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May 10, 1938.
Filed Nov. 8. 1937
_‘I I- IlIH l- r
//v MEN 70/?!
Patented May 10, 1938
_ i
Roy W. Hormann, St. Louis‘,‘_Mo.
Application November 8, 1937, Serial No. 173,321
1‘ Claim.
My invention relates to brackets, and more
particularly to a bracket adapted to be a?ixed to
an ashpit, fence, or other ?xture of a homestead,
5 forDisposal
of garbage
a garbage
in the
larger orcities
the prelike.
sents a problem not only to the Health Departments, but to the citizenry also. The common
practice is for the housewife or someone else
to- deposit the garbage in a container, stationed
10 as a rule near the alley.
The container is then
emptied at regular intervals by employees of the
municipality or others.
Fig. 3 is a front‘elevation of the bracket .per se, ‘
Fig. 4 is a plan view thereof,
Fig. 5 is a vertical section on the line 5—5 of
3,‘ 6 is , a similar view on the line 6—6 of 5
Fig- 3
Referring more particularly now to Figs. 1
and 2, there is shown at A a portion of a com
H1011 ashpit wall, on which is mounted my
bracket or holder, generally designated B.
The 10
container C is shown in position thereon.
My invention contemplates no change whatever in this method. It does however, contem15 plate the elimination of a number of disagreeable and unsanitary matters in connection therewith.
(Cl. 248-309)
I indicates a continuous strip of
metal, formed to provide a pair of vertical come
ponents 2, adapted to Test against One Side Of
vertical wall A, or other ?xture. A pair of hori- 15
zontal rearwardly extending arms 3, are formed
at the upper ends of members 2, and rest on the
The prevalent custom, as stated, is to place
upper horizontal surface of said wall. 'A pair of
the container on the ground adjacent the alley
horizontal members 4, likewise are formed on
20 or other place handy to the collectors. Thus
the container is also accessible to wandering
dogs and cats, who frequently upset it, causing
tendency to attract rats, and during the sum-
the lower ends of members 2, but extend for- 20
At 5, each arm 4 is rounded, and then twisted
as at 6, to provide an upwardly extending con
tainer engaging arm 7, the two arms being 00H
nected at their upper ends by a horizontal web 25
portion 8. As noted, all of the foregoing parts
mer months, to breed ?ies, Also, 11-, becomes
necessary for someone to replace the refuge in
the container. The can frequently rolls into
30 the alley, where it becomes a menace to traffic,
and is sometimes struck by automobiles, dam~
aging both container and car. The latter ob-
are formed out of a continuous metal strip.
A cross-brace 9 is welded or otherwise secured
at its ends to the arms 4- An arm I", parallel
with and intermediate the arms 4, is welded 30
or otherwise secured to the cross-brace. One >
end Illa thereof extends rearwardly a consider
the lid to come off, and spilling the refuse.
This is objectionable especially from a sani25 tary standpoint. The spilled garbage has a
jection applies also to the lid which is usually
an unattached unit.
- '
It is an aim of this invention to overcome
these and other objections, by providing a
bracket to suspend the container'aconsiderable
distance above the ground level,
A further object is to provide a bracket which
40 is adjustable for mounting on ?xtures of various
Another object is to provide ?exible means
able distance beyond the crossarm, while the
forwardly extending portion is rounded as at H,
and terminates in a reVersely rounded upward- 35
1y eXi/ending 00111130118111; IZ
A Chain, Wire, 01“ other flexible means I3, is
securely attached near the upper end of one
of the arms 1. and carries at its free end a split
ring '4, 01' the like, of metal. A Pair Of right- 40
angled clamps are provided, each composed of
a horizontal portion l5, and a vertical down
whereby the lid is securely fastened to the Wardly be“? portion !5- A longitudinal Slot '1
bracket, although permitting its ready removal
45 from, and replacement on, the container.
Other advantages of the invention will be
apparent or more speci?cally pointed out in the
following description‘ and in the drawing, where-
15 formed m the honzontal portion '5 of each
clamping member, for cooperation with an up- 45
“(army extendmg.stud.m’ ?xed In each extian'
slon 3’ and a’ pair ,of Internally threaded wmg
nu?lel séontajner itself forms no part of this
50 In hke reference characters refer to hke putts
invention, and is of common design. It includes 50
In the drawlng.
Fig. l is a front elevation of my bracket
mounted on a fixture with the container in place,
a body portion 20, bail 2|, and a lid 22 equipped
with a handle 23.
The manner of mounting the bracket on a
?xture is so obvious from an inspection of the
drawing, it will not be described in detail. At- 55
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of Fig. 1,
tention however, is directed to Fig. 4, wherein
the circle shown in broken lines indicates the
outer periphery of the container. It will be
noted that the bracket is so designed that the
inner peripheries of components 1, 8, and [2
are tangent to an imaginary circle whose diam
eter is smaller than that of the outer periphery
of the container.
When therefore, the container is put in place,
10 members ‘I, 8, and I2, at the point of contact,
are sprung slightly outwardly. This is consid
ered important, since the container is thereby
held rigidly in place, albeit its removal by the
bail for emptying purposes, is a comparatively
15 easy matter.
The split ring 14, as shown, is af?xed to the
handle 23 of the lid 22.
Advantages other than those already referred
to are apparent.
The bracket and container
20 may be mounted within an ashpit, concealing
the greater portion thereof from casual view.
The reversely curved member l2, together with
members ‘I and 8, insure rigidity of the contain
er, making removal and replacement of the lid
25 a simpler operation. Also, by the arrangement
described and shown, stooping on the part of
the housewife is unnecessary.
It is understood of course, that the drawing is
illustrative only, and I do not wish to be limited
to the precise details shown, as various changes
could be made without departing from the scope
of the invention.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A device of the character described, compris
ing a pair of horizontal members extending from
the lower ends of a pair of vertical hanger mem
bers, a cross-piece secured at its ends to said
horizontal members, and an intermediate hori
zontal member secured to said cross-piece, all
adapted to support a container, means for main
taining said container rigidly in position, com
prising a reversely bent portion formed on one
end of said intermediate member, a pair of up
wardly inclined arms forming a continuation of
said horizontal members, and a web member -_
connecting the upper extremities of said upward
ly inclined arms and means for adjustably
mounting said device securely on a ?xture.
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