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May 17, 1938.
Filed Sept. 20, 1957
15y; ‘d BrOM/nGZZ
Patented May 17, 1938
Byrd Brownell, Ely, Minn,
Application September 20, 1937, Serial No. 164,775
1 Claim. (01. 224—2)
This invention relates to knife sheaths, and its
general object is to provide a sheath in which the
knife can be easily and expeditiously applied and
removed with respect thereto, but accidental
5 displacement, removal or loss therefrom is prac
tically impossible, in that the sheath includes
knife handle receiving means which forms a part
of the belt attaching means for the sheath, so
that when the sheath is applied to and worn on
10 the belt of the user, the handle receiving means
sets up a gripping engagement with the handle.
A further object is to provide a knife sheath
that is simple in construction, neat and novel in
appearance, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to
15 apply and remove with respect to the wearer, and
is extremely efficient in use and service.
This invention also consists in certain other
features of construction and in the combination
and arrangement of the several parts, to be here
20 inafter fully described, illustrated in the accom
head formation and formed on the flap 5 is a re
duced extension 6 that in turn has formed there
with to extend outwardly therefrom, a strip 1
which is looped upon itself and fastened to the
extension 6 by stitching or other suitable means,
after the strip is disposed through the slots 4, as
best shown in Figure 1, so that the loop‘ can be
disposed about the handle of the knife for grip
ping association therewith in a manner which
will be readily apparent upon inspection of Fig
ure 2.
The flap 5 is provided with a pair of spaced
parallel arranged slots 8 for the purpose of receiv~
ing the belt B or other suitable waist encircling
means of the wearer, and the free or apex end of
the flap‘ 5 is detachably associated with respect to
the tongue 3 through the instrumentality of snap
fastening means 9, in the form as shown, but of
course it will be understood that any type of
fastening means suitable for the purpose may be 20
panying drawing and specifically pointed out in
the appended claim.
In- describing the invention in detail, reference
will be had to the accompanying drawing where
From the above description and disclosure of
the drawing, it will be obvious that I have pro
vided a knife sheath that includes a pocket to
slots 4 disposed in parallelism with respect to
the tongue for receiving and gripping the handle
in like characters denote like or corresponding - receive the blade of the knife with a handle there 25
of disposed parallel with the tongue 3, for ar
parts throughout the several views, and in which:
Figure 1 is a front view of the sheath which rangement in the path of the loop provided by the
forms the subject matter of the present invention. strap ‘I for gripping association therewith, and
the ?ap 5 is secured to the belt B, by the passage
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken approxi
mately on line 2-2 of Figure 1, looking in the of the latter through the slots 8, as well as by the 0
snap fastening means 9. By providing the slots
3 O direction of the arrows.
4 in the tongue 3, it will be further obvious that
Figure 3 is a detail view of the belt attaching
and knife handle gripping means of my sheath. the loop is adjustable with respect to the tongue
Referring to the drawing in detail, it will be 3, for engagement with handles of various lengths.
It is thought from the foregoing description
noted that the body of my sheath is of the usual
that the advantages and novel features of the
35 elongated formation and includes a rear wall I
and a front wall 2 secured together adjacent the invention will be readily apparent.
It is to be understood that changes may be made
edges thereof by stitching or the like, as best
shown in Figure 1, to provide a pocket to receive in the construction and in the combination and
the blade of the knife A. The lower portions arrangement of the several parts, provided that (0
40 of the walls I and 2 are tapered in curved forma
such changes fall within the scope of the ap
tion to the lower ends, so that the body terminates pended claim.
What 1 claim is:
accordingly in a substantial point disposed in
A knife sheath comprising a body providing a
alignment‘ with the longitudinal center thereof.
The front wall 2 terminates in, a straight upper pocket for the blade of a knife, a tongue formed 5
4 end, in the form as shown, while the rear wall has
on the body and rising therefrom, said tongue
formed thereon and rising therefrom an extension having spaced parallel slots extending longitudi
providing a tongue 3 which has arranged therein , nally therein, means including a loop extending
and extending longitudinally thereof a pair of through the slots for adjustment with respect to
50 each other, as shown in Figure 1.
The tongue '3
has its sides reduced adjacent to the juncture
thereof with the rear wall I and the upper end
of the tongue is preferably rounded, as shown.
The belt attaching and knife handle gripping
member of my sheath as best shown in Figure 3
includes a flap 5 which is preferably of triangular
configuration to present a substantially arrow
of the knife, and a substantially arrowhead
shaped flap formed on the means and having
spaced parallel slots therein to receive the belt
of the wearer of the sheath for slidably securing
the flap to the belt, and means for detachably a5
securing the ?ap to the tongue.
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