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‘3, 1933 ‘ ‘
2,116,323 1
Karl, Papello, Jena. Germany, assigno‘r to ‘the
?rm of Carl‘ Zeiss, Jena, Germany
1 Application November 10,1937, Serial No. 173,876 1
In‘ Germany November 27,‘ 1936
1 4
Claims. ,
1 ‘ This application1 has been ?led in Germany,
(Cl. 74-1) ‘
‘24 of the bearing body“ 22 is ‘in mesh with a bevel
gear wheel 25 of the bearing‘body I4. ‘To the
The invention'c‘oncerns a camoid gearing hav
shaft 19 is screwed an arm 26 to which is fixed,
ing-a camoid which effects ‘two movements and ‘a, camoid 21. On the base plate l‘is rotatable}
‘15 so‘ controls a feeler movable in one‘ direction an‘ arm 28,1 which terminates in a spherical 5
as to displace this feeler according to a function feeler 29. To thearm 28‘ is fixed‘a bevel gear ‘
the two variables of which determine the form ‘wheel 30 in mesh with a bevel gear wheel 3|
of the camoid.
fast with a shaft ‘32‘ rotatably ‘mounted on the
The invention provides rotations of the camoid 1
“10 about two axes and thus avoids the gliding fric
tion inherent in the known ‘camoid gearings, ‘in
whichthe camoid is rotatable about one axis and 1
displaceable along this axis. ‘The said advantage
makes it possible for practically the ?rst time to
base plate I. .By means of‘ a spring 33, the feeler
29 is continuously kept in, contact with the‘ sure 10
‘face of ‘the camoid 21.
1 The‘ surface of the camoid 21, is‘so shaped that
thewmoveinents of the feeler 2H9 correspond to a
de?nite functionof the angle of rotation of the 15 connect in calculating-apparatus a great ‘number ‘shaft 2 and the angle of rotation of the shaft ll, “15 1
of camoid‘ gearings immediately behind each ‘ the rise of the. are “described by the‘feeler 29
‘ other, a‘ further improvement-being highly in-,
The above-describedarrangement avoids that 1‘
The two axes of rotation‘ of the camoid?ar
a ‘rotation of the ‘camoid?! about the axis X-X.
‘ '20 conveniently, ‘at right angles to each other.
‘1 w‘hich‘is due‘to‘ a rotation of the shaft 2, entails
“The accompanying drawing which illustrates a‘ rotation‘of this camoid 2‘! about the axis Y-,—Y.
the invention, shows in ,planrsectional‘ view a The run-back differential; gear 6, 7, 9 provided to
constructional exampleof a, camoid gearing in this effect can be dispensed‘with when‘ the run
ning-back is, taken‘ into.‘ consideration in the
1 which the two axes of rotation of the camoid in
creased economy of space.
‘ ‘ 25'tersect each other at right angles.
form of thecamoidl‘l.)
1 1‘
A shaft 2 is rotatably mounted on‘ a base plate
When the apparatus is‘in use, the two shafts
11! and supports‘ two loosely rotatable‘ bearing
bodies 3 and 4 fast with bevelgear wheels 5, 6
and 11, 8, respectively. 1The bevel gear, wheels 6
variables of the function ‘underlying the form of
the camoid 21,,in whichfcase the shaft 32 rotates
2 ‘and H are to be rotated according to the‘two
‘ 301 and Tare the two crown wheels of a differential 1‘ continuously according‘to the sought function.
gear whose planet wheel, 9‘ is loosely rotatable
, 1. Camoid‘ gearing, comprising avcamoid rotat
about a pinyin which ‘is so ?xed‘to the shaft
2 that ‘its axis intersects that of this ‘shaft 2 at able about two axes, a feeler displaceably dis:
posed, and means for guiding the feeler along a
‘ right angles. 1 The bevel gear wheel 5 is in mesh
‘ .35 with a bevel ‘gear wheel l2 fast with a shaft vl l, ‘ predetermined path, the feeler being in contact 35
and the bevellgear wheel .8 meshes with a bevel with the camoid.
2. Camoid gearing, comprising a camoid ro
gear wheel l3 of ‘a bearing body M so mounted
on the base plate I as to be loosely ‘rotatable tatable about two axes, afeeler displaceably dis
about an axisX--X intersecting at right angles ‘ posed, means for guiding the feeler along a. we
determined path‘ and means -‘for keeping the 40
bearing body i4 is loosely rotatable a shaft l5 feeler in contact with the camoid. '
3. Camoid gearing, comprising a camoid rotat
to which‘ is screwed a bevel‘ gear wheel IS in
mesh with 'a bevel gear wheel I‘! fast with the able about two axes‘ at right angles to eachother,
shaft 2. To the shaft l5‘is screwed a bracket I 8, a feeler displaceably 1 disposed, and means for .
11 45 in which a shaft 19 is mounted for rotation" guiding thefeeleralong a predetermined“ path, 45, ‘
about an axis Y-Y intersecting the axis X—X the feeler being in contact with the camoid.
, “
4.0 the axis of the shaft2.1 In anaxial bore in the
1 at right angles. ;The shaft“) is actuated as fol
1 ‘lows: A ‘spur‘jgear‘wheel 20‘ screwed to the shaft
‘ I9 is in mesh with a‘ spur “gear wheel 2| of a.
“ 5o bearing body 22 loosely rotatable about aspin
‘23 fast with‘ the bracket IS. A bevel sear wheel
U4. Camoid gearing, comprising a camoid‘ rotat- “
able about twoaxes, a feeler rotatable about an
axis, the feeler being in contact with the camoid. ‘
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