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May 17, 1938-
Original Filed Aug. 21, 1936
5 40 49 .5255 53
‘56 ,
‘ 4r
r 75/ 54 4/ 5'5?”
‘ ‘ Patented May v17,1938
’ ; 2,117,960
Herbert s. Indge'and George, E. Hulbert, West-t1. ‘
‘ boro, Mass‘, assignors vto Norton’ Company,
Worcester‘, Mass, a corporation of ‘Massachu
‘ ‘, OrigInal‘appIication August2‘l, 1936, Serial‘ No.
“ ‘
- >
Divided and this application May 27,:
' 5
145,074 I‘
This invention relates to abrading machines,
‘ and more particularly to a footstock for support
the machine; ‘This mechanism comprises ai?uld
pressure cylinder 2|lhaving a slidably mounted
ing a' rotatable work piece. ‘This is a division of ‘ piston 2| contained therein. The piston 2| is
our copending application‘, Serial No. 97,232,‘ ?led connected‘ to one end ‘of the piston rod 22, the
‘August 21,
‘ ‘
‘ ,Ofne object‘ ofthe invention is ‘to provide a
‘simple and. thoroughly‘practic'al footstock for
on opposite sides so as to slide freely within an
supporting'a cylindrical work piece in an abrad
elongated slot 24‘ formed ,within an enlarged por
tion at the lower end of the piston rod.22.v The
ing ‘machine, such as a camshaft lapping‘ma
10 chine.
A further'object of this invention is to
stock center is moved to and from a proper posi
tion‘ by means of a togglelevermechanism. An
other object of the invention is to provide an im
proved footstock in whlch‘a fluid pressure actu
ated toggle lever mechanism is provided for‘ mov
ing the footstock‘center toward or from an opera
tive position. Other objects will be ‘in part ob
vious or in part pointed‘out hereinafter.
tures of construction, combinations of elements,
and arrangements of parts, as will be exempli?ed
in the structure to be hereinafter described, and
thescope of ‘the application of which will be indi
sleeve l5. The sleeve 29 is held against rotation
by means of a pin 3| carried by sleeve |5 and
The invention accordingly consists in the fea
25 cated inthe following ‘claims.
pin 23 serves as a central pivotal connection be
tween a' pair of toggle levers 25 and 26. The
other end of the toggle levers 26 is connected to
the footstock frame I!) by means of a stud 21.
The other end of the'toggle levers-25 is connected
by stud 28 ‘with a slidably mounted sleeve 29 15'
which slides within an aperture 30' within the
.‘ ‘provide an improved footstock in which a foot
other end of, which is connected to a pin 23.
The central portion of the ‘pin 23 is slabbed oil
which rides within an elongated slot 32 in sleeve
29. A spring 33 is contained within the sleeve 29 20
and is interposed between‘the end of the ‘sleeve
29 and the thrust collar 34.
When ?uid under pressure is admitted .to cyl
inder chamber 36, the toggle levers 25 and 26 are
moved from full line positions 25 and 25 into .the 25
In ‘the accompanying ‘drawing; in which is
shown one of various possible‘ embodiments of
serves to move the sleeve 29 toward the right.
the mechanical features of this invention,v '
This movement serves to move the sleeve l5 and '
dotted line positions 25a and 26a (Fig. 1) which
Fig. l is a sectional view through the improved . footstock center |2 into an inoperative position.
‘footstock showing vthe toggle lever mechanism
In order readily to vcontrol the movement of
and‘ the fluid pressure actuated drill mechanism
Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view through the foot
stock control valve, taken approximately on the
line 2-—2 of Fig. 1;
Fig. ,3His‘ ‘a, longitudinal sectional view taken
approximately on the line 3--3 of Fig. 1; and
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary horizontal sectional
view, taken approximately on the line 4—4 of
Fig. 1.
The‘improved footstock III has been illustrated
in the drawing for rotatably supportinga work
piece ina grinding or lapping machine, such as
a camshaft lapping machine.
The footstock i0 supports a rotatable footstock
spindle II which in turn carries a footstock cen
ter, i2. The spindle II is journaled in bearings
l3 and i4 within a hollow slidably mounted sleeve
l5. The sleeve i5 is' slidably keyed by means of
950 the‘key i6 within an aperture I‘! in the footstock
A fluid pressure actuated mechanism is pro
vidingv for moving a footstock center | 2 rapidly
to and from an operative position to support a
rotatable work piece, such as a camshaft, within
the footstock center, a control valve 401s formed
integral with the cylinder 20. The valve 40 is
preferably of a piston type andiserves to control
the admissionof fluid under pressure passing
through the pipe 4| to the cylinder. A control
lever 42 which is pivotally mounted on a stud 43
carried by a bracket 44 formed integral with the
valve casing is connected by a stud 45 with a
spool shaped head 46 carried on the end of a valve
stem 41. Formed integral with the valve stem 40
41 are the valve pistons 5|, 52 and 53. 'A valve
chamber 54 is formed between the valve pistons
5| and 52 and a valve chamber 55-is formed be
tween the valve pistons 52 and 53. In the posi
tion shown in Figs. 2 and 3, the valve piston 52
closes and prevents passage of ?uid through the
inlet pipe or port 4|. When it is desired to cause
the piston 2| to move upwardly to withdraw the
footstock spindle i5 and center |2 to an inoperar
tive position,.the lever 42 is rocked in a clockwise 50
direction to shift the valve stem 41 toward the
left (Fig. 2) to allow ?uid under pressure passing
through the pipe or port 4| to enter the valv
chamber 55 and to ‘pass through the passage 4
into the lower cylinder chamber 36 to cause the 55
' 2.
piston 2| to move upwardly and thereby shift the by said piston to move said sleeve and center to
toggle'levers 25 and 26 from their full line posi > and from an operating position, and a control
tion (Fig. 1) into dotted line positions 25a and valve which is ?xedly supported on the steadyrest
28a, thereby withdrawing the footstock center l2
to 'an inoperative position.
frame to admit fluid under pressure to move the
footstock center either toward or from ‘an op
During the upward movement of the piston, ‘ erating position.
?uid within the upper cylinder chamber 50 passes i 2. A footstock for an abrading machine com‘
outwardly through the passage 49 into the valve prising a footstock center, a slidable sleeve, anti
chamber 54 and out through the passage 56 which friction bearings between-the center and sleeve,
is connected‘ by a pipe v(not shown) to return the a second sleeve slidably mounted within the ?rst 10
?uid to a reservoir or sourceof supply.
sleeve,,a spring interposed between said, sleeve,
‘Similarly, when it is desired to'move the cen
a ?uid pressure piston and cylinder, a pair of
ter l2 into an operative position, the lever 42 toggle levers connected to said pistons, one of
is moved in a counterclockwise direction to shift said togglexlevers being connected to‘ the frame,
15 the valve stem 41 toward the right. (Fig. 2) so
connections between the other togglev lever and 15
that ?uid under pressure passing through the said secondsleeve, and means including a manu
pipe 4| enters the valve chamber 54 and passes ally operable control valve to admit ?uid under
through the passage 49 into cylinderchamber 50 .pressure to said cylinder. to open or close said
to move the piston 2i downwardly into the posi
toggle levers so as to move the footstock center
20 tion shown in Fig. 1, thereby shiftingvthe toggle
either toward or from an operativeposition.
levers 25 and 25 from the dotted line positions
3. A footstock for an abrading machine com
2511 and 26a into the full line positions, as ‘shown. prising a footstock frame, a slidably mounted
in Fig. 1.
' During tliedownward movement of the piston,
25 ?uid within the cylinder chamber 36 ‘exhausts
sleeve supported therein, a_.rotatable work sup
porting centerlcarried withinsaid sleeve, a ?uid
pressure piston‘ and cylinder operatively con
through the passage‘ 48 into the valve chamber
nected to move said spindle toward or from an
55 and out through the exhaust passage 56.
The operation of the improved footstock will be
readily apparent from‘ the foregoing disclosure.
30 By the manipulation of the control lever 42 the
footstock center I 2 may be moved into and/or.
operative position, and yieldable means inter
posed between the piston andcylinder and spindle
away from an operative position relative to the
work piece. The footstock I0 is operatively ad
justed along its supporting base so that when the
35 toggle levers 25 and‘lt‘i are in a closed position,
that is in a‘straight' line position, it holds the
footstock center i2 in operative engagement with
the work piece, and the spring 33 will be under
compression so that the footstock center is main
40 tained in yielding engagement with the work piece
during operation of the machine.
It will‘thus be seen that‘ there has been pro
vided byithis invention apparatus in which the
various objects hereinabove set forth together
yieldably to maintain the center in an operative _ v
4. A footstock for an abrading machine com
prising a footstock frame, a. slidably mounted
sleeve supported therein, a work center carried
thereby, a slidable sleeve-within said ?rst named
sleeve, a spring interposed between said sleeves,
and means including a ?uid'pressure piston and
cylinder and a control valve on said frame ‘which
are operatively connected to move said second
sleeve to compress said spring and to move the
spindle and center into yielding engagement with‘
a work piece.
5.‘ A footstock for an abrading machine com
prising a footstock frame, a slidable sleeve sup
ported therein, a footstockicenter carried by said
sleeve, a second sleeve slidably mounted within
the ?rst sleeve, a spring interposed between said
sleeves, a ?uid pressure piston and cylinder, a
vertically arranged ?uid pressure piston and cyl
bodiment above set forth, it is to be understood ' inder, a pair of toggle levers which are operatively ,
that all matter hereinbefore set forth or shown connected between the piston and second sleeve
in the accompanying drawing is‘ to be inter . yieldably to move the ?rst sleeve and centerlnto 60
preted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense. an operative position in yielding engagement with
We claim:-—
a work piece,‘and a manually operable'control
1. A footstock for an abrading machine com-, valve formed integral with said cylinder which is
prising a footstock frame, a movable footstock arranged to move the center to and from an op
45 with many thoroughly, practical advantages are
successfully achieved. As many possible em
bodlments may be made of the above invention,
and as manychanges might be made in the em
center, a slidable sleeve supporting said center,
a ?uid pressure piston ‘and cylinder, said cylin
der being ?xedly mounted on said steadyrest
frame, a pair of toggle levers which are operated
crating position.
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