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May 10, 1938.
Filed Sept. 3, 1936
/7/.‘ G’. (?og/4072
- By QM gm
Patented May 10, 1938
Henry Clarence McClune, Topeka, Kans.
Application September 3, 1936, Serial N0. 99,292
2 Claims.
This invention appertains to new and useful
improvements in smokers’ appliances and more
particularly to a smoking pipe.
The principal object of the present invention
is to provide a pipe structure in which all mois
ture is collected and absorbed while the smoke is
lay-passed in a manner so that it will not receive
any of the moisture, to the end that the smoke
drawn in by the smoker will be dry.
Other important objects and advantages of the
invention will become apparent to the reader of
the following speci?cation.
In the drawing:—
Figure 1 represents a longitudinal sectional
view through the pipe.
Figure 2 is a cross section on the line line 2—2
duct l2 and duct I3 is drained into and absorbed
by absorber 9.
A plug Ha is provided in the upper portion of
the shank 6 so as to permit access to the duct
ll so that the same can be readily cleaned when 5
‘ In the pocket ‘I is the absorber H which con
sists of a frame made up of the two annular end
members |5-l6 connected by the member I’!
and as is shown in Figure 4, a hook-shaped mem 10
ber I8 is provided on the annular member I6.
A body IQ of absorbing material is disposed in
the frame with its end portions disposed into the
annular members iii-I6.
The hook member 18 engages over the cleat 20
in the forward end portion of the pocket ‘I so as
of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a side elevational view of the ab
to prevent shifting of the absorbent device.
lected by the absorber, while dry smoke passes
through the duct H to the smoker’s mouth.
While the foregoing speci?cation sets forth the
invention in speci?c terms, it is to be understood
Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view
through the absorber.
Referring to the drawing wherein like numerals
designate like parts, it canbe seen that numeral
5 denotes the bowl of the pipe while numeral 6
25 is the shank which extends therefrom.
In this
shank 6 is the pocket 1 into which extends the
duct 8 from the bowl 5.
Numeral 9 is the mouthpiece which is provided
with the reduced extension I!) adapted to be
30 wedged into the outer end of the pocket 1.
Extending around the pocket 1 is the arcuate
shaped by-pass duct ll communicating at one
end with the duct 8 and at its rear end with the
rear end of the pocket 1 so that when the re
35 duced extension In of the mouthpiece 9 is in
It can be seen, that in use, moisture is col
that numerous changes in shape, size and mate
rials may be resorted to without departing from
the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed
Having described the invention, what is claimed
as new is:1. In a pipe structure, a stem having a pocket
therein, a moisture absorbing unit in the pocket,
said unit including a frame, absorbing material
in the frame, a formation in the pocket adjacent
one end thereof, and a hook member on the‘fl‘ame
engaged with the said formation to prevent dis
placement of the unit from the pocket.
2. In a pipe structure, a stem, a pocket in the
stem, an absorbent unit in the pocket for ab
serted, the branch duct l2 therein will register
with the outer end of the arcuate duct H. The
duct I 3 through the mouthpiece is aligned with
sorbing moisture, and a plug for wedging disposi
the pocket 1.
tion in the outer end of the pocket and having a
Within the reduced extension Ill of the mouth
piece 9 is a branch duct A extending from branch
duct l2 so that when mouthpiece 9 and reduced
extension In are inserted so that reduced exten
sion In is wedged into the outer end of pocket
45 I the lower end of branch duct A touches ab
sorber 9 so that moisture collecting in branch
(Cl. 131-12)
mouth piece attachable nipple extending there
from, said plug being provided with a projecting
teat through which a duct inclines, said duct ter
minating in an opening adjacent the bottom of
the said pocket.
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