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May 3,' 193s.
Filed NOV. l, 1937
_j 2,116,412
u. we, nen-nit, men.. mimi» .
‘Prüm Trailer Company. Detroit. Mich., a
o! Michigan
A ` @non Neuster-Liest. swarm-.imode "
` which may be attached to a tractor for carryins '
trsiier combinations-¿exi f-"particula‘rly mates
the usual loads, and which is adapted _f'or‘con
to such coi'nbinatio`
here the semi-trailersare
readily, pivotaily and removably attached to a>
5 tractor for satis'fyiy „various operating condi
ent invention. a rear semi-trailer is’l )provided
This invention relates "tefftraetor and semi
. nection to an intermediate' semi-trailer which
may be interposed between the rear semi-trailer
and the tractor for carrying excessivel loads.
Objects of the"present.invention yare to provide
_ The structure of the present'invention'thusai'-<
a tractor andl‘sem'i-trailer combinationin which
an intermediate semi-trailer may be readily in
fords an assembly which mayffbeused' without
obtaining the'vabove mentioned permit .for the
usual loads, but which may be readily converted 10
into an assembly of greater length when 'carry
10 terposed between a tractor and rear semi-trailer
> so that excessive loads may bev carried; to provide
a tractorvand semi-trailer combination in which Í
the length of the assembly may be varied to suit
ing excessive loads.
Referring to the drawing, a usual automotive
tractor ill, having a rearwardly extending` frame
various operating conditions; to provide a rear
l5 semi-trailer of such a construction that it may,
i2 with ground wheels Il connected thereto ad'
be readily attached to either a tractor or to an „jacent the rear end in the usual way,'is provided. v
intermediate semi-trailer; to provide an inter.-f A. rear semi-trailer I6 has a substantially `hori»y
mediate semi-trailer of such a construction that zontal load carrying frame portion Il' VVwith
it may be readily attached to a tractor and to a ground wheels 2l connected thereto adjacent the
i rear semi~trailer for carrying excessive loads; to rear end in the iœual way. An upwardly and 2b
Yprovide an improved tractor and .semi-trailer forwardly offset portionl 22 is provided adjacent
combination having >an intermediate semi-trailer the front of the frame portion Il and has stepped
substantially- horizontal under-surfaces 24 and ‘
in which the distance between the rear ground
> wheels of the tractor ~and the groundwheels of
- 2B at different levels.
The rear semi-trailer I8 is'connectedto'the 2
5 the intermediate semi-trailer is not excessive and
can, therefore, more properly sustain a given load. .tractor Ii, as illustrated in Fig. l, byte’. pivotal
connection such as a mth wheel structure.`Í` The
Other objects of the invention will become ap
fifth wheel structure is preferably 'that disclosed'
parent from the following specincation, 'the
_, drawing relating thereto and, from the claims ` in detail inthe patent to Frederick Ml‘Be'id, No.
1,925.279,-` issued September 5, 1933; and includes
¿o hereinafter set forth.
In the dr wing, in which like numerals are _' a downwardly directed Iking-pin member 2l se
used 'to' designate like parts in the several views . cured to the under-surface 2l of the rear semi
trailer. The king-pin Il is adapted -to engage `
, Figure 1 is a side elevational‘view of aftra‘ctor ' a lower ?fthf wheel member Il., of thelstructure'.
'35 having a rear semi-trailerpivotslly connected
thereto- andA carrying 'an intermediate' semi
disclosed. in the above mentioned patentywbich
is pivotally connected to the frame I2 throughl
ì .brackets >I2. When the semi-trailei-¿il is >con-'fi ì,
Fig,_`2 is a side elevational view 'of the structure ,nected directly _tothe tractor il lby thanking"
. ,
illustrated 'in' Fig._'1 in which the intermediate
40 semi-trailer. is interposed-between the tractor .- ,
and the rear- semi-trailer according to. the pres
ent invention; and.
sembly is then'adapted-toï
theA usualy l‘oad.
For carrying-.excessive loadsanv intermediate .
semi-trailer u‘iàerovised which >nel: a rearsub
Fig. 3 isA a'r fragmentary top plan view. taken , stantially
ground wheels
Il are `connected
frame _portion
in the36lusual
to- whichì
way. A
substantially along theluine l-l of Fig'. 2.y
Í Y ¿is I Present trsnsportatioh'regulatlonsreguire that
A when the combined‘length of the _tractor` ‘and
semi-trailer >assembly exceeds av certainr amount, ' the front of the frame portion ß. which has a '
l a, special- permit must be iirst obtained'before the . substantia1ly-` horizontal -'undersuri'ace 32 and 'a
assembly of the excessive Alength is -permitted on `- substantiallyhorizontal upperV surface M spaced
the highways. The usual load'may be carried by
',alpr'edetermined'distance from _theunder-suriace.
assembliesll oi ,- lengths which ì come _within ‘thel 'f `: The intermediate semi-trailer 34 is adapted to .- .
length ‘not requiring a perniit;'v >but `forfï‘_jexces-' " 'positioned`> between the rear semi-trailer Ißf .
I sive loads it is >'necessary yto use'adirectoir;` and f and‘~fthef;tractor> Il; :and is connected tothe
tractor il' ,by iifth wheel mechanism similar to
semi-trailerfassembly which- exceeds >the per
55` initted- lassembly lengths.,v yAccording toJthe'pi-es . .that described in the Reid patent’referred to. Thev
m’th wheel lconnection includes a downwardly
` ‘.directedking-pin‘ member 4I fixed to the under
surface 42ïwhich ~is adapted to co-operate with
‘the lower i‘lfthfwheel member 30 to pivotally at
tach the semi-trailer I4 to the tractor. The
under-surface 42 and the king-pin 48 are both
at substantially the same level as the under
connected to said rear portion, an‘upwardly and
forwardly offset portion connected to said hori
zontal portion adjacent the'fro'nt thereof, and a
-pair of pivotal connecting means on said last
named portion located at different levels thereon.
K 3. A semi-,trailer structure comprising a sub
stantially horizontal rear portion, ground wheels
surface 24 and the king-pin 28, respectively, on . connected to said rear portion, an upwardly and
the rear semi-trailer i6, so that either the rear forwardly offset portion connected- to said hori
10 or intermediate semi-trailers may be readily at
zontal portion adjacent the front thereof, the 10
tached- to -theilowerflfth wheel member 30 with
out any change in the tractor structure or the
structure ofl the lower fifth wheel means on the
The rear semi-trailer i6 is also provided with a
fifth wheel connecting member in the form of a
downwardly directed king-pin 50 which is fixed
on the upper, under-surface 26 of the rear semi
--trailen The king-pin 50 is adapted to co-operate
under-surface of said last named portion being
stepped to provide a plurality of substantially
horizontal under-surfaces thereon at different f
levels, and a pivotal _connecting means located on
each of said horizontal under-surfaces. -
4. A semi-trailer structure comprising a sub
stantially horizontal rear portion, ground wheels
connected to said rear portion, an upwardly and
forwardly offset portion connected to said hori
with a‘ lower ?fth wheel means 52, which is simi
zontalI portion adjacent the front thereof, the 20
lar to the member 30. _ The lower ñfth wheel- under-surface of said last~ named portion. being
member I2 is Yadapted to be suitably pivotally stepped to provide a plurality of substantially
mounted to' the .intermediate trailer 34 on the
horizontal `runder-surfaces thereon at different
levels, and a downwardly directed king-pin lo
l'I‘he king-pins 28 and ~46 are at substantially ‘ cated on each of said horizontal under-surfaces. 25
the same level; Land the -distance between the
5. A semi-trailer structure comprising a sub
.surface 24 and surface. 26 is substantially the stantially horizontal rear portion, ground wheels
. same as the distance between the surface 42 and connected to >said rear portion, an. upwardly and
the surface 44, so that the semi-trailers may be forwardly offset portion connected to `said hori
assembled in either ythe arrangement illustrated zontal portion adjacent the front thereof, said 30
in Hgfl or that illustrated-in Fig. 2. By the ar
offset portion being formed with a substantially
rangement described vabove the distance between horizontal under-surface and' a substantially
the groundwheels I4 and 3s, when the semi
horizontal top surface spaced therefrom a prede
uwerl surface 44.
trallers are assembled in the manner illustrated jtermined distance, a pivotal connecting means
in Pig. 2,_~is not excessive so that the excessive 'located on said horlzontalfunder-surface, and a
. load carried bythe 'semi-trailers is properly sup- f -pivotal'connecting
Asillustrated in Fig. l the intermediate semi
trailer> 84 maybe carried by the rear semi-trailer
Itwhen the assembly is travelling to pick up a
load. ‘A suitable strut ß is provided which is
plvotally mounted to the frame of the semi-'trail
er 84 i'œ supporting the forward vportion of the
trailer in its upward position.
meas located on said hori
Formal changes may be made in the `sp'ecli’ic‘
embodiment ofthe invention described without
departingkfrcm thespirit and substance of the
invention, tbe scope of which- is commensurate
with the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
6. A vehicle trailer structure comprising, in
combination, a tractor, a rear `semi-trailer, and
an intermediate semi-trailer interposed between
said rear semi-trailer and said tractor; said rear
semi-trailer having a substantially horizontal
rear portion, ground'wheels connected to said
rear portion, an upwardly and forwardly offset
portion connected to said horizontal portion ad 45
Jacent the front thereof, the under-surface of
said last named portion being stepped to provide
a plurality of substantially horizontal under-sur
faces thereon at different levels, a first king-pin
located on one of said horizontal under-surfaces, 50
l. A 'vehicle `trailer structure comprising, in and a second king-pin located on the other hori
combination.- itÁ tractor. a rear semi-trailer, and zontal under-surface; said tractor having a co
an intermediate >semi-trailer»interposed between operating connecting member thereon at the level
said rear vsemi-trailer- and said tractor, said rear -of said first king-pin; and said intermediate
semi-trailer having a first `connecting'- member trailer having ay substantially horizontal rear
and a' second` connecting member thereon Iat'dif ' portion, ground wheels connected to said rear
ferent levels, 'saidA tractor -having a co-operating
connecting --member thereon at` the level of said
portion, an upwardly and forwardly offset por
tion- connected to ~said lastl named horizontal
portion adjacent .the front thereof,: said last
named offset portion being formed with a sub
stantially horizontal under-surface and a sub
member. and .said intermediate
a >co-operating connecting
member 4thereonat thelevelvof the first connect
`having another »co-operating' stantially lhorizontal top .surface spaced there
thereon at` lthe level ' off-‘the from. a distancefsubstantially equal tothe dis
second connecting member, said' connecting mem- 1 tance- betweenthe- under-surfaces 4on said~ rearv
providing pivotal connections 'between-said
*intermediate ysemi-trailer' vand said
« «_z. A nml-traue;
' ,
comprising a aai»,
wund vwheels
semi-trailer, , a. pivotal .connecting _means located
on said last-named horizontal under-surface,` and ' '
apivotal -connectlng means located on said hori
zontal top surface.
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