting device
is illustrated in Figures PI and 8 where ?anges
similar to ?anges 5 may be formed upon the re
spective sections I. In accordance with this em
with a pair of reenforcing ?anges 25 and 26 ex
These flanges 25 and 26 constitute re
substantially prevented and additionally provide 15
anchors for preventing displacement of the de
vice both vertically and horizontally when ?lled
with earth.
From the foregoing description it is apparent
that the present invention accomplishes its ob 20
jects and that a grave terracing device is pro—
vided which is convenient to assemble and ?ex
ible so that it may be made of any desired size,
while the respective sections are so formed as to
simulate stone, and being of the same dimensions .25
may be conveniently handled. It will be under
stood, of course, that various modi?cations in
the details hereinbefore set forth may be made
without departing from the spirit of this inven
tion. It is to be distinctly understood, therefore,
that the foregoing disclosure is to be interpreted
as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense.
Such modi?cations and the use of such individual
features and sub-combinations of features, as do
not depart from the spirit of this invention, are,» 35
although not speci?cally described herein, con
templated by and within the scope of the ap
pended claims.
Having described the invention, what is
bodiment, the connecting device which may be
claimed is:
1. A device of the kind described comprising,
sheet metal side members of doubly ?anged an
gle section enameled to simulate stone, separate
sheet metal end members of doubly ?anged an
gle section enameled to simulate stone, one of
the ?anges on said members extending longitu
dinally along the lower edge thereof to stiffen
sections l and there be exposed on the exterior.
By enameling this exposed surface 13 so as to
slightly contrast with the color of sections l a
mortar joint may be simulated and hence the
appearance of the arrangement somewhat accen
Referring now particularly to Figures 9 to 12
50 inclusive, another embodiment is shown in which
embodiment, vformed of sheet metal, such as
sheet steel, which is suitably enameled to simu
late cut stone. The parts, as shown in Figures
9, 10 and 11 are, however, additionally provided
in the form of a slide l2 may have a portion l3
arranged to extend between the adjacent ends of
?anges 23 and 24 located respectively on the cor
ner members and the side members as shown.
The side and end members as shown in Figures
9, 10, 11 are, as was the case with the previous
the number of parts comprising the device is
substantially reduced. In the case of this em
bodiment the device is composed of only four
parts: namely, a pair of longitudinally extending
or side members 2!! and a pair of short side or
end members 2|. As shown in Figures 9 and 11
the end members include also corner members
21. As was the case with the previous embodi
60 ment, however, the corner members 21 extend
out for a substantial distance beyond the actual
vertex thereof, so as to provide ample space for
conveniently connecting the same to the adja
cent members as by means of nuts and bolts 22
65 which extend through and connect cooperating
the same and form a supporting foot and anchor
to be covered by earth, and means within the
angle for securing said end and side members 50
2. A device of the kind described comprising,
sheet metal side members of angle section pro
vided with a reenforcing ?ange extending length
wise thereof, separate sheet metal end members 55
of angle section provided with a reenforcing
?ange extending lengthwise thereof, said reen
forcing ?ange on said members extending longi
tudinally along the lower edge thereof to stiffen
the same and form a supporting foot and anchor 60
to be covered by earth, said end members be
ing bent to form‘ corners, means within the an
gle for securing said end and side members to
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