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May 3, 1938.
'v. LoNGARzO
FiledvJune 5, 1936
_ 2,116,316
`Patented May 3, 1938
Victor Longarzo, Lynbrook, N. Y., assigner of
`one-half to Samuel Hourmouzes, New York,
N. Y.
Application June 5, 1936, Serial No. 83,633
1 claim.' " (ci. 194-55)
pressed latch or detent which presses down 4on
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in co-in slots for coin-controlled ma
chines such as weighing machines, dispensing
`apparatus and the like.
An object of the invention is to provide a simple,
efficient, strong, apparatus whereby the slot,
when clogged up by the insertion of improper
material, can be cleaned out quickly and easily
without dismantling the apparatus.
A further object is to provide a device which
is composed of `few simple `and durableaparts
which are much less liable to get out of order
and impair the operative efficiency of the device.
the barrel at all times and will Vprevent the
movement forward of the barrel or plunger be
yond a predetermined distance unless the slot
‘is occupied by a coin or equivalent device. `This er
will prevent the operation of the device when
the slot is ñlled with paper, card board, chewing
gum, hairpins, burnt matches, wadding, tooth
picks, and other material which` people seem to
delight in placing in such slots. When the slot
‘ A `still further object is to provide a device
l5 in which the plunger cannot be pushed in the
full distance when improper material is clogged
in the slot thereby preventing the inner parts
of the machine from receiving the clogging
Further and more specific objects,` features,
and advantages will more clearly appear from a
consideration of the specification hereinafter
when taken in connection with the accompany
ing drawing which forms part of the specifica
tion and which illustrates a present preferred
, form which the invention may assume.
4The invention, I considered
in general
briefly comprises a plunger, preferably of the
solid barrel type, which is mounted on a suitable
30 support, which support maybe mounted on the
outside of a machine or may be so mounted that
only the plunger projects outside of the walls of
the machine. Preferably the barrel plunger has
a slot to receive a coin said slot being preferably
35 vertically disposed in the barrel and of just the
size to receive a predetermined coin. The plunger
will have three positions, one a normal position
in which the coin slot is outside of the wall of
the machine but disposed over a projecting wall
40 or flange so that the coin may be placed in the
. ‘slot but will not fall out of it; two a forward
projected position in which the plunger has been
moved forward by the hand of the user to ad
vance the slot and the coin to the interior of the
45 machine so that the coin may drop out of the
` slot into a suitable chute in the machine where
upon further action of the machine ensues due
to the dropping of the coin; third a retracted
position in which the plunger is pulled out fur
ther than normal `so that the slot is retracted
beyond the edge of the projecting flange so that
the entire slot is open to View and accessible so
that it can be readily cleaned out as desired
without taking the device apart.
The invention further comprises a spring
is occupied by the proper element such as a coin
or its equivalent then the latch is lifted far
enough to permit the full forward movement of
the plunger whereby the coin slot is placed over
the chute and the coin allowed to drop thereinto. 15
The invention is illustrated in the drawing,
of which
Fig. 1 isa plan view of the device with `the
Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof;
“ I I
Fig. 3 is a cross section` taken on the line 3--3
of Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 isa side elevation of the device with
the cover in section;
Fig, 5 is a vertical longitudinal section through u
the device showing the full forward position of
the parts when a coin is in the slot.
Fig. 6 is a partial vertical section showing the
plunger fully retracted;
Fig. '7 is a partial vertical section showing‘the 30
position of the parts when the latch prevents
full forwardïmovement of the plunger 01‘ barrel.
As shown in the drawing vthe device, in the
form preferred at present, comprises a barrel
like plunger I0 having a vertically‘disposed slot
II therein for the reception of a predetermined
size of coin. The front end of the plunger I0
is provided with an operating head l2 which may
vbe solid thereon or may be fastened by any suit
able means such as a screw I3. The plunger is 40
provided with lateral ñanges I4 and I5. The
rear of the plunger is fastened by means of
screws I6 by means of flanges I4 and I5 to
slide plate I'l. The rear face of the plunger
is also provided with a bore I8 to receive
spring I9 one end of which lies in the bore
and the other end of which bears against a fixed
plate 20. This plate 2|] is spaced from a front
plate 2l by means` of a number of spacing bolts
such as 22. On the outer face of the front plate 50
2| there is disposed a casting 23 which may be
integral with the front plate 2| or may be sepa
rate therefrom. This casting or plate 23 is a
journal or guide for the front end of the plunger.
A casing 24 may be disposed around the entire 55
device leaving only the plunger l0 exposed for
action by the user of the device.
the whole device may be placed on top of a ma
chine or may be disposed Within the walls thereof
with only the plunger and the coin slot exposed
if desired.
The slide plate |'l has a plurality of holes
through which the stay or spacer bolts 22 extend
so that 'the plate I1 can slide back and forth on
these bolts. Springs 25 may be disposed around
the spacer bolts between` the slide plate |'l and
the front plate 2| to resist the retractive move
ment of the plunger. The front plate or guide
member 23 is provided with an under flange or
lip 26 which normally lies under the coin slot
as shown in Fig. 4 to prevent the coin from drop
ping out of the slot.
'I'he top of the plunger is provided with a
tapered groove 2l with a front end wall just be
20 yond the slot | I and a rear end disposed normal
ly back of the front plate 2|. Within the cas
ing and preferably mounted on the back of the
front plate 2| is disposed a support plate 28 act
ing as a housing for a movable latch bar 29 the
25 lower portion 30 of which 'is like a foot and
adapted to rest in and be pressed into the groove
21 by a spring 3| which is fastened to the rear
of the plate 2|. This spring is of such strength
that it will be lifted by a coin or its equivalent in
30 the slot || but will not be lifted by any softer
material such as paper, gum, cardboard and the
like in the slot Il'. When the coin lifts the foot
30 the plunger ID can be moved to the position
shown in Fig. 5 in which the coin slot is then
35 inside the casing and the coin can drop into any
suitable chute. But if softer material is in the
coin slot then the foot will not be lifted and the
plunger can not be moved fully lforward as shown
in Fig. 7 so that the coin slot is not moved inside
40 the casing or front wall 2|.
In the operation of the device, the description
is general and when specific is made so only with
reference to the preferred form of the invention
which I have chosen to show in the drawing.
Many changes in the design may make the spe
ciiìc details different but the general operation
and action will be the same. When a coin is
placed in the slot l0 as the parts are disposed as
shown in Fig. 4, then the plunger is moved for
ward by the linger of the user and the top of the
coin will contact with the latch foot 30 to lift it
and permit the plunger to move all the way in
against the resistance of the spring I9 the slide
plate I1 sliding on the spacer bolts 22. When the
softer clogging material is placed in the slot ||
then the spring 3| is too strong for the material
and the foot 30 is not lifted and the latch will
prevent the forward movement of the plunger
beyond the point shown in Fig. 7. This will also
take place when no material at all is in the slot.
When the slot is clogged 'up with something
and it is desired to clean it out, all that is neces
sary is to pull out on the knob |2 against the ac
tion of the springs 25 so that the slot l | is drawn
to the position shown in Fig. 6 where it is disposed
retracted beyond the underneath protection of
the lip 26 and thus is brought into full view so
that it can be easily, quickly and thoroughly
cleaned, without dismantling the device and with
only the loss of a few seconds of time.
In most modern devices if the coin slot or
head becomes clogged up it is necessary to wait
hours and sometimes days before the repair man
will come to clean it out so that it may be used
again and this seriously impairs the operation of
the device and involves great loss of revenue in
the use of the machines.
While the invention hasl been described in de
tail and with respect to a preferred form which
the invention may assume, it is not to be limited
to such details and forms since many changes 25
and modifications may be made in the invention
without departing from the spirit and scope of
the invention in its broadest aspects. Hence it is
desiredv to cover any and all forms and modifica
tions of the invention which may come within 30
the language or scope of the appended claim.
What I claim, is:-A coin slot device which comprises front and
rear plates, spacer bolts separating said plates,
a slide plate sliding on the spacer bolts, springs ‘l
resisting the movement of the slide plate to
Ward the front plate, a plunger member mounted
on the slide and journalled in the front plate
and extending partly therebeyond, said plunger
having a coin slot therein normally disposed just
outside the front plate, a lip on the front plate 40
disposed just below the coin slot when in normal
position, a spring disposed between the plunger
and the rear plate to resist forward movement
of the plunger, said plunger having a groove
therein, a latch member mounted on the front
plate and having a foot bearing in the groove, a
spring pressing said latch into the groove and
strong enough to prevent the lifting of the latch
from the slot whenever non-metallic material is
disposed in the coin slot, said plunger adapted
to be retracted to move the coin slot beyond the
lip whereby it can be fully exposed to View and
cleaned out when clogged up.
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