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May 24, 1938.
|„ ¿LOOM
Filed April 10, 1936
Patented May 24, 1938
_ Israel Bloom, New York, N. Y.
Application` April 10, 1936, Serial No. 73,669
2 Claims. (Cl'. 132-82)
This invention relates to compacts forV face
powder, rouge and the like.
Special objects of the invention are to provide
a simple, attractive and entirely practical form
of compact, which will hold an ample supply of
powder in a cubical form' adapted to leave room
A built-in rouge compartment is shown at I5,
occupying. the other corner and lower portion of
the box, the same providing a means for conñning 5
the removable powder box in its particular cor
in a small case for a full thickness powder puff
and which will keep the powder in a proper loose
condition and will deliver the same to the puff,
held at the outside of the case, in amounts exactly
as required and without wasting or scattering` the
This particular arrangement described leaves a
full depth space at I6, at the left hand side of
the box above the rouge compartment I5, for a
full thickness powder puff I1. The latter is
shown as occupying this full depth space, guided
and held at the bottom by a flange I8, projecting
Other objects and the novel features of con
struction, combinations and relations of parts
15 by which the objects are attained are set forth
the case beneath the cover hinge I9.
the claims.
effecting positive discharge of the same, there is
provided in the illustration, agitating and feed
ing mechanism in the form of a rod 20, extending
through the top of the powder box to a bearing
2|, inv the bottom of the box, said rod carrying
a powder propelling blade or blades 22, operating
over the discharge openings 23, in the bottom
of the box and the entire rod assembly being
yieldingly forced downwardly in this position by
a coiled spring 24, about the rod, engaged with
the powder expelling paddle at the bottom and
The drawing accompanying and forming part
regards this particular illustration, all within the
true intent and broad scope of the invention.
Fig. 1 is a broken part sectional front View of
the open compact.
Fig. 2 is a broken side and part sectional view
as on substantially the plane of line 2-2 of Fig. l.
Fig. 3 is a bottom view> of the article.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view as
I' on substantially the plane of line 4_4 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 5 is an enlarged broken sectional detail
of the lower portion of the case, powder container
and agitator with the cover slide in closed posi
Fig. 6 is a similar view showing the cover slide
withdrawn to uncover the powder discharge open
The case is designated 1, and is shown as hav
40 ing a hinged front cover 8, carrying a mirror 9,
at the underside of the same.
The bottom of the case is shown as having a
powder discharge opening Ill, controlled by a
cover II, sliding through a guide slot I2, in the
adjoining side wall of the case.
Within the case, above the bottom powder dis
charge outlet is a powder chamber, here shown
as a separately formed box I3, of a depth sub
stantially equal to 'the full available depth of
the case and of elongated shape, nearly the full
vheight of the case. This powder box is shown
confined in the lower corner portion and against
the right hand side of the case by a spring hold
55 ing catch I4, extending from the back wall of the
up from the rouge compartment and as extend
ing at the top up into~ the upper rounded end of
in the following specification, illustrated in the
accompanying drawing and broadly covered in
of the specification illustrates a practical embodi
ment of the invention, but it will be appreciated
that changes and modiñcations may be made as
case and engaging over the upper end of the
powder box.
For preventing caking of the powder and for
engaging the upper wall of the box as an abut
ment at the top. A handle or thumb turn 25, 30
on the upper exposed end of the rod provides a
convenient means by which this agitator and
powder expelling device can be turned.
The powder box has. a suitable cover 26, pref
erably in the top of the box as indicated, so that 3
it may be opened and the box be ñlled with fresh
powder without removing the box from the case.
The rouge compartment is shown as similarly
equipped with an easily opened cover 21, provid
ing access to the rouge puff and powder.
The bottom of the case is indicated as having
a turned in ilange 28, at the front edge of the
same forming a guide' for the slide and to pre
vent the slide being accidentally withdrawn from
the guideway so provided, cooperating limit stops
may be provided, such as the downward pro
jection 29, Fig. 6, on the bottom of the powder
box for cooperation with a recess 30, in the slide.
A second recess 3|,in the slide is positioned to
cooperate with the detent 29, in the closed posi
tion of the slide, Fig. 5, to yieldingly retain the
slide in this position. The lower end of the
agitator rod 2U, is shown in Fig. 5 as projecting
sui’ñciently to enter the first recess 30, for yield
ingly retaining the slide in the closed relation.
When the main cover is opened as in Figs. 1
and 2„ the powder puff I1, may be removed
and held below the powder discharge opening in
the bottom of the box. Then when the cover
slide is pulled out and the thumb knob is turned
any desired amount of powder will be siited or
discharged onto the puff. In this feeding opera
tion, the powder in the box willrbe agitated and
any caking tendency overcome. This agitation is
10 substantially the full length of the box, since the
spring as well as the powder propelling paddle
has an agitating effect on the powder.
As the
discharge is to the outside, no loose powder is
released in the case and the case can thus always
be kept neat and clean. Only as much powder as is
actually required need be discharged at any time,
so the device is economical in the use of powder.
The deep space alongside the elongated powder
box provides room for a fluiîy full thickness form
of powder puff and because of the agitating effect,
the powder can be kept in a full» depth form of
powder box, such as indicated. The cover 26,
extending as it does substantially the full length
ofthe powder box, enables the complete contents
to- be readily inspected at any time, or if desired,
to be fully removed and be replaced withfresh
material. The spring mounting of the agitating
shaftv permits this shaft to be bodily lifted by the
thumb knob „'25, for purposes of agitation or
30 breaking‘up any material that may have caked.
The _removability of this powder box enables dif-v
ferent boxes oí powder to be quickly substituted
in thersame case.
'I'he spring 24 holds the pow
der discharging shaft in the position in which it
is left, preventing it from shaking loosely around
and exerting a powder discharging tendency,‘with
movements of the case.
' What is claimed is:
1. A powder compact comprising a case hav
ing a bottom wall with a discharge opening
therein and a side wall with a guide slot directly
above said bottom wall, a slide operating in said
guide slot to cover and uncover said bottom open
ing, a powder compartment in the said case above
said slide and provided with a discharge opening
in line with the discharge opening in the case,
an agitating and powder discharge member oper
, able in said powder compartmentabove the dis
charge opening therein and provided with an op
erating member at the outside of said compart
ment, said agitating and discharge member in
cluding a shaft element projecting through the
lower end of the powder compartment into the
plane of said cover slide and said cover slide hav
ing a depression for receiving said projecting end
of the shaft element.
2. A powder compact comprising a flat shallow ZO
case having a bottom wall with a discharge open
ing therein, a closure slide operating over lsaid
bottom opening, a powder compartment in said
case above said slide and arranged to discharge
through said discharge opening in the case, an 25
agitating and powder discharging member oper
able in said powder compartment above said dis
charge opening and provided with an operating
member at the outside of said powder compart-Y
ment, said agitating and discharge member in
cluding a shaft element projecting through the
lower end of the powder compartment into posi-`
tion for engagement with said cover slide and a
spring yieldingly thrusting said shaft element
into holding engagement with said cover slide;
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