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May 24, 1938-
Filed Feb. 24, 1938.
14 lexander fl [den
Patented May ‘24, 1938
I 2,118,463,
Alexander M. Eden, New Yprk, N. Y.
Application February 24, 1938, Serial No. 192,226
-. ; 3 Claim.
(01. 2-463) .
This invention relates to gloves, and particular
ly to gloves provided with openings in the index
' ?nger andv thumb portions thereof to permit the
index ?nger and thumb to be uncovered for var
.ious purposes such as ?ring a ri?e, and ‘the like.‘
More particularly the invention relates to .a
glove having openings in'the adjacent sides of the
index ?nger and thumb which openings are
closed by’ slide fasteners, or. zippers. of the usual
the fastener may be operated to close or open the
slider 'and by a, continuing movement after the
slider is carried to open position the extremity of
the member may be removed from the end of the
member which itcovers.
It will be obvious from the above that the thumb
and fore?nger, or either the thumb or fore?nger,
may be protruded through the opening in such~
manner that the objects set forth above may be
accomplished. In addition to the various things
-Itiis an object of the invention to provide a mentioned above, numerous'other acts may be
glove having openings in the adjacent side por- _ performed with greater ease .when the glove'of
tions‘of the thumb and indexi?nger so that this this invention is-worn. For example one may ‘
?nger ‘and. thumb may be uncovered to make it 1 strike a match without danger 'of burning the
15 possible to grasp small objects and to make easy fabric of the glove or may smoke a cigarette with 15
the manipulation of the ?nger and thumb to per
out the same danger- v
mit accuracy in certain operations, as for, ex
ample the ?ring of a revolver or ri?e.
portions of the glove where seams normally occur,
It is a further object of myinvention to make
20 such openings in the side portions of the thumb
and fore?nger which portions are normally joined
' together by~a seam so that the fabric of which
it is obvious that there needbe no additional slit
ting of the material as has been done in the past 20
in making gloves of this general type. Because
of this the fabric is not injured and in addition
the glove is made is not cut to any greater extent . if the fastener at any time becomes inoperative
than is customary. Due to this provision if for it may be removed and the glove. sewn along the
any reason theslide fastener becomes inoperative edges ‘thereby converting the glove to one of nor
it is possible to remove the fastener and seam to
mal ‘type in which all edges are seamed.
gether the edges left by this removal, forming a
While I have described my-invention with re
complete glove of normal type.
spect to a particular form thereof, itis obvious
A further object of the invention is to provide
a glove of the type mentioned above but having an
inner lining of woven fabric, as is customary,
this fabric forming an inner glove so that when
the thumb and index ?nger are protruded from
their coverings in the manner suggested above,
they will not be entirely unprotected but will be
35 covered
by this inner lining.
_ '
Other objects and features of‘ the invention
will appear when the accompanying drawing is
considered in connection with the following de
In the drawing, there is shown a glove formed
of the body portion I to which is joined a‘thumb
that other forms might be substituted ‘therefor '
and that other forms of fastening might be sub
stituted for the form mentioned.
The scope of the invention therefore is not ‘to be ’
limited by the foregoing description but solely by
the appended claims.
What I desire to secure by United States Letters 35
Patent is:»
1.‘ In a glove, openings in the adjacent sides of
the index ?nger and thumb portions, and means ,
comprising slide fasteners inserted in said open-v
ings for permitting theclosing and opening there
of at will.
2. In a glove, openings in the adjacent sides of
portion 2 in the usual manner. -In forming the , ‘the index ?nger and thumb portions, and means
glove the body portion l is out to form the ?nger comprising slide fasteners inserted therein and
portions and these ?ngerportions are thereafter closing from the extremity -of the index ?nger
seamed along the sides thereof. The thumb por
or thumb portion vtoward the base thereof for
tion is then inset in the opening provided therefor permitting opening and closing at will.
‘ ‘
in the body portion and seamed along its outer _ ~ 3. "In a glove‘, openings in the-index ?nger and
thumb portions thereof, said openings extending
In utilizing the presentv invention the seams P, longitudinally of each of said portions and means
along the .outer edge of the index ?nger and
thumb portions of the glove are omitted and in
place thereof the slide fasteners 3 and B are pro
. vided, these fasteners extending from the top
55 toward the base of the portions mentioned.
‘fastener is provided with a slider member v4 or ‘I
which serves to open or close the fastener and
each slide member is likewise provided with a tab
member 6 or 8 which provides means by which
comprising slide fasteners inserted therein,,séid-.._,
slide fasteners including tab operated sliders mov- able from the bases of said portionstoward ‘their .
extremities in the opening movement, whereby
‘in said movement the slider ?rst opens the open-' 55
ing and thereafter may serve as a means .to re
move the, extremity ofithe portion from the en1
closing member.
amxaunm manna. '
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