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May 10, 1938-
Filed Jan. 8, 1957
Patented May 10,- 1938
Morris Harris, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application January 8, 1937, Serial No. 119,612
1 Claim. (Cl. 2—228)
This invention relates to improvements in
breeches, and has, for one of its principal objects,
the provision of a garment of the class described
including improved fastening means for the bot
5 toms of the leg portions.
One of the important objects of this invention
is to provide in a pair of breeches, particularly
riding breeches or the like, elements whereby the
leg portions more accurately and adaptably ?t
10 the calf of the leg and which are secured in posi
tion by a single radially removable device prefer
ably in combination with a single button or other
similar securing means.
Another object of this invention is to eliminate,
in such a garment, the ordinarily employed large
number of buttons, eyelets, lacing cords and the
like which are troublesome and inconvenient, and
which, at the same time, will afford a secure and
snug‘ fastening means for that particular portion
of the garment. An important cost saving is also
effected thereby.
Another and still further important object of
the invention is to provide, in a riding breeches
or the like, a simple yet economical, and at the
same time neat appearing fastening means for
the leg portions which is so constructed that it
is not necessary to actually unfasten the same for
the purpose of donning or removing the garment.
Other and further important objects of the in
will be apparent from the disclosures in
the accompanying drawing and following speci?
The invention, in a preferred form, is illustrated
in the drawing and hereinafter more fully de
35 scribed.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a front view of a pair of riding
breeches, showing the improved fastening means
of this invention applied thereto.
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the lower end of
the leg portion of the riding breeches, illustrat
ing the invention in detail.
Figure 3 is an enlarged view of that part of the
leg portion illustrated in Figure 2 but showing
45 the same in open position.
As shown in the drawing:
The reference numeral l0 indicates generally
the body portion of the improved trousers or
preferably provided a button l8 adapted to co
operate with the button-hole 20 in the opposed
portion of the ?ap element. This button is pre
ferred but not essential, as it will be evident that
the ?ap with its attached strap may be shifted
either upwardly or downwardly as desired in order
to provide the fastening means either more closely
adjacent the bottom of the leg portion or farther
removed therefrom.
However, in the medial position shown, it will
not be necessary to unbuckle the strap each time
the garment is put on or removed, the main pur
pose being to make an initial adjustment of the
strap positioning to suit the wearer whereupon
the strap is then retained in this position, and 15
the button I8 released whenever it is desired to
don or doff the garment. It has been found, by
actual experiment and demonstration, that the
foot of the wearer will readily pass through the
lower portion of the garment leg whenever the
button I8 is released and without any necessity
of undoing the strap M from the buckle Hi.
It will be obvious that this construction elimi
nates the use of a number of buttons or the other
and also somewhat undesirable alternative of a
plurality of eyelets and a lacing cord, while, at
the same time, a much more convenient article
of wearing apparel is produced and one which is
highly desirable from an artistic point of View.
I am aware that many changes may be made
and numerous details of construction varied
throughout a wide range without departing from
the principles of this invention, and I, therefore,
do not purpose limiting the patent granted here
on otherwise than as necessitated by. the prior art.
I claim as my invention:
In a pair of breeches, means for removably
securing and adjustably ?tting the lower ends
of the leg portions in position about the calf,
said means including opposed ?aps on the leg 40
portions one being a main flap and the other
an auxiliary ?ap, a strap on one of the flaps,
and a juxtaposed buckle on the other flap, said
strap being positioned at a point approximately
half way between the upper and lower ends of
the main flap bringing the strap about the largest
part of the calf of the wearer’s leg, together with
an auxiliary fastening means at the extreme
lower end of the leg portion, said means com
breeches of this invention, having leg portions 12,
each leg portion being provided with a loose flap
terminating in an elongated strap M, which strap
is adapted to be fastened in position by means
ing a means for inserting or removing the foot
of a suitable buckle element or the like l6.
unbuckling the strap.
At the bottom of the leg portion, there is
prising a button and button-hole, thereby provid
of the wearer through said leg portion without
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