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May 3, 1938.
_ ‘
Filed July 21, 1936
5.1% 1141/”
BY Mala/wad‘
lift?) a .i
l _ ;
‘Julian L‘Péi-kihsl West ' sprig
Application July .211, 1936',"'S,eria,_; _
. 5'
This invention relates to improvements in
clothes wringer apparatus and is directed morei
particularly to improvements in drain boards for»
Fig... -:to:project;upwardlyifrom' the Wringer and
then_~.inwardly,so,,1;hat the'end portions are con
nected/‘to; the: lower-longitudinal portion.
gliI‘h'ewuppersendsl-of ithe endmembers l2 are,
turned inwardly and downwardly as shown at 5
The principal objects of .the invention ‘are 1di
, I-8-,'\'so|..that§the upperllongitudinal member I4 is
I ,. rected to the ‘provision of adrain board struc
ture'for a wringer wherein a‘ drain board is piv'-.. ‘ connected torthesuppenends of the end members , ’
l2. ,? §'I?h‘e.¢.frame imay-ibei'of wire or .rod for pur
poses-ofreconomy; n {manufacture and for light
deed. to a wringer so it may beqswu'ngaway ‘from:
x the rolls and it has a lower drip lboard with an
10 . upper apron or guide for guiding clothes into and.
between or away from the rolls‘ of the‘wringers
As a special feature'of the invention the‘ apron‘.
133:.‘ :“MH,
dripiboard Zilhas its ‘ends secured to the end
members ofithe frame and is disposed to incline
apron foriguidingethe;clothes into the rolls and
is ofsuch a nature as to permit water to flow ' downwardly as shown more clearly. in Fig. 1.
.therethrough and onto the drip board. when-"the?
v‘clothes are passed between the wringerrollsfor
.are‘bein‘g fed therefrom;
foriwreceivingrthem as‘ theyaare delivered by the
an»; - rollsis provided above theldrip ‘board.
' fly.“ I
‘Various other novel featuresand advantages‘:
of ‘the inventionvwill be hereinafter "more fully;
referred to in connection with the‘ accompanying,
description of the present preferred form thereof ‘.>
2 Oa
In the drawing:
l ‘
Fig. 1 is a transverse sectional elevational View“
through a wringer and showing the novel fea
tures oi‘ the invention associated therewith;
, Fig. 2, is a side elevational view of a wringer
25 showing the drain board construction of the in
“ vention associated therewith;
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary inverted plan view to
explain certain features of the invention; and
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view to
illustrate certain details of construction.
Referring now to the drawing more in detail,
‘ the invention will be fully described.
The novel features of the invention are adapt
ed for use in connection with Wringers of various
therethrough and fallonto the drip board below.
‘To this iendy-ai-plunality of wires or rods 24 ex
tend from therupperxl'ongitudinal'frame member
l4- outwardly, ,and downwardly and‘ have their
lowenenids securedito. a longitudinal member 26.
The ends of member 26 are secured to end mem
bers l2.
It may here be stated that the various ele
ments may be secured together by brazing, weld
ing or in any other suitable way, all to the end
that there is provided a strong, rigid structure
which is light in weight’.
The drain board issecured to the wringer
frame for swinging movements preferably at its
lower side so that the upper portion may be
swung away from the Wringer rolls.’ To this’ end,
The drip board is cut away as at 34 to expose
The end frames and longitudinalbar member,
or such other connecting means between the said
frames as may be desired,‘ will provide a strong,
rigid structure for the rolls. To this frame struc
ture, which will be hereinafter referred to as
the frame, the drain board structure of the in
hinge parts ll of longitudinal member Hi there
being a ‘member 39 at or near each end of the
longitudinal member I6.
The hinge parts ‘ll of the‘ member l6 are re
ceivable in the sockets of members 30 and the
parts function to‘permit the drain board to swing
vention is attached, preferably for swinging so its upper side may swing towards and away
movements thereto’.
A drain board of the invention indicated by ID
50 is disposed at either side of the wringer and be
ing alike, one only will lee-described in detail.
The drain board iii preferably consists of a
frame which has end portions l2, an upper lon
gitudinal portion l4 and a lower longitudinal por
55 tion It. The end portions l2 are formed as in
plates 3!! such as shown in Fig. '3 are secured by O
forms. A typical wringer is shown for purposes _ bolts 32 or the like to the longitudinal member
of description, ‘and has end frames 2 and rolls ‘4 5 which have their ends 3| turned upwardly and
and 6' journalled therein, and the said end frames then downwardly to provide longitudinal slots or
are tied together in some suitable manner ‘as by bearings having open sides disposed downwardly.
40 a longitudinal bar member 6.
ing toi->.one./rfeature;:>of this invention“ the said
apron isiofssucheaonature that water may pass
rom the rolls. The drain board is‘ mounted on
the frame‘ by moving it upwardly so the hinge
parts I‘! enter the sockets of members 30 at each
end of the longitudinal member 6.
To retain the drain'board or boards in oper
able position, ‘spring means is provided. This
preferably consists of one or more spring mem
bers such as shown in Fig. 3 and has’loops 40‘ ar
ranged to yieldingly bear on the lower side of
the drip board 20. Intermediate coiled portions
42 are carried by projections 44 of a plate or
plates such as 46 secured to the under side of the
apron thereabove provided with openings there
t?rough spaced substantially throughout its sur
longitudinal frame member 6.
bounded by spaced apron-forming members.
The spring device is so made that the loops 40
bear against the under side of the drip boards
and yieldingly hold them in position, yet the
drain board may be tilted outwardly against the
10 spring or springs. By movingv a loop 40 away
from the drip board, the longitudinal members
face, and connections between said drain board
and wringer frame, the said openings being
2. The combination with a wringer frame of,
a drain board having a lower drip board and an
apron thereabove provided with openings there
through spaced substantially throughout its
surface, and connections between said drain
board and wringer frame, the said connections
consisting of parts associated with the drain
i6 may be dropped from the sockets of the mem
bers 30 to facilitate the drain board being re-r_ 1 board pivoted in parts associated with the wring
moved from the wringer.
Aer frame whereby the said board may ‘be swung
It will be observed that the drain board is so relative to said frame.
constructed that water is conducted by the lower
3. The combination with a wringer frame of,
drip board away from the wringer and that. the
a drain board having a lower drip board and an
apron facilitates the guiding of the‘clothes to
or away from the rolls, while any water there
20 in falls through the apron and onto the lower
vupper apron thereabove provided with openings
drip board. Should the material being passed
into the wringer become jammed, the'drain board
may be tilted forwardly awaylfrom the rolls
to facilitate the ready and easy removal of the
To facilitate water being conveyed onto the
drip board, there is provideda drip board 50
below the lower roll which has end parts‘ 52 that
are pivoted as at 54 to the end frames. ' The piv
otal connections facilitate this drip board being
tilted in one way or the other.
As shown in
therethrough spaced substantially throughout
its surface, sockets on said frame, hinge parts on 20
said drain board removably and pivotably dis
posed in said sockets, and spring means acting
on ‘said drain board yieldingly holding the hinge
parts in said sockets whereby the drain board
may swing relative to said wringer.
~ 4. A unitary drain board comprising in com
bination, a frame including end and longitudinal
members, the end members being disposed in
different planes, a lower drip board secured to
said members, and spaced bars extending trans
versely above and over the drip board secured to
the longitudinal members forming a drain board
Fig. 1 the board. 50 is tiltedso as to direct water
‘onto the drip board at the left.
provided with openings substantially throughout
While I have describedthe invention in great its surface.
detail and with respect to a preferred form
5. A unitary drain board comprising in com 85
thereof, it is not desired to be limited thereto bination, a frame having spaced end members
since many changes and modifications may be ' extending forwardly, upwardly and rearwardly,
made therein without departing from the spirit longitudinal members extending between and
and scope of the invention.
‘ '
connected to the ?rst-named members, a drip
What it is desired to claim and-secure; by Let
board secured to said members, and an apronv
ters Patent of the United States is:
above and over the drip board formed by spaced
1. The combination with a wringer frame of, bars secured to the longitudinal members.
a drain board including a lower drip board and an
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