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May 11, was.
Filed April 23, 1934
SKULI smyusssox.
BY .
Patented May 17, 1938
Sk?li Gunnlaugsson, Rio Vista, Calif.
Application April 23, 1934, Serial No. 722,024
1 Claim.
(Cl. 131-42)
purpose of illustration is shown a preferred em
adapted to be used by tobacco smokers and has . bodiment of my invention, the numeral 8 desig
nates the bowl of the pipe which may be of any
particular reference to a tobacco pipe so con
structed that it will readily prevent oily and solid desired shape and size. ' Projecting angularly
constituents, such as nicotine and free carbon from the lower part of the bowl member is a
contained in tobacco, from reaching the mouth tubular stem 9 that communicates with the
bowl through the medium of a passage 12. This
of the user.
A further object is to equip the pipe with stem or barrel portion has a reduced extremity
This invention relates to a class of articles
means that will serve to effectively collect and
10 absorb within the pipe the products of combus
Another object of the invention is to provide in
the pipe, absorbent holding means which absorb
ent can be quickly and conveniently replaced by
15 a fresh piece of absorbent after the original ab
as indicated at 13, the purpose of which will be
later described. Projecting from the passage [2 10
and extending into the tubular stem. is a tube [4.
The said tubular stem de?nes a chamber 15, in
which is positioned a piece of absorbent A con
forming to the con?guration disclosed in Fig. 7,
which by virtue of its upper curved surface, will 15
sorbent has served its purpose.
An additional object is toprovide inthe pipe
underlie the tube I4 so as to receive thereon any
nicotine or foreign matter that may be drawn
construction a cooling chamber whereby the
smoke drawn through the pipe may be readily
20 cooled before reaching the smoker.
A still further object is the provision of a pipe
of the character described which is economical
to manufacture, simple in construction and
In the open end of the barrel or stem there is
detachably secured a mouthpiece [6 having a
longitudinal bore I‘! provided therein that com
municates with a cooling chamber I8 provided in
highly efficient in use.
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
during the course'of the following description.
In the accompanying drawing-forming a part
of this speci?cation and in which like numerals
are employed to designate like parts throughout
the same,
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a tobacco pipe hav
ing my invention applied thereto,
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the arrange
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view of a portion
of the pipe barrel and mouthpiece,
Fig. 4 is a transverse vertical section through
the barrel the view being taken on the line 4-4
of Fig. 2, and
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the absorbent.
Great inconvenience has been experienced by
pipe smokers due to the accumulation of nicotine
and other juices in the pipe that often reach the
mouth of the smoker. Furthermore when a pipe
has been smoked for a considerable time the
smoke often becomes heated with a resultant
burning of the tongue of the smoker. The in
terior of the ordinary pipe is often dii?cult to
clean due to the interior being inaccessible. To
50 overcome these inconveniences I have provided
means for readily absorbing the nicotine, means
for cooling the pipe and means for permitting
ready disassembling of the pipe so that access
can be had thereto. _.
In the accompanying drawing wherein for the
through the tube toward the lips of the smoker.
said mouthpiece. In order that the correct loca-_
tion of the longitudinal bore may always be easily,
determined by the smoker, I have provided on
the upper surface of the mouthpiece adjacent
its point of engagement with the stem portion, a
circular knurled portion l9.
In the operation of the device, the tobacco to
be smoked is ?rst placed in the bowl and when
lighted the smoke will be drawn through the tube
I4 into the cooling chamber l8 thence out
through the bore I’! to the mouth of the smoker.
Any products of combustion such as nicotine
or other oily substances or in fact any foreign
matter will be deposited on the absorbent A and
by capillary attraction the said absorbent will
readily absorb and extract from the tobacco the
free carbon and‘ the like, thus preventing all bit
ing and burning sensations of the tongue of the
person when smoking and realizing a cool smoke.’
It is to be understood that the form of my in
vention herewith shown and described is to be
taken as a preferred example of the same and
that various changes relative to the material,
size, shape and arrangement of parts may be
resorted to. without departing from the spirit of
the invention or the scope of the subjoined claim.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A smoking pipe comprising a bowl, a stem ex—
tending from the bowl and having a passage
communicating therewith, said stem having a
reduced outer end and a chamber therein extend
ing from the outer end of the passage, a tube se
cured in the passage and extending therefrom
for disposal in the chamber, a mouthpiece
mounted on the reduced end of the stem and
having a chamber at the inner end thereof com
municating with the chamber of the stem, said
mouthpiece having a bore extending there
through at an upward inclination for disposing
the inner end thereof in communication with
the chamber of the stem adjacent to the outer
end of the latter for arrangement above and
10 substantially in registration with respect to the
tube, an individual elongated concavo-convex
strip of absorbent material mounted in and ?tting
the chambers with the concaved portion upper
most to underlie the outlet end. of the tube, said
strip having its opposite ends contacting the end
walls of the chambers to provide a trap, and an 5
indicating means on the mouthpiece to determine
the position of the inner end of the bore thereof
whereby to dispose the same in proper relation
ship with respect to the tube.
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