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May 17, 1938..
Filed Oct. 25, 1957
Patented May 17, 1938
Edwin R. Gold?eld, University Heights, Ohio,
assignor to Picker X-Ray Corporation Waite
Manufacturing Division, Inc., Gleveland, Ohio,
a corporation of Ohio
Application October 25, 1937, Serial No. 170,810
3 Claims.
This invention relates to X-ray apparatus and
more particularly to an arrangement and form
of units thereof by which new technique in fluo
roscopy and radiology is facilitated.
The invention contemplates a table which may
be a tilting table, a pair of X-ray tubes disposed
one above and the other below the table, and
selective operation of the tubes by a single trans
former unit, objects of the invention including
10 such long narrow form and such location of the
transformer unit as to permit the shortest con
nections with the tubes, so that the apparatus
occupies less floor area, the upper tube is now
rigidly supported and there is least obstruction to
15 the operator of the apparatus.
The exact nature of this invention together
with further objects and advantages thereof will
be apparent from the following description taken
in connection with the accompanying drawing,
20 in which Figs. 1, 2 and 3 are conventionalized
views illustrative of an embodiment of the in
vention observed respectively as in plan, side
and end elevations, parts being broken away in
Fig. 3 to show units located beneath the table;
25 and Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic view illustrating
electrical connections for the parts.
With reference now to the drawing, I repre
sents generally a tilting table adjusted hori
zontally by its usual crank handle la to sup
30 port a patient in prone position. The table is
masked at the sides and ends as illustrated and
includes within the housing thus formed the
usual grid diaphragm assembly 2 and an X-ray
tube 3 both having the usual adjustability by the
35 operator through means including handle means
2a at the table side. The table may also be pro
vided with the usual ?uoroscopic screen 4.
5 is the upright of a tube stand having a base
6 back of and adjacent the table I with runners
40 Ba extending alongside the table between the
end frame parts illustrated, the tube stand hav
ing an arm 1 extending above the table I and
there carrying an X-ray tube head 8. The
tube stand construction permits the usual ad
45 justment of its tube head 8 lengthwise of the
base by movement of the upright 5 along the
base runners 6a, crosswise of the table by ad
(Cl. 250-34)
being low enough to be cleared by the arm 1 and
screen support column ta, in any adjusted po
The housing of the transformer unit, as it ap
pears in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, contains certain elec
trical apparatus appearing in Fig. 4, of capacity
suf?cient to serve one of the X-ray tubes 3, 8,
a controller unit, preferably mobile, not shown
and forming no part of the invention, being pro
vided to permit the operator to adjust the tube 10
operating conditions.
As ‘indicated in Fig. 4, the transformer unit
includes a high tension transformer l0, four
high tension rectifying valve tubes II, a ?lament
transformer l2 for each valve tube, and an 15
X-ray tube ?lament transformer l3, lines L1 to Le
leading from the control unit to the transformer
unit, lines L1 and L2 for control of the trans
former !3, lines L3 and L; for control of the
transformers l2, and lines L5 and L6 for control 20
of the transformer Ill.
The described parts within the transformer
unit have connections leading to the terminals
l4 and !5 within the housing, and the arrange
ment is such that these terminals supply high 25
tension current, the terminal I4 having two
conductors which together supply X-ray tube
?lament current.
The transformer housing has at its top four
terminals, Ma. and “lb at one end and [5a and 30
I517 at the other end, thereby providing a pair
for each of the terminals l4 and I5 within the
housing. The X-ray tube 8 has shockproof
cables 8a providing operating connections with
the terminals 14a and l5a, and the X-ray tube 3
has shockproof cables 3w providing operating
connections with the terminals Mb and l5b.
Switch means are provided within the housing
of the transformer unit for selectively connect
ing either X-ray tube with the transformer unit 40
for operation thereby subject to adjustment of a
controller l6 on the outside of the unit. Such
means is here conventionally shown as a double
pole double-throw switch 14’, a single-pole dou
ble-throw switch l5’, and the linkage ll inter
connecting both switches with the controller Hi.
In Fig. 4 the controller and switches are shown
as adjusted counterclockwise to connect the
X-ray tube 8 for operation by the transformer
unit, the tube 3 having no operating connec 50
tion. From this position the controller may be
justment of the head along the arm 1, and ver
tically by adjustment of the arm 1 up and down
50 the upright 5. Also as usual the tube head is
tiltably adjustable on the arm 1.
A transformer unit 9 of narrow, elongated adjusted clockwise approximately 90°, to dis
form, is located closely alongside the table at its connect the tube 8 and instead connect the
back, between the table and the base 6, and be
tube 3.
Conveniently, the table, tube stand, and 55
55 tween the end frame parts of the latter, the unit }
transformer unit rest upon the floor as indi
cated in Fig. 3, in close proximity to each other
as indicated in Figs. 1 and 3, so that the assem
bly is decidedly compact, its compactness as a
whole being due to considerable extent to the
long narrow form of the transformer unit 9.
Further, ordinarily the base of the tube stand
will be adjacent and alongside a wall of the room
in which the apparatus is located; thus in front
of the wall Figs. 1 and 2, and to the left of the
wall Fig. 3. The usual position of the operator
is at the side of the table removed from this
wall, from which position the operator may ac
complish most of the necessary adjustments of
the parts, including all adjustments of the tilt
ing table, the tube 3 and the Bucky tube, tilting
and lateral adjustment of the tube 8, most ad
justments of the ?uoroscopic screen 4, and all
adjustments of the control unit if the latter be
convenient to the operator at that location as it
usually is. For adjustment of the tube stand to
move the upper tube 8 vertically or lengthwise
of the table, it may be necessary for the opera
tor to step to the far side of the table between
the table and the tube stand base. The trans
former unit itself, however, is not particularly in
the way durng such operations, as the upright 5
of the tube stand may be approached either from
left or right.
For the occasional necessary adjustment of the
controller 16 for selection of the X-ray tube to
be operated, a remote control may be arranged
from the mobile control unit, but in any event
the transformer unit is always easily accessible,
if manual control only is provided.
This unit, being an expensive and heavy piece
of apparatus, and no technique requiring simul
taneous operation of both X-ray tubes, its
capacity need only be sufficient for operation of
one of the tubes.
And the necessary and pos
sibly dangerous high tension connections from
the transformer unit to the tubes are of the
shortest possible length and farthest removed
from both operator and patient.
What I claim is:
1. X-ray apparatus of the class described com
prising a table having an X-ray tube therebe
neath, a tube stand having a base adjacent said
table and an X-ray tube adjustable above the 5
table, transformer means located closely along
side said table and between said table and said
base and substantially midway between the ends
of the latter, and means providing shockproof
operating connections for selective operation of
either of said tubes from said transformer means.
2. X-ray apparatus of the class described com
prising a table having a patient-supporting face
and an X-ray tube therebehind, said table be
ing mounted for adjustment between horizontal
and vertical positions about an axis closer to
the foot end than the head end of said face, a
tube stand having a base adjacent said table
and carrying an X-ray tube for adjustment op
posite the table face when the table is in either
position, transformer means located between said
table and said base to be substantially flush with
said table face when the latter is vertically dis
posed, and means providing shockproof operat
ing connections for both said tubes from said ,
transformer means and including switch means
for selectively operating either tube.
3. X-ray apparatus of the class described com
prising a table having an X-ray tube therebe
neath, a tube stand having a base adjacent '.
said table, a column movable along said base,
and an X-ray tube carried by said column to be
adjustable above the table, said table having a
fluoroscopic screen adjustable therealong, with a
supporting member extending toward said tube ‘.1;
stand base, and movable in a path clearing said
tube carrying column, transformer means located
closely alongside said table and between said ta
ble and said base, and overhung by the path of
said screen supporting member, and means pro 40
viding shockproof operating connections for se
lective operation of either of said tubes from said
transformer means.
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