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- May 3, 1938.
2,116,421 '
Filed Dec.
1 , 1936
' 2.
, /4
?ora 0e l/MZ/z'akma
Patented May 3, 1938
Horace V. Williams, Philadelphia, Pa.
Application December 1, 1936, Serial No.,113,731
1 Claim. (Cl. 215-40)
The object of the invention is to provide a jar is provided onv its periphery. The ribs are formed
closure construction whereby jars of glass or with inclined under edges and are arranged
similar material may be eliectively sealed air around the neck in a circular series with the nose
tight; to provide a closure construction embody
end of one materially‘ spaced from the heel end
‘ ing a rubber gasket or sealing ring so arranged of the next. Thus in applying the ring, the lugs
that the sealing ring will be compressed through
pass between adjacent ribs and on rotation of
out in the sealing operation and not subjected the ring they slide down the inclined under-faces
to a pull or tension, as in conventional practice,
which tends to open the pores of the material;
10 and generally to provide‘ a jar. closure which is
of simple form and susceptible of cheap manu
With this object in View, the invention con~
‘sists in a construction and combination of parts
15 of which a preferred embodiment is illustrated in
the accompanying drawing, wherein:
Figure 1 is an elevational view of the inven
tion, with certain parts broken away. '
Figure 2 is a detail sectional view showing the
20 mouth of the jar and cap attached with the parts
in position prior to the application of a pressure
on the sealing ring.
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2 but show
ing the relative position of the parts when the
25 cap is in fully closed position.
It is preferable to have the jar l0 and the cap
clamping ring I l of the same diameter, and thus
the mouth of the jar is formed by contracting the
latter circumferentially, as indicated at l2, this
30 contraction providing a neck portion [3 of which
the upper edge is beveled on the outside, as indi
cated at 14, and similarly beveled on the inside,
as indicated at l5, the angles of the bevels being
uniform on opposite sides of a vertical line pass
35 ing through the peak 15 of the neck.
The cap I‘! is formed with a pendent annular
?ange l8 of an exterior diameter to be readily
received within the neck l3 and exterior to the
?ange has a ledge portion E9 of which the under
40 face is channeled, as indicated at 29, to provide
synclined walls which, when the cap is in posi
tion on the jar, parallel the beveled edges I4 and
I5 of the neck.
The cap ll is recessed on its upper face adja
45 cent its periphery to provide a seat for the in
turned ?ange 2| of the clamping ring I I and the
latter at the lower edge has inturned lugs 22 en
gag'eable with the ribs 23 with which the neck
of the rib and thus draw the cap down on the
The sealing ring it is placed on the cap in sur- 10
rounding relation to the ?ange l8 before the cap
is applied and rests in the channel 20 but on the
inclined wall of the latter next to the ?ange l8.
Thus, when the cap is applied, the underface of
the sealing ring rests on the beveled wall 15 and 15
when the clamping ring is rotated the material
of the sealing ring is compressed, as shown in
Figures 1 and 3. The sealing ring is at no time
subjected to tension at any point. Rubber is
naturally porous and its effectiveness as a seal- 0
ing medium depends on its being subjected wholly
to compression. The present invention provides
such a use, the inner beveled edge l5 of the neck,
the ?ange I8 and the channel 20 of the cap serv—
ing to so embrace the sealing ring that the ma- 25
terial thereof is compressed solely as the cap is
drawn down on the neck when the clamping ring
is rotated.
The invention having been described, what is
claimed as new and useful is:
A jar and closure therefor, the former having
a neck of which the upper edge is beveled inte
riorly and exteriorly and the latter channeled to
provide walls paralleling said beveled edges when
the closure is attached, and an elastic sealing 35
ring seated upon the inner beveled edge and of
a width corresponding to the width of said edge,
the closure having an annular pendent ?ange on
the undersurface of an exterior diameter corre
sponding to the interior diameter of the neck, and 40
means for attaching the closure to the jar and
subjecting the sealing ring to compression in so
doing, the ?ange engaging the sealing ring on the
inner periphery with the adjacent inclined wall
engaging it on the upper face, the other inclined 45
wall of the closure engaging the ring on the outer
periphery as the latter is compressed.
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