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Patented‘- Ms‘ 17,1938
' 2,117,910 ,
sari Rossman; New York, N. Y.,' assignor to Novel
vlew, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation 'of
New York
Application August 10, 1935, Serial No. 35,556 _
" 2 Claims.
(01. 88-731) -
This inventionrelates to hand-held stereoscopic - gear 8 _of sixteen teeth 9 adapted to engage and
viewers .of the type whereinv here is utilized a mesh with the perforations 2 of the ?lm, serving
‘ perforated ?lm tape having , erealong a series
as a rack. .Thegear 8 is keyed upon an axle l0 1.
of pairs of stereoscopic images. The viewing de
journaled in_ the hub ‘l and terminating in a
5 vice embodies a pair of binoculars and windows,, ‘knurled ?nger-knob II.‘ The framing 4 for guid- ’5
and the ?lm is threaded through a framing of the
ing the ?lm consists of a bottom plate l2 anda
device to bring said images in registry with the plate l3 thereover, which is provided with round
" ed edges l4 at itsjends and at’the window-open
‘One of the objects of the invention is to pro
ings 6 to'facilitate threading of the film through
i0 vide an economically manufacturable'and salable, the framing. The window-openings in plate 12 10'
e?iciently utilizable and operable,'and improved are preferably rabbeted as shown and?lled with
device wherewith to view stereoscopic pictures suitable panes i5 of translucent light dispersing
upon a ?lm tape.
material. Between the gear 8 ‘and the wall of
Another object'is' to provide a. device of the . hub 1 is located a yieldable spring plate It hav
15 above type having improved means for propelling
p and resting said ?lm tape while viewing the
ing at pair of projections l1, which continually 15
bear pressingly against the gear, Figs. 3, 4, there
thus being one suchprojection ‘for each eight
A further object is to provide ‘a device ‘ofthe 1 teeth of the gear, and the latter is provided with
above type having means for propelling and rest
a pair ‘of openings l8 adapted to receive and reg-.
20 ing the ?lm tape in either of opposite‘ directions," isterwith said projections when the gear is turned 20
- so- as to readily ‘and conveniently select I any
to bring‘the openings into alignment with the
picture along-the‘ ?lm for viewing.
projections. Due to this mechanism, the gear 8
A ‘further object is to provide a ‘device 'of the is capable of rotating freely during a fractional
said type with improved means for positively ' revolution thereof equal toa peripheral extent
25 registering any complementary‘ pair of the images -of eight of its-teeth, but will be yieldingly ar- 25
with said windows.
A still further object is to provide a device and
?lm offthis type with means to automatically
produce, registration‘ of the leading complemen
. v30 tary pair of the images with said windows upon
the threading of the leading end of .the ?lm.
through the device.
Other objects and advantages will hereinafter
- ‘
In the accompanying drawing,--
Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional elevation of the view
ing device shown in Fig. 1, on line 2—2,.
When the ?lm l is propelled through the frami
ing 4 any pair ofits complementary images A, B,
C may be brought into registry with the windows
6 andthe stereoscopic pictures thus viewed. ' The 30
image areas are so arranged upon the ?lm that
between the units comprising each complemen
tary pair, thereof are located two similar areas
:-._belonging- to .di?erent pairs of images, and it is
Fig. 1 shows a plan view of the stereoscopic
viewer of this invention.
rested between said fractional turns.
required that the ?lm be advanced to a distance 35
of two of the areas in order to‘ bring the succeed
ing picture to view. At each of the images is .
formed a multiple of-four- perforations 2, com- '
prising the continuity of the perforation-rack, as
40 Fig. 3 is" a transverse-sectional side elevation shown, and as each peripheral portion of gear 8, .40
of the viewing device shown in Fig. 2, on line 3-3. - between its openings l8, includes eight teeth the
A 'Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional plan view showing a free fractional'turns of the gear will advance the
detail of the viewing device.
. '
?lm to bring complementary pairs of‘the images
Fig. 51s a plan view, of a stereoscopic image ?lm in registry with windows‘ 6, and will yieldingly
_45 of this invention.
arrest the pictures when the openings l8 of \gear 45
, The ?lm I, rug. .5, is preferably 01' standard I come into engagement with the projections l1 '
cinematic dimensions, with standard perfora
oi spring-plate l6. Continuing the rotation .of
tions 2, and has‘printed therealong a plurality of the
gear 8 in either direction, therefore, will bring ,1
photographic complementary pairs of stereoscopic _ to- view any pair of "its stereoscopic images, which
I 50 images A, B, C, as shown. The viewing device 3 may be left stationary for viewing at the yield- 50
is-provided' with a framing 4 for receiving the v'i'nglv arrested positiongof thev gear, and the ?lm \
film I, binoculars 5 project from said framing, . may be also advancedthrough the frame 4, by ' '
and windows 6 are formed in said framing op-. merely drawing upon either extension- la, Fig," 2,
fposite to the said'binoculars. In the hubbed por
thereof, in which case the gear I meshingQ-ftvith 65 tion ‘I of the ‘framing 4 is rotatably mounted‘a the ?lm perforations will bring a complementary 55 .
pair of images into registry with the windows 6 at
each engagement of the holes I! with the projec
tions I], provided any one pair of the images has
been initially in such registry while said openings
and projections were in engagement.
As shown in Fig. 5, the initial end of the film
I is provided with a marginal portion l9 between
the edge 20 of they first image area 2| and the
terminal edge 22 of the ?lm, and the distance
10 between edge 22 and the last‘ perforation 23 is
alsopredeterminately fixed.
vice being adapted for threading the ?lm there
through, a toothed gear rotatably'mounted in
the device for meshing with the ?lm perforations,
means to arrest the rotation of said gear at pe
ripheral distances equal to the distances required
to advance the film- to bring succeeding comple
mentary stereoscopic images into registry with
said windows, ‘said ?lm being provided vwith a
predetermined terminal edge at‘ such distance
from the leading perforation thereof that when
When it is desired ‘ threaded through the device said edge will actu
to feed this ?lm in the viewing device, the gear
8 is ?rst placed byits knob H in the arrested
position, viz, with the openings l8 and projec
15 tions I‘! in yieldable engagement, and then the
?lm is inserted with its leading edge 22 through
the mouth 24 of the guiding track 'and fed for
ate one tooth of the gear to ‘cause the succeeding
tooth to enmesh with said leading perforation,
and. said predetermined edge being also at such
distance from its leading pair of stereoscopic
images that when enmeshing the ?lm with the
gear'while it is in said arrested position it will
wardly. Thereupon the ?lm-edge 22 strikes the
vertically projecting‘tooth 9a of the gear, and
bring, the leading pair of complementary images
forward feeding of the ?lm and resulting rota
spaced complementary stereoscopic ‘images, the
device including binoculars with oci?arly spaced
in registery with said windows upon the suc
ceeding arrested position of the gear.
20 rotating the latter causes the adjacent tooth 9b
to enter the leading perforation 23 and thereby _
enmeshes the gear with the ?lm.: The continued therefor having thereupon a series of ocularly
tion of gear 8 causes the initial complementary
images 2|, 25 to register with the windows 6 upon
the ?rst,“click” or engagement of the openings
windows for registering with said images, the de
vice being adapted for threading the ?lm there
l8 with the projections l1, and the automatic through, a toothed gear rotatably mounted in the
registering of all the other stereoscopic pictures devicefor meshing with the ?lm perforations,
of the ?lm with the windows is thereby effected . means to arrest the rotation of said gear'at pe 30
ripheral distances equal to the distances required
30 upon the arresting periods of gear 8 or resting
periods of the film, whether the latter is fed by to advance the ?lm to'bringlsucceeding comple
turning the knob H or drawing at either end of mentary stereoscopic images into registry with
said windows, and said ?lm being provided with
the ?lm, to view the pictures successively or se
a predetermined terminal edge at such distance
lectively in either direction.
' ~
from its leading pair of stereoscopic images that‘ - I
Variations may be resorted to within the scope
when threaded through the device and enmesh
of the invention, and portions of‘ the improve
ving the ?lm with the gear while it is in said are
ments may be used without others.
rested position it will bring the leading pair of
Having thus described my invention? claimt- ‘
1.. A viewing device with a perforated ?lm tape " complementary images‘ in registry with said win- ,
therefor having thereupon a series of ocularly
dows upon» the succeeding arrested position of
spaced complementary stereoscopic images, the
device including binoculars with ocularly spaced
_windows for registering with said images, the de-_
the gear.
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