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May 10, 1938.
Filed Sept. 29, 1936
Frank Tpou/ars.
Patented May 10, 1938
Frank T. Powers, Glen Cove, N. Y.
Application September 29, 1936, Serial No. 103,084
2 Claims.
1 My invention relates to the art of photo en
graving and more particularly to a device for
cooling photo-mechanical printing plates during
Within the tray 1, and attached to the top of
cylinder 4, is a cylindrical chamber 16 having
ports I’! in its side covered by ?exible ?aps l8
permitting ingress of water from tray 1 Whenever
the process of etching.
The objects of my invention are to provide an
apparatus of improved working qualities, free
from some of the short-comings and defects pres
ent in apparatus heretofore used for this pur
(01. 62-11)
raised, and permitting ingress of air when it is
To accomplish these and other objects, which
will in part be mentioned hereinafter, part will
be obvious from the following description and
part may be learned by practice with the inven
tion by one skilled in the art. I have invented
15 a device of Which the following description, taken
the pressure is greater on the outside of chamber
16 than it is within, and preventing movement
of water through the ports in the opposite direc
tion. Chamber I6 is divided into two compart 10
ments I61; and I612‘ by a partition 23, the lower
compartment 16a of the chamber being markedly
larger than the upper compartment I61).
Attached to the partition 23 of chamber 16 is
a tube I9 permitting egress of water from cham
together with the accompanying drawing, will
ber l6a into compartment lab. Above chamber
enable one skilled in the art to make and use the
The drawing shows one embodiment of the in
20 vention which is given as an example but is not
I61), and attached to ?ange 20 is a stage 2| for
supporting the plate to be cooled, which has per
to be taken as restrictive thereto as variations
in structure may be made within the spirit of
the invention and the scope of the appended
claims. It will be obvious, for example, that the
25 foot operated air pump, described and shown in
the drawing, may be replaced by a hand operated
pump, or that air under pressure may be sup
plied from any available source, without depart?‘
ing from the spirit of the invention.
‘ 30
The drawing shows a vertical section of the de
vice near a center line.
In the drawing I is a tray of suitable material
such as metal which is supported by a frame
consisting of four legs 2 and a cross brace 3. At
35 tached to said tray is an air pump comprising a
cylinder 4, within which a piston 5, having a
cup washer 6 attached to its upper surface, is
adapted to be moved vertically by means of a
piston rod 1 actuated by a foot pedal lever 8,
40 the fulcrum 9 of which is attached to the cross
brace 3. The piston rod is guided in its motion
by an opening in the pipe cap 10 on a short
nipple H screwed into an opening in cross brace
, 3, a collar 12 pinned to rod 1 is so positioned
4” on the rod 1 as to properly limit the downward
travel of the piston 5.
The piston 5 has one or more ports l3 cov
ered with ?exible ?aps 14 to permit ingress of
air as the piston is lowered from an upper posi
tion to a lower position and to prevent escape
forations 22 in that area which is within the
?ange. The stage 2| is smaller than the tray I.
The method of operation of the machine is as
follows: The tray is ?lled with water approxi
mately to the level indicated by the dotted line
24 and enters the lower compartment of chamber
16 through ports I‘! until the water level is the
same within the chamber 16 as in the tray I.
A photoengraving plate, or other object to be
cooled, is placed upon the stage 2| with its cen
tral portion over the perforations 22, pedal 8 is
pressed by the foot of the operator which moves
rod 1 and piston head 5 upward, forcing air thru
the pipe 15 into the lower compartment of cham
ber 16. When the air pressure in chamber [6,
in the space above the water reaches a suf
ficient amount, the water is forced upward
through tube I9 into the upper compartment of
chamber l6 until it is ?lled and ?uid then
emerges through perforations 22 in stage 2|, and
against the under side of the plate being cooled,
which is reposing thereon.
The force of the water upward slightly elevates
the plate being cooled above the perforated stage
21 and cooling ?uid ?ows outwardly from the
center toward the edges of stage, cooling said
plate rapidly and evenly. Even though the plate
being cooled may be somewhat buckled, warped
or bent, as it sometimes is, and consequently does
not lie ?at and in contact throughout its area
with the perforated stage 2|, the volume of water
rushing through the perforations 22 is sufficient 50
to reach and cool the entire plate almost in
of air through the ports when the piston is moved
Upon the downward or return stroke of the pis
ton 5, air is admitted to the cylinder 4 through
the ports l3 and also from chamber l6 through 55
Attached to the top of cylinder 4 is a pipe riser
55 I5 providing egress for air when the piston 5 is
2 ~
pipe riser l5 as the water from tray l enters
chamber through ports I‘! displacing the air
If necessary several successive strokes of the
piston 5 may be used to force the desired quan
tity of water through the perforations 22.
Having described my invention I now state
what I believe to be new and novel and for
which I pray that Letters Patent be granted.
1. In a device for cooling photo-rmechanical
printing plates in the process of etching such
plates, the combination of a receptacle for a cool
partment and out through the perforations in
said stage and against the under side of a plate
to be cooled reposing thereon.
2. A device for cooling photo-mechanical
printing plates, in the process of etching such
plates, the combination of a receptacle for cool
ing ?uid, a double chamber having upper and
lower compartments within said receptacle, hav
ing check valves adapted to admit cooling ?uid
from said receptacle into the lower compartment 10
of ‘said chamber, a tubular‘ passage from the
lower portion Iofi'the lower-compartment of said
chamber to the'upper compartment thereof, a.
ing ?uid, a double chamber having check valvesd ‘perforated stage forming the cover of the upper
compartment of said chamber, and an air pump 15
tacle into the lower compartment of said cham-“ adjacent to and communicating with said lower
her, a tubular passage from the lower portion of compartment of said chamber, whereby air
the lower compartment of said chamber to thev under pressure may be discharged into said com
upper compartment thereof, a perforated stage" partment‘ thereby ‘displacing cooling ?uid in said
compartment and causing said ?uid to ?ow into 20
20 forming the cover of the upper compartment .of
said chamber, means for discharging air under said upper compartment and out through the
pressure into the lower compartment thereby dis
:p'erforations'in said ‘stage and against'the'under
placing cooling ?uid in said compartment and side-of a plate to be cooled reposing thereon.
15 adapted to admit cooling ?uid from said recep--_
causing said ?uid to ?ow into said upper com
- ' FRANK '_I_'i POWERS.
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