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May 17, 1938;
_ 2,117,989
Filed Oct. 6, 1936
9 “My, ,1? 2%’;
Patented May 17, 1938
Arthur P. Ryan, Jackson Heights, N.. Y.
Application October 6, 1936, Serial No. 104,205
1 Claim. ' (01. 150-34)
The purpose of this invention is to provide a
device, such as a hook, on.the inside of a lady’s
handbag for-readily holding a key so that the
key will be suspended in the upper part of the
. hand-bag and may readily be found.
The invention is a plate or other device having
a hook or hooks thereon which may be mounted
or supported on the inside of a hand-bag, either
in front of or behind the lining, and it is preferred
to support the plate by pins extending through
the wall of the hand-bag from a letter or orna
a hook or hooks, extending outward from a plate,
and means mounting the plate on the inside of a
Other features and advantages of the invention
will appear from the following description, taken 5
in connection with the drawing, wherein:
Figure 1 is a view showing a hand-bag with
part broken away showing keys on hooks on the
interior thereof.
Figure 2 is a view looking toward the opposite 1o
' corner of the hand-bag shown in Figure 1' showing
ment on the exterior, however, the plate may be an initial on the outer surface of the hand-bag
supported from the frame, lining, or“ by any ,with the key plate indicated by dotted lines on
15, A lady's hand~bag generally contains various the interior of the bag, and supported by pins
from the initial.
objects, and is generally ?lled with quite a num
Figure 3 is a cross section through one side of
ber of relatively small objects or devices, so that
when a key is placed in the bottom thereof, it is
the hand-bag showing a portion thereof, and
the upper part of the hand-bag, and to provide
construction, in which the initial is replaced by
ornaments threaded on studs extending from the
hook plate.
Figure 5 is also a similar view showing another
alternate design in which the hook is made in- 25
tegral with the hand-bag and suspended from the
showing the initial on the outside with the plate
very di?lcult to locate, even when the key is on a
having the hooks thereon on the inside.
ring key container and, therefore,“ is desired to ,
Figure 4 is a similar view showing an alternate 20
provide means for suspending the key adjacent
means in the form of an attachment whereby the
hook ,and the, attaching means may be purchased
independent of the hand-bag and readily applied
or installed by a novice; and although it is ap
preciated that keys may be placed in pockets or
held by snaps, neither of ‘ these have been
found practical, and do not solve the problem and,
30 therefore, it is desired to provide means for
mounting and supporting a hook or hooks on the
inner wall of the bag and adjacent the upper
edge thereof upon which keys may be placed and
removed with one hand, and which will suspend
the keys in such a position that they may readily
be found.
The object of the invention is, therefore, to
provide a hook‘ in the form of an attachment that
may readily be applied to hand-bags.
Another object is to provide meansfor readily
attaching a hook on 'the inside of a hand-bag
rim‘ thereof.
Figure 6 is a detail, showing aportion of a
hand-bag showing-the plate shown in Figure 5;
in which the plate extends behind the lining of 30
the bag.
Figure 7 is aview showing another alternate
design, in which the hook is provided as a sep
arate and independent unit, and adapted to be
hooked over the edge of the bag or the edge of 35
a partition therein or of a pocket in the bag.
Figure. 8 shows another alternate design in
which the hooks are placed on a spring clip that
may extend inward from one end of the bag.
Figure 9 is a detail showing a construction
which is su?iciently simple to permit being at
somewhat similar to that shown in. Figure 4,'with
tached by any one.
the ornaments threaded on studs and extending
Another object is to provide a hook thatvma'y‘
readily be attached to hand-bags which may
into the wall of the hand-bag.
Figure 10 is a view showing a modi?cation of 45
the device shown in Figures 1 to 3 showing a
readily be removed and used on another bag.
Another object is to provide a key hook on the
inside of a hand-bag which may be supported by
letter and plate of an alternate design. ,
an ornament or the like on the outside of the
which the hook is mounted on a piece of tape or
'Figure' 11 shows another alternate design in
the like that may be attached to the lining of 50
And a still further object is to provide a hook ‘ the hand-bag by a pin or sewed directly therein.
adapted to be installed on the inside of a lady's
In the drawing, the device is shown as it may,
hand-bag which is of a simple and economical be made, wherein numeral l indicates the hook.
With these ends in view the invention embodies
numeral 2 the supporting plate upon which the
hook is mounted, and numeral 3 the letter or u
' 2
ornament that may be placed on the exterior of
internally threaded shank 30 that screws over'a - ‘
the bag.
bag from a plate 33 upon which a hook or hooks
stud 3| extending through the wall 32 of a hand
In the design shown in Figures 1 to 3, the
hooks i extend outward from’ the plate 2, and
34 may be mounted. It will be understood, there
fore, that a single hook may be directly attached
the plate 2 is supported from the letter or or
nament 3 by pins or prongs 4 that extend through
to a hand-bag by a threaded stud extending
through the wall thereof, and the stud may _
the material forming the wall of the hand-bag
and also through openings 5 in the'plate 2, and
be held by a single button on the outside of the
their ends are then clinched over the plate. The bag or several hooks may be used on a plate‘
plate may be plain or may be provided with em-' ' and supported by similar buttons or by orna 10
'bossed surfaces 6 providing recesses for the points
of the pins, however, it will be understood that
the points of' the pins may be riveted in place
"In the design shown in Figure 11, a hook 35 is
mounted upon a tape or plate 36, and this may be
as shown in Figure 3 or may be'protected or attached to the inner lining of a hand-bag by a
pin 31 or by any means. It will also be under
15 covered in any manner. It will also be under
stood that any number of pins or holding devices
stood that one or any number of hooks may be .
used and the hooks may be of any size, shape, may be used, and it will be appreciated that the
or design. It will also be understood that the hook may be mounted on tape or on a plate~or
letter 3 may be made in different designs, and used in combination with any mounting means 20
letter desired may be used. The letter N is desired.
It will be understood that other changes may
shown in Figure 2, and the letter 0 shown in
made without departing from the spirit of the
Figure 10, in which it is indicated by the numeral be
1, and it will be understood that any letter may invention. One of which changes may be in the
be used, and the inner plate which is indicated use of other means for mounting a hook or other
by the numeral 8 in Figure 10 may, be of any open key-holding device in the upper part of
shape or design to accommodate any letter or to a hand-bag, another may be in the use of other
accommodate any ornament. The plate shown means for building the mountingmeans into the
in Figure 10 is secured to the letter by rivets or hand-bag, and still another may be in the use of
pins 9.which may extend through the wall of the a hook of any other type or description.
The construction will be readily understood
30 hand-bag, and this plate may also be provided
with hooks It! as shown.
from the foregoing description. In use, it is pre
In the design shown in Figure 4 the inner plate ferred to manufacture and sell the hooks stamped
l l is provided with a hook l2 and threaded studs from thin plates with vpin receiving openings
l3 extend through the wall M of the hand-bag,’ therein in combination with letters, ornaments,
or the like, having pins or prongs adapted to be
ornaments l5 may be screwed thereon to se
cure the plate in place. These ornaments may placed through the wall of a hand-bag and
be of any type or design and as many as may be
desired may be used.
In the design shown‘ in Figure 5 a hook l6
extends downward from an upper frame mem
ber ll of the upper edge of the hand-bag, and
this may be made integral with the frame or at
tached thereto in any manner, and may extend
downward on the outside of the lining as shown
in Figure 5, or‘may extend under the lining as
shown in Figure 6, in which the lining is indi
cated by the numeral I8, and the hooks or hook
l6 are mounted upon a plate l9 shown in dotted
It will be understood that the hook may be pro
through the openings in the supporting plates,
and the pins are then bent or crimped over se
curing both the letter or ornament and the plate
with the hook or hooks thereon in place and se 40
jcurely held to the hand-bag. With the hook
mounted in this manner a key may readily be
placed thereon and removed therefrom with one
hand, and with the hook conveniently positioned
in the upper part of the hand-bag the key is al
ways at the disposal of the person using the hand
bag, and it is not necessary to endeavor to locate
it in the bottom thereof.
Having thus fully described .the invention, .
what I claim as new, and desire to secure by
vided as a separate element as shown in Figure '7,
Letters Patent, is:
in which the hook is indicated by the ‘numeral 20,
and the supporting plate 2| is provided with a
clip 22 that may be snapped over the edge of a
pocket 23 in the hand-bag 24 shown in Figure 1
supporting plate positioned on the inner surface
or over any part of the hand-bag.
A U-shaped clip 25 is shown in Figure 8, and
this may be snapped over the edge 26 of a hand
bag 21, and hooks 28 may be formed on the inner
end thereof as shown;
The design shown in Figure 9 is somewhat
similar to that shown in Figure v‘i except that the
ornaments are replaced by a button 28 having an
In combination, a lady’s hand-bag, a hook
of said hand-bag with a U-shaped open top hook
thereon adapted for easy removal and replace
ment of a key or the like, and an ornament po
sitioned on the outside of the hand-bag with
extending through the material forming the
of the hand-bag and into openings in the'
plate on the inside, said pins being bent
to secure the plate and ornament in place.
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