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May 17, 1938.
Filed NOV. 30, 1934
m '
‘7&9- 6.
Patented May 11, 1938' -
' Bruce McPherson, Greenville, S. 0.
Application November 30, 1934, Serial No. ‘155,492 v
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-48)
This invention relates to containers for ciga- the front 14 and the cigarette package. The free
rettes, cigarette packages or'the like and it is an end of the blank 23 adjacent the crease line 19 is
object of the invention to provide a novel container adapted to be folded about a package of
5 cigarettes for protecting the same against crushing or damage when carried in the pocket of the
user and at the same time provide matches for
lighting the cigarettes.
The invention is a further development of the
10 invention disclosed in my patent, #1,944,098, and
my application S. N. 717,839, ?led March 29, 1934.
tapered to form a tab which also is intended to
extend within the container to secure the section
2| in place over a portion of the end of the ciga- 5
rette package. A slit or slot 24 is provided in the
back 13 through which the tab 23 may be inserted.
In order to attach a packet of matches slots or
slits 25 are provided in the front 14. The packet
of matches 11 may be attached to the container 10
Referring to the accompanying drawing which
by opening the packet and slipping the match
covering flap through the slits and then folding
is made a part hereof and on which similar refer-
the cover ?ap in a manner to cover the matches.
ence characters indicate similar parts;
Fig. l is a perspective illustrating one application of the invention in its operative position;
Fig. 2, a plan View of the blank of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3, a plan view of a modi?ed container
Fig. 4, a perspective of the container of Fig. 3
partly folded;
Fig. 5, a plan view of a further modified container blank;
Fig. 6, a side elevation of a container folded
. 25 from the blank of Fig. 5 but with a match card.
stitched thereto;
Fig. 7, a perspective of a further modi?ed twopart container, with the parts separated;
Flg. 8, an assembled view of the container of
30 Fig. 7 with a match card glued thereto, and
Fig. 9, a plan view of the blank of the inner
portion of the receptacle of Fig. '7.
Referring to the drawing‘, as shown in Fig. 1 a
package of cigarettes i0 is enclosed by a con35 tainer of the character exemplifying one applica~
tion of the invention.
The container has a match packet 1| attached
thereto and such container is formed of a blank
having parallel crease lines 12 forming the back
40 13, front 14 and sides 15 and N5 of the rectangu-
lar container formed by the folded blank. The
free edge of the side 16 has an integral gluing
strip H which underlies the edge of the front
it whenthe parts are glued together to form a
45 hollow rectangular body.
The blank is further provided with crease lines
Ill and 19 to form a windowed closure 20 for one
end of the container and to form a partial closure
28 for the other end of the container, the partial
50 closure a?'ording an opening through which the
cigarette package is exposed and consequently
through which the cigarettes may be removed.
That portion 22 of the blank between the crease
lines l8 and I 9, when the blank is folded to form
55 the container, lies within the container behind
The blank forming the container just described
may be of cardboard or other desired material 15
suitable for the purpose and said blank is made
in the shape described by cutting, stamping or in
other desired manner.
The above described blank is similar to the
blank forming the container disclosed in my pat- 20
ent, #1,944,098 but however, is adapted to have
the strip 11 fastened by glue or similar material
to the front of the container, the joint being at
the corner, instead of providing a blank having
front flaps held together by a match packet as 25
described in my patent. Therefore instead of
having a longitudinal slot in each ?ap as in the
patent, the slits or slots 25 are provided trans
versely so that the match packet will be held
longitudinally of the container as shown in Fig. 1, 30
instead of transversely of the container as shown
in the patent.
It will be readily understood also that the in
ventionis not limited to. the location of the joint
between the side "i and from; I‘. but Obviously 35
the same might be placed at any other desired
Figs- 3 and 4 Show a'further modi?ed form of
container which, While being substantially the
sam'e Container as that of Fig- 1 and resembling 40
the blank of Fig-_ 2, nevertheless. instead of hav
ing the portions of the blank which form closures
for the ends of the container connected by an
additional body portion 22 as in Fig- 2, this D01‘
tion is eliminated and ?aps are connected directly 45
to the back of the container- . In this embodi
ment the blank has crease lines 12' which form
a back 13', from N’. and sides 15’ and 16’. The
back 13' has the ?aps formed integrally there
The blank of Figs 3 and 4 is further provided
with crease lines l8’ and 15’ which form end
closures 20' and 2|’, the end closure 20’ having a
?ap 26 for insertion into the container between
the front l4’ and the cigarette Package- Llke- 55
9,1 17,848
wise the end portion 2|’ is provided with a ?ap
21 for similar insertion between the‘cigarette
package and the imnt II’ or optionally through
a slit 24'. In this blank a gluing strip l‘l' cor
responds to and is ‘used for the same purpose as
the gluing strip II in the preceding. ?gure and
Fig. 2. A container formed in accordance with
the disclosures of Figs. 3 and 4 may be preferable
in certain instances and requires less material,
10 since instead of long flaps, it has two short ?aps,
one forming an end closure ?ap and the other
forming a halt closure.
In Fig. 5 is shown a further modi?ed form of
container which is similar to the container shown
15 in Figs. 3 and 4. However, instead of the end
portions 20' and 2|’ and associated ?aps being
both attached to the back as shown in Figs. 3
and 4, the end portions 20" and 2|" are attached
respectively to the portions l3" and II" form
20 ing the back and front of the receptacle. In ad
dition, the sides l6" and 55" are extended to
provide ?aps 28 and 29 which cooperate with the
portion 20" of the blank to reinforce one end of
the container and assist in forming closures
25 therefor. Otherwise, the construction is similar
to that of Figs. 3 and 4, the joint of course being
locatable in any position desired.
Figs. 7. 8 and 9 disclose a further modi?ed con
tainer of two part construction. In Fig. 9 a
30 blank is provided which when folded constitutes
an inner member which is slid into an outer
sleeve. The blank-of Fig. 9 is provided with.
crease lines 30 and 3! and 32 dividing the blank
into a bottom 33, ends 34 and 35, ?aps 36 and
35 31 and side ?aps 38, when the blank 01’ Fig. 6 is
folded. As shown in the lower left of Fig. '7 it is
adapted to be slid into a receiving sleeve which
consists of a rectangular blank provided with
crease lines and folded to form a bottom 39, top
40 40 and sides II and 42, the side 42 being pro
vided with a gluing strip 43 which is attached
to the top 40. As shown, a cigarette package
being placed in the inner member or folded
blank of Fig. 9 is slid into the cooperating receiv
45 ing sleeve forming blank in the manner shown
in the extended view of Fig. 7. If desired, the
portions 35 and 3‘! of the blank of Fig. 9 may be
made narrower, corresponding in width to the
portion 2| of the'blank of Fig. 2 to afford an
opening through which cigarettes may be re
moved from the package. The sleeve may have
its top 40 provided with slits 44 for reception of a
match packet as previously described.
To the container of either of the several ?gures
55 a match card or.match packet may be attached
in a number of ways. As shown in Fig. 1 the
match card is fastened to the container by hav
ing the ?ap of the match card inserted through
slots in the container. The container repre
sented by other ?gures or the drawing is con-'
structed with match card receiving slots.
In Figures 1 and 2 it will be noted that the
slots 25 for receiving the ?ap of the match card
are straight. However, these slots are preter
ably made in the form of angular slits as shown
at 25' in Figures 3 and 4, 25" in Figure 5, and 10
N in Figure 7. It will be seen that by forming
these slots angularly the match card ?ap is more
easily inserted.
In Figs. 6 and 8 containers are shown having
match cards ll attached respectively by stitching 15
and gluing. It will be readily understood that
the containers may have the match cards at
tached in either of the ways suggested or other,
desired manner.
If desired the end of each container may be 20
provided with a window or an opening by means
of which the brand of cigarettes may be seen,
the blank of Figs. 2 and 3 having a window 45
and 45’, the blank of Fig. 5 having a window 46
and the blank of Fig. 9 having a window 41.
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art
that various changes may be made in my inven
tion without departing from the spirit thereof
and I do not limit myself to what is shown in the
drawing and described in the foregoing speci?ca
tion but only as indicated in the appended claim.
I claim:
A container for a package of cigarettes com
prising a blank foldable to form a hollow sub
stantially rectangular open-ended cigarette
package-receiving body in which the cigarette
package is slidingly receivable, said body having
a double-walled side and constructed to ?t snugly
about the exterior of and substantially enclose
the package of cigarettes, said blank further hav 40
ing a portion integral therewith providing fold
able closure means for the ends and the double
wall on one side of the container. that portion
of the blank which forms the closure means for
one end of the container being of a width to 45
provide an opening in the container through
which cigarettes from the cigarette package
therein may be removed, the main body of said
blank being provided with a plurality of slots
in a single side of the double walled side portion 50
thereof for the reception of a match card, a por
tion of the match card being located between the
walls of said double-walled side oi.‘ the container
when the blank is folded.
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