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May 24, 1938.
Filed Sept. 26, 1955
, WW
Patented May 24, 1938
Ormand Hukari, Hood River, Oreg.
Application September 26, 1935, Serial No. 42,208
5 Claims. (Cl. 299-—111)
My invention relates to-improvements in spray
ing heads. The spraying head is primarily used
for the spraying of fruits and vegetables during
the growing season.
The invention is comprised primarily of a bar
rel having a spray head removably secured to one
end of the barrel. A body element is secured
to the oppositely disposed end of the barrel and a
stem runs longitudinally of the head of the bar
10 rel and of the body element. A stem is thread
edly secured to the body element and a handle
is ?xedly secured to the stem so that the ma
nipulation of the handle moves the stem longi
tudinally of the assembly. A conic shaped head
15 is secured to the spraying head of the stem and
the movement of the stem in one direction stops
the flow of fluid through the» spray head, like
wise the movement of the stem in the opposite
direction accomplishes a similar result.
The primary purpose and object of‘ my'inven
tion is to provide a device for use in the spray
ing of fruits and vegetables to arrest the develop
ment of undesirable growths within and upon the
A further object of my invention consists in
25 so constructing the same that itwillbe su?iciently
ment has a female connection 3‘ disposed at one
side of the same to which a hose or other con
nection may be readily attached and to facilitate
the delivery of a. ?uid under pressure through the
female connection directly into the body element 6
and into the barrel I. A collar 4 is disposed
upon. the opposite end of the barrel to that to
which the body element 2 is attached. A head 5
is threadedly attached to the collar 4'. A nipple 6
is removably and. threadedly attached to the 10
nozzle 5' and a discharge opening 1 is disposed
central of the nipple 6. The nose or forward
end of the head. has a face 8 that is disposed
at right angles to that of the longitudinal axis of _
the head 5. andv a spraying disc 9 is placeable 15
within the head. Az-compressible gasket I0 is
dispose-d between the disc 9 and the face 8 of the
head. and the adjustment of the nipple 6 main
tains a tight working relationship between the
disc 9, the gasket I0 and the face 8 of the head.
The size of the opening ll disposed within the
disc is determined, by the kind and. quality‘ of
the solution to be sprayed therethrough. and the
?neness of the spray that is to emanate from the
spraying device.
Since the. opening H is relativelyv small it is
light in weight to facilitate its being used with. - desirable to provide facilities for the easy re
out undue fatigue when being used over long moval of the disc and to exchange and replace
the same within the desired diameter of the
operating periods.
A further object of my invention consists in so spraying ori?ce required for the work to be done.
A stem. [2 runs longitudinally of. the barrel and
constructing the same that it may be easily dis
assembled to facilitate the maintaining of the connects the adjusting handle [3 with the ad
justable head M. A band 15 is disposed about
same in a clean and in. a. highly workable con.
the outer periphery of the head l4 and gaskets
With these and incidental objects in view, the I6 and 11- are disposed upon the oppositely dis
invention consists in certain novel features of posed sides of the band I75. The adjustable head
My is threadedly attachable to the stem l2 and a
construction and combination of parts, the es
locking nut 18. locks the adjustable head l4 in
sential elements of which are set forth in the ap
precise placement upon the stem 12. The inner
pended claims, and "a preferred form of embodi
surface IQ of the head 5 converges toward the
ment of which is hereinafter shown with refer
ence to the drawing which accompanies and forms longitudinal axial center line of the head [4 and
the surface 20 of the head M has a slope similar
a part of this speci?cation.
to that of the surface IQ of the nozzle 5. A
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary sectional side view of shoulder 2| is disposed upon the inner surface
of the nozzle 5' and the gasket l6 engages the
the assembled device.
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional side view of shoulder 2i slightly in advance of the engage
ment of the sloping surfaces l9 and 20. A- gasket
the assembled device.
is also placed in line with the face 22 of the collar
Fig. 3 is a perspective end‘ view of the adjust
able head disposed at the discharge‘ end of’ the 4v to thereby shut off the flow of fluid through the
spraying head when the nipple is moved su?icient
Like reference characters refer to like parts ly to cause contact with the gasket l1 and with
the face 22.
throughout the several views.
The body element 2 is threaded upon its in
My device is primarily comprised ‘of a cylin
drical barrel l. A body element 2 is removably terior and the stern l2 has a threaded portion 23
that engages with the thread disposed within the
secured to one end of the barrel. The body ele
body element 2. The handle I3 is ?xedly se
cured to the stem l2 and as the handle is ro
tated the stem I2 is also rotated. The rotation
of the thread 23 of the stem. within the threaded
portion of the body element 2 imparts longitudi
nal movement to the stem I2. A spider 24 is
disposed within the barrel and this precisely po
sitions and maintains the stem in registry with
the head l4 as the same is rotated.
In order that a swirl may be imparted to the
?uid passing through the nozzle 5'I provide a
plurality of notches or slits 25 within and upon
the face of the head, and the major portion of
the ?uid to be sprayed through the opening of
15 the spraying disc has a swirl imparted thereto as
it passes through the opening H of the disc 9.
The peripheral grooves 25 that are placed
upon the outer surface of the conical head I4
7 may be made to run spirally around the conical
'20 head but terminating short of the point 20A.
In doing this where precision ?ts are provided
between the point of the conical head beyond the
termination of the spiral groove and the inner
surface 20B of the head 5 the ?ow of spraying
25 ?uid through the head may be entirely shut oil’.
This eliminates the necessity of forming a valve
tight relationship between the shoulders 56 and
2!. While the valve shoulder shut-01f is satis
factory in the lower precisions I have found the
30 precision ?t disposed between the conical point
20A and the engaging surface 203 gives better
results and longer life in the high pressures now
in common use in many of the spraying opera
tions required in treating fruit trees for coddling
35 moth control and for fruit sprays during the dor
2. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a body element, a thread disposed
centrally of and extending longitudinally of the
body element, a tubular barrel having a ?xed
head attached thereto secured to the body ele
ment, a stem disposed longitudinally of the body
element and of the tubular barrel, and means for 10
maintaining a screw thread engagement with the
body element, an adjustable head carried by the
stem and said adjustable head being adjustable
relative to the ?xed head, said adjustable head
being adapted for closing a passageway through 15
the ?xed head when fully rotated in either di
rection, and a plurality of spiral grooves dis
posed about the outer lower surface of the adjust
able head, a handle secured to the stem, means
for admitting a ?uid under pressure into the 20
body element and a nipple open at its outer end
and an ori?ced disc removably disposed between
the ?xed head and the nipple.
3. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a ?xed head and an adjustable head, 25
means for conducting a ?uid under pressure into
the adjustable head, means for imparting a
whirling motion to the ?uid as the same passes
While the form of mechanism herein shown
and described is admirably adapted to fulfill the
objects primarily stated, it is to be understood
through the adjustable head, an ori?ced disc
disposed in spaced relation with the adjustable 30
head with the ori?ce of the disc being in axial
adjustment with the adjustable head, a stem to
which the adjustable head is attached, means for
rotating the stem, means for imparting a longi
tudinal movement to the stem and to the adjust 35
able head when the stem is rotated in either di
rection and means for stopping the flow of ?uid
through the adjustable head when the stem is
fully rotated in either direction.
that it is not intended to con?ne the invention to
the embodiment herein shown and described, as
it is susceptible of embodiment in various forms,
all coming within the scope of the claims which
4. In a device of the class described, the com— 40
bination of a barrel having a head threadably at
tached to one of its ends and a body element
?xedly attached to the'other of its ends, a stem
mant season for San Jose scale.
with the collar secured to the cylindrical barrel
when moved in the opposite direction to stop the
?ow of ?uid through the head.
disposed longitudinally of the head and body ele
1. A spray gun comprising a cylindrical barrel,
a body element threadably secured to the cylin
ment and having a handle secured thereto to per
mit the rotation of the stem, means for impart
ing a swirl to the materials ?owing through the
drical barrel, a female pipe connection disposed
head, Within the head, an ori?ced disc removably
What I claim is:
at one side of the body element and an opening
secured to the head and means for shutting o?
50 disposed through the connection communicating
the flow of ?uid passing through the disc by im
parting rotating movement in either direction to
the handle and a spider for maintaining the stem
in axial alignment with the barrel.
with the interior of the body element, a collar
secured to one end of the cylindrical barrel and
at the opposite end to which the body element is
attached, a head adjustably and threadably se—
55 cured to the collar, a nipple removably secured to
the outer end of the head, a shoulder disposed
upon the inner end of the nipple, a spraying aper
tured disc normally resting upon the shoulder
disposed within the nipple and a compressible
gasket disposed between the apertured disc and
the outer end of the head, a stem extending longi
tudinally of the cylindrical barrel, an adjusting
handle secured to the outer end of the stem, an
adjustable pointed head secured to the opposite
65 end of the stem, said pointed head having slits
disposed spirally of the outer surface thereof and
terminating short of the end, said pointed head
when moved in one direction engaging the head
and stopping the ?ow of ?uid therethrough and
70 said pointed head constructed for engagement
5. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a stationary spraying head, means
for admitting spraying solutions into the station
ary head under pressure, an adjustable head po
sitionable within the stationary head, means for
moving the adjustable hea'd longitudinally in
either direction, relative to the stationary head, 60
notches spirally disposed about the surface of the
face of the adjustable 'head, means for shutting
off the passage of spraying solutions through the
head by the movement of the adjustable head in
either direction, disc having an ori?ce disposed 65
centrally thereof removably attachable to the
head and a nipple secured to the head and adapt
ed for securing the ori?ced disc removably secured
to the head.
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