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May 10, 1938.
2,1 16,904
c; s. MANN '
Filed Sept. 13, 1937
/~ VEN T012.
67/0 ��STEM/9R7 ?aw/v.
w! KM�
Patented May 10, 1938
? 2,116,904
, .
Charles Stewart Mann, Vancouver, British (10; ?
lumbia, Canada
?Application September 13, 1937, Serial No. 163,567? ?
4 Claims.
My invention relates to improvements in dis
pensing devices for collapsible tubes. The ob
jects of the invention are to provide means ca
pable of attachment to collapsible tubes of shav
5 ing cream, tooth paste and the like, which can
be opened by turning and closed by thumb pres
sure applied to a button conveniently disposed
on the side of the device; to provide means for
non~rotatably securing the device to the nipple
(01. 221-60)
non-rotating sleeve 9 is aplunger 20 having its
upper end shaped to conform to that of the ori
?ce to form a closure 2| therefor when said
plunger is in raised position.
The plunger 20 is provided with a transverse
bore 22 in which ?a bolt 23 is slidably mounted.
One end of the bore. 22 ?is provided with a screw
plug 24 and a compression spring 25 is interposed
between the plug and the bolt 23 to urge the lat
10 of the tube which is controlled by a thumb button
and which is not normally removable and there
fore cannot be misplaced. Further objects will
appear as the speci?cation proceeds.
ter radially outward into a vertical slot 26 in the 10
non-rotating sleeve 9 and a spiral slot 2'! in the
rotating sleeve l6. The spiral slot 21 extends
completely around the sleeve l6 and in conse
The invention consists of a sleeve adapted for
15 attachment to the nipple of a collapsible tube
quence one complete revolution of the cap is nec
and a cap rotatable upon the tube which on be
essary to retract the plunger to full open position. 15
Mounted in the side wall of the cap I8 is a
ing turned one complete revolution opens the
device to permit the extrusion of the paste from
thumb button 28 having a spring retracted stem
29 which is aligned with the lower extremity of
said tube, as will be more fully described in the
following speci?cation and shown in the accom
panying drawing, in which:Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of the inven
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the non-rotating slot
sleeve, taken on the line 2-?2 of Figure 1.
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the rotating slotted
sleeve taken on the line 3--3 of Figure 1.
In the drawing like characters of reference� in
dicate corresponding parts in each ?gure.
The numeral I indicates a collapsible tube hav?
ing shoulders 2 and a nipple 3 through which the
contents of the tube are normally expressed.
Fitted upon the nipple 3 is an internally thread
ed sleeve 15 having a conical base ?ange 5 ex
35 tending to cover the shoulders 2 and having an
internal ?ange 6 which is adapted to be drawn
down onto a packing ring 1 carried upon the end
of the nipple.
The internally threaded sleeve is provided with
40 an annular rib 8, the purpose of which will here
inafter appear. A non-rotating sleeve 9 hav?
ing T-headed radial arms I0 is supported in re
cesses ll formed in the upper face of the inter
nally threaded sleeve 4 and is secured therein
45 in any suitable manner. The non-rotating sleeve
9 is ?tted at its base with a screw plug l3 having
a stem I4 and forms an abutment for a spiral
spring l5.
Surrounding the non-rotating sleeve 9 is a ro
50 tating sleeve [6 having at its base T-headed ra
dial arms ll by which it is secured to the inner
wall of a cap generally indicated by the numeral
l8. The cap l8, rotatable upon the internally
threaded sleeve, is provided at its apex with a
55 discharge ori?ce l9. Slidably mounted in the
the spiral slot 21 and is adapted on being pressed
to thrust the bolt 23 out of the spiral slot that the 20
plunger may be raised to closing position and the
bolt may re-enter the spiral slot at its upper ex
The cap I8 is held against endwise movement
along the internally threaded sleeve 4 by an an- 25
nular groove 30 which engages the annular rib
8. The internally threaded sleeve 4 is held
against rotational movement upon the nipple 3
by a pointed set screw 3| having a transverse
ridge 32 which is adapted to be engaged by a 30
transversely slotted inner enlargement 33 of a
stem 34. The stem 34 passes through a bushing
35 screwed into the wall of the cap l8, which
bushing has a concentric recess 36 in which a
button 31 secured upon the outer end of the stem 35
34 is slidably movable. The stem 34 is held in
its outermost position, as shown in Figure 1, by a
spring 38 which extends between the base of the
recess 36 and the inner face of the button 31, in
which position the enlargement 33 is housed
within the thickness of the Wall of the cap and
may therefore turn freely.
The device with its parts as shown is with the
ori?ce l9 open as when dispensing paste from the
tube. When it is desired to close the ori?ce pressure is applied to the thumb button 28, which dis
places the bolt 23 from the spiral slot 21 leaving
it only in the vertical slot 26 of the non-rotating
sleeve 9; the spring l5 then urges the plunger
upwards to close the ori?ce and the bolt 23 on
reaching the upper extremity of the vertical slot
projects again into the spiral slot but does so at
the upper extremity of said spiral slot. When it
is desired to again open the ori?ce it su?ices to
turn the cap l8 and through it the rotating sleeve
16, which causes the spiral slot thereon to urge
the bolt 23 downwardly throughout the length of
the vertical slot of the non-rotating sleeve, thus
lowering the plunger to the open position illus
It will be obvious that the extrusion of paste
will be automatically shut o?, the ori?ce closed
and hermetically sealed in response to the appli
cation of pressure to the thumb button.
What I claim as my invention is:
1. In a dispensing device for collapsible tubes
having a threaded sleeve, a cap rotatable about
the sleeve having a discharge ori?ce, a sleeve ro
tatable with the cap, said rotatable sleeve having
15 a spiral slot extending entirely therearound, a
plunger endwise movable within the rotatable
sleeve, a spring pressed bolt transversely slidable
in the plunger adapted to engage the spiral slot,
means preventing rotation of the plunger, means
20 carried by the cap for displacing the bolt from
the spiral slot, and spring means for urging the
plunger to close the ori?ce.
2. In a dispensing device for collapsible tubes
as claimed in claim 1, said bolt being urged into
slot engaging position by a coil spring carried
within the plunger and said spring being enclosed
within the plunger by a screw plug.
3. A dispensing device for collapsible tubes
comprising a threaded sleeve, a cap rotatable
about the sleeve, said cap having a discharge
ori?ce, a non-rotating sleeve carried by the
threaded sleeve and a rotating sleeve connected
to the cap surrounding the non-rotating sleeve, CR
said non-rotating sleeve having a vertical slot
and said rotating sleeve having a spiral slot, at
plunger slidable within the non-rotating sleeve
adapted when in one position to close the ori
?ce, means extending from the plunger into the 10
vertical slot and the spiral slot, means for urg
ing the plunger into ori?ce closing position, and
a button carried by the cap for releasing the slot
engaging means from the spiral slot to permit
the plunger to move and close the ori?ce.
4. In a dispensing device having a sleeve
adapted for attachment to the nipple of a col
lapsible tube and a cap rotatable upon the sleeve,
said sleeve having a threaded opening in its wall
and a set screw in said opening adapted to en
gage the nipple of the tube, a bushing in the cap
adapted to be brought into register with the
threaded opening in the sleeve, a spring retract
ed stem carried by the bushing, said stem being
provided with means at its inner end for en-V
gaging the set screw to turn it when moved against
its retracting spring.
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