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May 17, 1938‘
Filed July 19" 1937
"0wil "
v .Esusaw CZ BAKEQ
Patented ‘May 17, 1938
' unis
Reuben 0.‘ Baker, Coallnga, Calil'., assignor to
Baker Oil Tools, Inc., Huntington Park, Calih,
a corporation of California
Application July 19. 1937, Serial No. 154,455
1 Claim. (cl. 166-10)
This invention relates to appliances used dur
ing the operations of sinking an oil well bore and
particularly pertains to devices of the character
- disclosed in my prior United States Letters Pat
cut No. 1,561,768.
Arranged about theexterior of this member H
at equally spaced distances apart are ribs 32
formed of flat ?exible spring steel or other suit
able" material. The lower ends of these ribs it
are secured by welding or otherwise to the mem- 5
In this prior patent I have shown a collapsible
basket structure circumscribing a well casing at
a point along its length below cementing points
J in the casing so as to create a barrier between the
m casing and the wall of the well bore to enable trap
ping of cavings and prevent downward movement
of cement discharged from the cementing ports.
In this manner the blank casing of a combination
string may be cemented in without the cement
15 reaching the perforated pipe or the producing
zone. It has various other uses, such as enabling
cementing oil of intermediate water sands.
In this prior patent the basket was constructed
_ of an inverted frusto-conical canvas bag secured
0 to a plurality of longitudinally extending ?ex
lble arms secured at their lower ends to the cas
ing and ?aring outwardly so as to engage the wall
her II. From their lower ends the ribs extend
upwardly of the member at an angle thereto so
as to form an inverted frusto-conical framework
about the-member H.
The upper extremities of the ribs H are curved i0
inwardly and then upwardly to slidingly engage
the periphery of the member II as illustrated.
Securedv to the inner face of each rib i2 is a
“petal” Ill formed preferably of flexible sheet
brass or other similar and suitable material. lb‘
Each petal is narrower at its lower end than its
upper end so when assembled the “petals” will
form an imperforate inverted frusto-conical
basket surrounding the member H . The “petals”
overlap as illustrated so that the basket may be %
collapsed about the member II but the inherent
. spring qualities of the ribs l2 will tend to main
of the hole and hold the upper end of the bag in
tain it fully expanded.
contact therewith.
From the foregoing and from the drawing it
is obvious that the present cement basket is made
up of a number of circumferentially overle'p—
ping individual metal “petals” held in place with
reenforcing spring steel ribs. The normal condi
tion of the upper end of the basket is expanded so
that it will conform to the diameter of the hole
It is the principal object of my present inven
tion to provide a generally improved collapsible
basket structure of the character above discussed
which is entirely metallic in construction and
which will properly conform to the contour of
w the bore without chance of by-pass openings due
to folding or wrinkling.
One form which the invention may assume is
exempli?ed in the following description and il
lustrated by way of example in the accompanying
drawing, in which:
Fig. l is a view partly in side elevation and
ply in vertical section disclosing the preferred
form of my invention.
‘ Fig. 2 is a plan view thereof partly in trans
m verse section.
of Fig. 1.
into which the member H is run on the well cas
ing or tubing. When running in the hole, the
upward force 01‘ the mud ?uid tends to close in
the‘ "petals” to more or less conform to the out
side diameter of the member H so that any dls- 5m
tortion of the basket while it is being lowered into
the hole is thus avoided. Immediately upon the
member H, or the casing or tubing upon which
the basket is mounted, coming to rest in the bore,
. 3 is a transverse sectional view ‘taken on
line m4-
‘ ‘
the'mud pressure on the basket assembly is re- w
lieved, permitting the “petals” to expand to their
normal position with the upper portion of the
Fig. 4 is a view in elevation of one of thefpet- ' basket forming a seal against the wall of the hole.
als” forming the basket.
It is thus obvious that thereafter cement or
Fig. 5 is a view in side elevation showing the other material may be ejected from the casing or 4'5
' cement basket connected in a cementing string.
tubing, or member H, above the basket, and that
Referring more particularly to the accompany
the latter will prevent its passing downwardly
ing drawing, III indicates what is commonly. into the space around the tubing or casing below
mown as a cement basket for use‘ in forming a
50 barrier between a well casing or tubing and the
wall of the bore.
This device consists'of a nipple II or a section
of well casing or tubing or other cylindrical mem
her which may be incorporated in a string of cas
‘m ing or tubing.
the basket. ‘
The present device has a varied number of 50
uses, but its principal use is on a combination
string, that is, a single string of well casing com
posed of an upper section of blank casing and a
lower section of perforated casing, which is to be
run into the producing zone. The basket is posi
,tioned between these two sections so that the
concentric with respect thereto,'said basket com
out the cement reaching the producing zone.
While I have shown the preferred form of my
invention, it is to be understood that various
changes may be made in its construction by those
skilled 'in the art without departing from the
equal distancesv about said tubing and secured at
their lower ends thereto and extending longitudi
nally thereof with their upper ends spaced radi
ally outward from the tubing, and a- “petal” like
segment of relatively thin ?exible sheet metal
secured ,to each rib, the contiguous edges of said
“petals” circumferentially overlapping when the
section of blank casing may be cemented off with- I prising a plurality of ?exible metallic ribs spaced
spirit of the invention as de?ned in the appended
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is;
In combination with- a well tubing, a frusto
, conical basket therefor arranged about the ex
basket is in normal position so as to enable the
“petals” to move circumferentially with respect
to each other and enable the basket to be col
lapsed about said tubing, the upper extremities
terior thereof with its smaller end tightly em
of said ribs being curved inwardly and then up
bracing said tubing and with its upper and larger
end of a diameter normally considerably larger
than the exterior diameter of the tubing and,
wardly to slidably engage the exterior of said
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