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May 1o, 193s.
Filed May 29, 1955
------ -_Í"
„Vi _ IEHUL @um l
'_ "i ‘Ü
i 111%' ii
' _7b2/e7? (07°:
@Zaman . 56077250?
2,116,771 „
Patented May 10, 1938
Detroit, Mich., assignor to
Duncan R. Seaman,
Seaman Paper Company, Chicago, Ill., a cor
poration of Illinois
Applìcation May 29, 1935, Serial No. 24,162
(C1. 154-44)
- 2 Claims.
course, adhesion of the board 1 with the base 1|
crests of the projections
This invention relates to improvements in in
takes place only ati2 the
sulating panels or board and _refers specifically 9, as indicated at in Fig. 2,'providing a plural
to a panel or board comprising a fibrous material
having intrinsic insulating characteristics, the
5 panel or board being so constructed as to have
ideal heat, cold and sound insulating properties.
The utility, objects and advantages of my in
vention will be apparent from the accompanying
drawing and following detailed description.
In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a fragmentary side
elevational view, partly in section, of an auto
mobile equipped with one form of my insulating
Fig. 2 is asectional view o1' the panel or board
upon a metal support.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary top plan view, parts
being broken away, of the panel or board per se.
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4--4
of Fig. >3.
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 3 illustrating a
modification of my invention. ,
Fig. 6 is a sectional view taken on line 6-6
of Fig. 5. l
Referring in detail to the drawing, l indicates
ity of dead air cells I3 between the base I l and
is rubber
board 1. The adhesive preferably used
cement, but other similar adhesives are also con
As has been hereinbefore described between
each of the ridges or projections there is pro
vided a dead air cell, which in itself is one oi the 10
best known methodscf heat and cold insulation.
In addition, if kapok is used, the body of the sheet
or board comprises hollow fibres having minute
dead air cells and these cells coupled with the
dead air spaces between the fibres of the sheet or
board, gives said sheet or board unusually high
cementing of this in
thermal resistance. The base il also eliminates
dented sheet to the
any possibilityy of setting up a skin temperature on
absorbed by any con- 20
the metal, which might be
vection movement of the air within the automo
bile itself, because the skin temperature of the
asphalt surface I0 is higher than the skin tem
perature of the metal. Furthermore, insulating
materials >are only heat resistors as long as they 25
an automobile having hood 2, engine 3, steering remain free of moisture. Consequently, by the
apparatus 4 and driver’s compartment 5. The « provision of the asphalt or waterproof iihn l0 on
engine compartment is separated from the driv
the outside surface of the sheet or board 1 the '
er’s compartment 5 by a partition or dash board body of the board is’malntained in a substan
the insulating prop- 30
6, which for economy in construction and dura
tially dry state and, hence,
are maintained
metal is a good conductor of heat and also sound. substantially constant.
Hence, means is usually provided for insulating
By adhesively uniting the sheet or board 1 to
said dash board to prevent the-passage of heat the metal base Il, sound vibrations set up in/tlie
from the engine to the driver’s compartment or metal base by the engine 3 are broken up more
vice versa and to dampen sound vibrations.
or less into small groups, each being confined to
My invention comprises a board or panel 1 con
its own individual air cell. The sound. waves will
structed of loosely felted fibrous material, prei
readily traverse the air space and reach the body
erably kapok which is a hollow fibre having walls oi the material where, due to the hollow con
impervious to water and capable of being bulked struction of the iibre and. its loosely felted con
40 in low density volume. 'I‘he sheet or board is dition, a good portion of the sound effect will be
provided throughout its area with a plurality of absorbed. However, unless the board is made ex
indentations 8 and projections 9 which appearre
cessively thick, there will not be surilcient mate
ciprocally on each face of the sheet, that is, an rial present to make this absorption complete, and 45
or waterproof ñlm I0 were
indentation 8 on one sheet is 'disposed opposite to if the asphalt skin
sound waves would
45 a projection 9 on the opposite face of the sheet.
not present thesebody of the material
1 and then
One of the faces of the sheet or board 1 may pass through the
. However, the sound
be coated with asphalt or other waterproofing into the' automobile itself surface of the asphalt
material, the asphalt or waterprooiing film l0 waves striking the innerthrough said film, will be
i'llm, instead of passing the fibrous body 1 and a
0 completely covering theindented surface and con
back through
forming with the indentations and projections reñected
further amount of sound waves will be absorbed,
thereon. In utilizing my invention in conjunc
and by the continuance of this bouncingor re
tion with automobiles, the sheet or board 1 is fleeting action a very high percentage of the 55
adhesively united to the metal base or support sound will be dissipated.
55 Il comprising, for instance, the dash 6. Of
l It is well known that if a metal sheet free and
unencumbered onvboth sides is vibrated, sound
waves are produced in large quantities and of a
wave length equal to the resonant frequency of
the sheet. However, by adhesively uniting a
board ‘l to the metal sheet, the Weight factor
alone of the added material will materially re
duce the resultant sound effect by changing the
resonant frequency of the sheet. This effect is
l0 that of damping and .tends to reduce the period
board 'l and may be used under the same condi
tions and for the same purposes.
It is to be understood, of course, that I do not
wish to limit my invention to use only as anauto
mobile liner, since the same is equally efficacious
in other environments, for instance, an insulat
lng building board, refrigerator lining or the like.
It is to be further understood that an asphalt
or other Waterproof coating similar to the iilm
lil may be applied to both faces of 'the body 1 10
, of vibration and the wave length of the sound. '
or a crinkled sheet l5 together with an asphalt
In addition, the sound absorbed by any absorb
other waterproof adhesive film id’ mayîbe
ing medium is dependent upon the bulk of the or
applied to each face of the body l'.
material upon which the sound waves impinge.
I claim as my invention:
By providing an indented surface for the sheet
l. An insulating board comprising a body of 15
or board "l, a much greater surface is exposed
loosely felted ñbrous material having a plurality
to the sound waves and a greater weight of ina
of indentations .and projections upon each face
terial is thus added to the same unit of area.
Referring particularly to Figs. 5 and 6, a slight thereof, a Waterproof coating upon a surface
thereof which conforms with said surface, and a
20 modification of my board is shown. The board M
is similar in construction to that shown in Figs.
3 and 4, having a body 'I' of loosely felted fibrous
material preferably kapok and a coating or ñlm
of asphalt I0’ or other waterproof material. The
iibrous liner adhesively united by said. coating to
said body, said fibrous liner also conforming with
the indentations and projections of said surface,
the crests of the opposite surface being adhe
25 board I4 may be indented similar to board l. ` sively united to a. metal base.
2.' An insulating board comprising a body of
In this form of my invention the board I 4 prior
to indenting the same may have united to the
asphalt surface thereof a crinkled kraft paper
I5 which conforms with the indentations after
30 the board is indented. By using the kraft liner
additional structural strength is imparted tov the
board. By using crinkled paper said liner will
not tear or be lruptured during the indenting
operation since the paper is more or less resilient.
35 In all other respects board Il is the same as
loosely felted fibrous material having a plurality 25
of indentations and projectionsvupon each face
thereof, a waterproof coating upon a surface
thereof which conforms with said surface, and a
crinkled fibrous liner adhesively united by said
coating to said body, said liner also conforming 30
with the indentations and projections of said
surface, the crests of the opposite surface of said
body being adhesively united to a metal base.
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