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May 10, 1938.
Filed July 16, 1905
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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.May 10,1938.
Flled July 16, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet. 2
mm ,
Patented May 10, 1938
Herman L. Kutter, Hamilton, Ohio, assignor to
The Blaek-Olawson Company, Hamilton, Ohio,
a corporation oi’ Ohio
Application July 1c, 1935, Serial No. 31,641
6 Claims. (CI. 92-43)
This invention relates to paper ‘making appa
. One object of the invention is the provision of
a paper pulp stock tank, or mix box, having pro
$1 vision for thoroughly intermixing the stock sup
plied thereto and providing uniformity of the
product which is supplied to the stuff pipe which
carries the stock to a paper forming screen or
The mix box is supplied with paper pulp stock
through a suitable supply pipe 25, and is adapted
to thoroughly mix the comparatively thick pulp
stock received through the pipe 25 and the white
water which is returned through the pipe 22, and 5
for supplying the mixed stock to the‘ supply
pipe l3.
In the usual mix box construction that has
been previously used, the stock ?ows from the
top of the mix box direct to the outlet pipe. In 10
the like.
Another object of the invention is the provision
of a mix box having baf?e means which give
doing so the stock velocity increases as it ?ows
abrupt changes in direction of ?ow of the pulp
stock in its passagethrough the mixbox, and
downwardly and the stock carries with it consid
erable air which cannot be eliminated due to the
which is so arranged as to withdraw the air from
increasing speed of ?ow of the stock. Further
more, in the usual form of mix box, there has 15
been considerable trouble because of poor dis
tribution of the stock and white water. The re
sult has been that the sheet does not form level
the stock before the stock travels to the stuff pipe.
Another object of the invention is the provision
of a mix box having an air collector provided at
a low point and adjacent the end of'the stud’
pipe or outlet passage, the air collector being so
arranged as to cause a stock flow approximately
horizontally as the stock moves to the stuff pipe,
air in the stockwhich causes considerable com
‘ so that air is extracted.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will be apparent from the following description,
the appended claims and the accompanying
‘drawings, in which—-‘
Fig. 1 is a top plan view of a paper making
apparatus embodying the present invention;
Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the apparatus
30 shown in Fig. 1; and
Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the paper making
in the vat, due in part to the incomplete mixing
of the white water and the thicker stock supplied 20
to the mix box, and also due to the'presence of
motion in the cylinder mold. The air bubbles
present in the stock at the time, the stock is de
posited on the forming screen will produce an 25
unevensurface of the formed sheet, as the air
bubbles act as though miniature explosions were
occurring in the stock while the ?bers are being
deposited. And if the vat is'not properly ar
ranged the commotion produced by the air in the 30
stock will be su?lciently violent to throw or spat
ter some of the stock all the way up to the sheet
Referring more particularly to the drawings, ‘ on the bottom side of the felt asthe stock rises ' ‘
Ill generally represents a cylinder mold, of any
suitable construction, and preferably embodying
a rotatable forming screen ll arranged so that
its greater portion is submerged in paper pulp
stock contained in the vat l2. The stock flows to
the vat through a supply passage or stu? pipe
40 I! which leads to a feed hopper I‘ provided under
the vat, in communication at its larger end with
the stock supply compartment IS. The stock
' flows from the compartment l5, which has a width
substantially corresponding to the length of the
'45 forming screen, over a dam. i6 and then into the
vat proper, the paper pulp being deposited on
the rotatable forming screen, and the white wa
ter, which ?ows into the screen, being collected
in the white water chambers l'l, communicating
50 with one another by means of pipe It. The
white water is returned through pipe I! and
pump 20, driven by motor 2|, and passes through
the pipe 22 and then back to the mix box which
is designated generally ‘ by the reference nu
56 meral 24.
in the supply compartment 15.
In accordance with the present‘ invention the 35
mix box is so arranged as to effectively intermix
the white water and the thicker stock supplied
to it, and also arranged to withdraw air from the
stock before the stock passes into the stud‘ pipe
it. As shown in Figs. 2 and 3, the mix box pref 40
erably comprises a chamber having a plurality of
ballles 21 and 28 which effectively divide the mix
box into a receiving compartment 29, an inter
mediate compartment 30 and a supply compart
ment 3!. Compartments 29 and 30 are in com 45
munication with one another at a low point, and
compartments 30 and II communicate with one
another near their upper ends so that the stock
is compelled to ?ow downwardly through the
compartment 29, upwardly through compartment
30 and downwardly through compartment 3|.
The abrupt changes in direction of the stock
?ow, and especially at the point where the stock
?ows over the partition 28, provides for the re
lease of some contained air, and is also e?ective
‘in intermixing the stock.
not limited to this precise form of apparatus, and
that changes may be made therein without de
To provide for more effective discharge of air ‘ parting from the scope of the invention which is
and more effective intermixing of the stock, the defined in the appended claims.
mix box is provided, just above the discharge
What is claimed is:
opening 33, with a wall or partition 34, serving
1. In paper making apparatus, a mix box for
as an air collector and also serving, as will be paper pulp stock comprising a receiving compart
later described, to divide the flow from the main ment, an intermediate compartment communi
body of stock in the mix box into a number of
diil'erent rapidly moving streams ?owing towards
one another and intersecting and striking one
cating at a low point with a low point of said re
ceiving compartment, and a supply compartment 10
communicating at its upper end with an upper
another to provide for thorough intermixlng of portion of said intermediate compartment, and a
stock. It is preferably dome-like in shap'e, hav
stuif pipe for supplying the stock tow a forming
ing its lower side open and spaced some little screen, said stuif pipe extending from the lower
15 distance above the bottom of the mix box by arms end of said supply compartment, and an air with
or brackets 35 which support the dome in place. drawal device in said mix box adjacent the end 15
Extending upwardly from the top of the air col
of said stuff pipe.
lector 34 is a vent pipe 31, placing the space just
2. In paper making apparatus, a mix box, a
below the dome 34 in communication with the forming screen, and a stuff pipe extending from
outside air at a point above the stock level 33. At said mix box for supplying paper pulp stock to
the top of the pipe 31 there is preferably an 'in- ' the forming screen, said mix box having baille
dicating means\to show the operator that the de
means producing an abrupt change in the direc
vice is in Operating condition and that the air tion of ?ow and providing for downward move- is being eliminated. Such a device may comprise ment of the stock toward the stuff pipe, and
a light ball 33 placed at the top of the pipe 31, means at a low point in the mix box for collect
and su?lciently light in weight to be displaced ing air from the stock as the stock travels to
by the air ?owing up through the pipe 31.
ward the stu?' pipe.
The air collector or dome 34 operates to de?ect
3. In paper making apparatus, a mix box for
the stock which moves downwardly in the com
pulp stock, said mix box having a stuff pipe
30 partment 3i of the mix box, so that the stock is
extending from a low point thereof, and an air
caused to move out toward the walls of the mix collector having its lower side open and located
box, the ?ow then changing abruptly in direc
adjacent to and above the stuff pipe end but well
tion and passing under the dome 34 in an approx
below the stock level in the mix box, and means
imately horizontal direction as it ?ows inwardly venting said air collector for the discharge of air
35 toward the center of the opening 33 from all di
rections. This action produces a very thorough
4. In-paper making apparatus, a stuif pipe, a
intermixing of the stock so as to supply a uni
mix box for supplying paper pulp stock to said
form product to the stuff pipe l3. As the stock stu?’ pipe, means for supplying paper pulp stock
?ows toward the center of thetmix box outlet 33, to said mix box, means for returning white water
-40 there is a liberation and collection of air just be
to the mix box, and means in said mix box for
1 fore the stockv flows into the stuff pipe, the air collecting and eliminating air from the stock be 40
being eliminated through the air pipe 31, pro
low the stock level and just before the stock
ducing a bobbingmovement of the ball 39 which passes
into the stu? pipe.
'thus gives an indication to the operator that the
5. In paper making apparatus, a mix box for
device is properly functioning.
paper pulp stock, said box having an outlet pas
The air pipe 31 is preferably employed in con
sage at a bottom portion thereof, and means
junction with the wall 34, so as to provide for closely adjacent said outlet opening forming a
the removal of air that is liberated at a point ba?le for abruptly changing the direction of stock
just below the wall 34 where the stock is in
?ow just preceding the entrance of the stock into
50 stantaneously almost at rest before starting its the opening, said baille having a downwardly fac
downward travel into the stuff pipe I 3. How
ing chamber providing for the withdrawal of air
ever, even if the air pipe 31 were not present, from the stock at that point.
the wall 34 would be effective in giving a very
6. In paper making apparatus, a mix box for
thorough intermixlng of the stock because it paper
pulp stock, said box having a discharge
55 serves to divide the main body of stock just above
opening and having baiile means for abruptly 55
it 'into- what may be considered a great number changing the direction of ?ow of stock through
of streams ?owing radially towards one another the mix box and providing for downward ?ow
in all directions just below the wall 34 and just of
stock toward the discharge opening, an air
before entering the stu?f pipe i3. These inter
collecting chamber having a downwardly facing
secting streams serve to prevent or interrupt any air inlet opening adapted to receive air from the
possible strati?cation and breakup the ?owing stock and located near the bottom of the mix box 60
stock and provide for thorough intermixing of and
in the path of movement of the stock ?ow
diiferent portions with one another.
ing downwardly'and toward the discharge open
While the form of apparatus herein described ing, and means for relieving air from said cham
65 constitutes a preferred embodiment of the inven
‘ ber.
tion, it is to'be understood that the invention is
nnawm _L. Korma.
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