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May 17, 1938.
Filed May 9, 1936
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fl. 6. Vila/Wafer
May 17, 1938.
Filed May 9, 1936
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W172 "£16 7’
Patented May 17, 1938
.1125; it‘f’i‘tif‘é'itit‘ti’itfts
1 Claim. (Cl. 158-1)
This invention relates to furnaces, and it is an ures 1 to 3 my improved furnace comprises an
object of the invention to provide a furnace hav
upper‘cylindrical member I and a lower'cylindrl
ing two vertically spaced heating chambers both
horizontally disposed and in desired ‘communica
cal member 2 of desired dimensions and in paral- ‘
stituting the primary heating chamber and the
lower chamber constituting the secondary heat
lel relation. The upper member I provides a
primary heating chamber A and the lower mem
ber 2 provides a secondary heating chamber B.
The front end of the upper member I is closed
ing chamber.
by a head 3 provided with a lining 4 of fire brick
tion one with the other, the upper chamber con
It is also an object of the invention to provide
10 a furnace of this kind comprising an upper pri
mary heating chamber and a lower secondary
heating chamber one in communication with, the
other, the upper or primary chamber having
means therein to eifect a spreading of the flame
16 therein to assure maximum heating eillciency by
The invention also has for an object to provide
a furnace of this kind which can be readily. em
ployed for heating air or water or other fluid, to
20 gether with means whereby the heating chambers
comprised in the furnace are eii'ectively main
and extending through the head 3 and lining 4 is
an oil nozzle 5 leading from a suitable source of
oil supply. This nozzle 5 extends inwardly of the
upper or primary heating chamber A and between
two baiile plates 6 and ‘I. The plates I and 1 are
vertically spaced and, extend entirely across the
chamber A with the upper plate 6 terminating a 15
distance inwardly from the rear end of the lower ‘
plate '1. These plates 6 and 1 are preferably of
cast iron and are held in assembled position in
any manner preferred. '
Intel-posed between the side marginal portions 20
of the plates 6 and 1 are the series of longitudi~
naliy spaced ?re bricks 8 there being one of such
tained in desired assembled relation. '
The invention consists in the details of con
struction and in the combination and arrange
25 mentoi’ the several parts of my improved furnace
series at each side. These ?re bricks, as herein
disclosed, are rectangular in form and are dis
posed transversely on an angle of approximately
whereby certain important advantages are at
thirty degrees although I do not wish to limit my
tained and the device rendered simpler,‘ less ex
pensive and otherwise more convenient and ad
vantageous for
as will be hereinafter more
fully set forth.
The novel features of my invention will herein
self in this respect. At a point directly in ad
vance of the nozzle 5 and at a point'beyond the
longitudinal centers of the plates 6 and ‘I is ar
ranged a ?re brick 9. This brick 9 is also rectan 30
gular in form with its flat faces at right angles
after be de?nitely claimed,
In order that my invention may be the better
to the longitudinal center of either of the plates
6 and 1.
In advance of this brick 9 and at opposite sides
same with reference to the accompanying draw
of its transverse center are provided the addi 35
ings, wherein:
tional ?re bricks Ill. There are preferably two
Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view ' of these bricks at each side of the brick I also
taken through an embodiment of my invention rectangular in cross section and with their ?at
as comprised in a hot air furnace:
faces arranged at about an angle of forty-five
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken sub
degrees with respect to the forward or front ?at 0
stantially on the line 2-2 of Figure 1 looking in face of the brick 9.
the direction of the arrow;
These several bricks 8, 9 and ill provide means
Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken for effectively spreading the ?ame from the nozzle
substantially on the line 1-4 of Figure 1 look
5 within the primary heating chamber A due, as
45 ing in the direction of the arrow:
is believed to be apparent, to the baiiiing action p5
Figure 4 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view of the bricks. These bricks I, 9 and III also re
taken through a furnace constructed in accord
tain the heat thus further assuring the creation
ance with another embodiment of my invention; and maintenance of an intense heat within the
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substantially chamber A.
on the line 5-5 of Figure 4;
The chamber A through its lower wall at its 50
Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view taken forward portion is in communication through the
transversely through a furnace constructed in coupling II with the upper forward portion of
accordance with a still further embodiment of my the lower or secondary heating chamber 3 and
understood, I will now proceed to describe the
In the form of invention as illustrated in Fig
the products of combustion are drawn down into
and through this lower or secondary heating
chamber B by the draft created through the flue
F. This ?ue F communicates with the lower por
tion of the chamber 13 through the rear or back
head l2 thereof.
vides a further path of travel ‘for the products
of combustion as drawn from the upper or pri
mary heating chamber I’ whereby the air within
. the casing or housing H’ is further heated.
Interposed within the lower portion of the
chamber B are the oppositely directed ba?ie plates
l4 and IS, the upper plate [4 extending inwardly
from the front head IQ of the chamber B while
the lower plate l5 extends inwardly from the
The embodiment of the invention as illustrated
in Figure 6 is substantially the same as the ?rst
embodiment except that the members I‘ and 2‘
are surrounded by the spaced jacket 21 providing
a water space‘ 28. The supporting standards 8
10 rear head (2 at a point preferably immediately v dlrectly coact with this jacket 21. In this em 10
above the point of communication of the ?ue F bodiment of the invention a hot water furnace is
with the chamber B. These ba?le plates l4 and provided or with equal facility vapor or other ?uid
I5 cause the products of combustion to travel in may be heated.‘
a tortuous path through the secondary heating
15 chamber B thus assuring maximum of heating
The members I and 2 are maintained in de
sired assembled relation by the standards 8 ar
ranged fore and aft of the members I and 2 at
opposite sides thereof. Each of these standards S
at suitable positions thereon are disposed on out
bows, as at ll, of such radii to snugly receive the
adjacent portions of the members I and 2. Each
pair of standards S are held in clamping en
gagement upon the members I and 2 by the in
terposed stay bolts l8.
In Figures 1, 2 and 3 I illustrate the members
I and 2 as arranged within an enclosing casing
or‘~housing H, certain of the walls of which being
provided in their lower portions with air inlet
openings I9 while the upper portion of this cas
ing or housing H is formed, as at 20, to allow for
the desired carrying off of the air heated within
From the foregoing description it is thought to
be obvious that a furnace constructed in accord
ance with my invention is particularly well adapt
ed for use by reason of the convenience and fa
cility with which it may be assembled and oper
ated, and itwill also be obvious that my invention
is susceptible of some change and modi?cation
without departing from the principles and spirit
thereof and for this reason I do not wish to be
understood as limiting myself to the precise ar
rangement and formation of the several parts
herein shown in carrying out my invention in 25
practice except as hereinafter claimed.
I claim:—
A heating unit comprising two vertically spaced
heating chambers in communication with each
other, a'discharge ?ue connected to the lower 30
portion of the bottom chambena pair of hori
zontally disposed vertically spaced apart plates
in the upper chamber extending across the width
trated in Figures 4 and 5 is substantially the
of said chamber, said plates having their front
ends abutting against the front wall of the upper 35
chamber and their rear or inner ends spaced in
same as that hereinbefore set forth with respect
wardly from the rear wall of the upper chamber,
to the ?rst form of my. invention except that the
a plurality of vertically disposed ba?le members
positioned adjacent the side edges of said plates
and extending inwardly thereof in parallel planes
the casing or housing H.
' The embodiment of the invention as in
upper member I' at its forward portionand to
one side of ‘its vertical center has in communica
tion therewith, as at 2|, an end portion of aleg
23 of a substantially U-shaped conduit 24. This
conduit 24 is horizontally disposed and is of de
sired dimensions and has its second side leg 25
in communication, as at 26, with the lower mem
ber 2' through the forward upper portion thereof
and to the side of the vertical center opposite
to the point of communication 20 of the leg 23
with the upper member I’. This conduit 24 pro
and at an oblique angle to the flow of gases
through the upper chamber, a fuel nozzle ex
tending through the front wall of the upper
chamber, a substantially centrally disposed baffle
in the upper chamber confronting said nozzle and
a second series of vertical baffles extending for
wardly of said latter ballle and disposed inwardly
of said ?rst named vertical bailles.
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