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May 24, 1933-
Filed July 2, 1936
(JOSEPH 14.0. GAL-V40
Patented May 24, 1938
Joseph A. 0. Galvan. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application July '2, 1936. Serial No. 88,517
3 Claims.
(or. 173-.358)
My present invention relates to a lamp socket
or similar structure, adapted to cooperate with
an Edison or screw plug, such as is used onthe
ordinary electric bulb or electric plug..
It aims to devise a construction, which while
cheap in construction and simple of operation,
The spring wire 20 may be readily a?lxed to
the upper portions l8. of the dogs 15 by having
the upper portions llslit open, inserting the wire 6
within such slit, and thereafter pinching the sides
will enable such an Edison plug or the like to be
attached to the socket, without the necessity of
laboriously screwing the same thereon. Using the
There may also be provided an outer covering
2!, which may be threadedly engaged about the
present invention will, in part, be hereafter
pointed out and will, in part, be obvious to those
skilled in the art to which the present invention
shell II, at the threads 22.
In operation, the Edison plug 23 is inserted into
the shell, until the lower portion thereof, shown
at 24, has passed the lower portions iii of the
dogs i5, forcing the lower portions towards the
shell II and the upper portions l8 inwardly away 15
from.the shell, and in position to engage the
threaded portions 25 of the Edison plug 2-3. At
this point the tip 25 of the Edison plug 23 will be
in contact with the contact point is’ of the
band IS. The Edison plug 23 is then rotated 20
slightly in a clockwise direction, the upper por
tions iii of the dogs l5 thus engaging the plug
23 at the threaded portions 25 and holding the
same ?rm.
10 device of my present invention, an Edison plug or
bulb can be inserted in the socket in but two
simple movements; one, a pressure inward, and
two, a slight clockwise turn.
The'device of my present invention has a par
15 ticular, value in electric signs and marquises,
where there are a large number of bulbs to be
inserted and changed, and where‘ the saving in
time, which will result from using my present
invention, will be substantial.
20 Further advantages and superiorities of my
seen that the inner sides oi’ these dogs l5 form
a sort of half-moon.
In the drawing:--
Fig. 1 is a top plan, partly broken away; and
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view.v
Referring more speci?cally to the drawing, at
ill is shown the base proper, having a shell H,
30 adapted to receive the conventional or screw plug.
The electric current may enter the device 2.5
through the wire 21, which is connected to the
.band l6 by the screw I'I, ?ow along the band l6
to the contact point I8’, thence to the tip of
the Edison plug 26, thence through the filaments,
and return by means of the threaded portions 25, so
the upper portion of the dogs l8, the wire M, the
metal strip, aiilxed to the base Ill by the screw band l2 and the return'wire 28 which ‘may be
l3, and to the shell I I by the bent portions of the connected by the screw l3.
When it is desired to remove the plug, it is
wire i4.
given a small counter-clockwise turn, thus re- 35
35 This wire ll surrounds the shell il, being con
tained in a recess l5, and in electrical contact leasing the engagement of the upper portions of
with the metal strip i2 and the dogs l5 hereafter ' the dogs l8, and the plug may then be pulled out.
When the pressure on the lower portion of the
to be described.
At I6 is another metal band, also a?ixed to the plugs I9 is released, because of the withdrawal
40 base III by the screw l1, and penetrating through of the Edison plug 23, the wire 20 pressing against 40
inner surface or the shell II will rotate the
the shell II to form the other point of contact the
dogs l5 so that the upper portions thereof are
IS’ with the Edison or screw plug.
now hidden in the recesses 29, leaving the device
The dogs l5 comprise an upper and lower por
ready for the insertion of another plug.
tion, l8 and I9, pivotally mounted about the wire
While the drawing illustrates three (3) dogs, it 45
45 l4, by means of the spring wire 20. The lower
is obvious that there may be more or less. I have
portions IQ of these dogs ii are of uniform size, found, however, that less than three (3) will not
and project into the interior of the shell to coop
be as e?lcient.
erate with the tip of the Edison or screw plug.
The foregoing description of my present inven
50' The upper portions l8 of the dogs l5 also ‘pro
tion is set forth by way of illustration only, and 50
ject into the interior of the shell, but these upper " various modi?cations may be made therein with
portions are of different sizes, so that the height out- departing from the spirit thereof or the scope
of each of these upper portions will vary with the of the claims.
What I claim as my- invention is:
pitch of the thread of-the Edison plug, the sizes
1. In a socket forreceiving a screw plug, a 55
55 decreasing in a clockwise direction. It will be
At. I2 is shown a copper or other conducting
shell, and a plurality of dogs pivotally mounted
on a common plane in said shell thereof, said
dogs having gripping portions at diiierent levels
above the pivot points to cooperate with the in
the inclined thread of the screw plug and con
tact portions below the points of pivot to be en
gaged by the screw plug' base, a spring wire at
iixed to the outer side of the upper portionsoi
clined thread 0! the screw plug, and contact por- ' said dogs and adapted to be placed against the 5
tions below the points of pivot to be engaged by 'inner wall oi’ said shell and means’ to‘ complete
the screw plug base, whereby the insertion and the electric circuit.
turning 01' the screw plug in said shell new
8. In a socket for receiving a screw plug, a
the lower portion of said dogs to retreat, and the
upper portion to project inwardly and engage the
thread of the screw plug.
2. A socket for receiving a screw plug com
prising a base, a plurality of dogs. a shell having
a plurality of recesses-adapted to contain the dogs
15 and a recess about the outer side to contain a
wire. said dogs being pivotally mounted within
the recesses and about the wire on a common
plane and having gripping portions at diilerent
levels above the points of pivot to cooperate with
shell‘, and a plurality oi’ pivotally mounted dogs
in said shell, each of which has a thread riding 10
and gripping end, and an operating end the
thread riding and gripping ends occurring at
dii’ferent levels and the operating ends occurring
at the same levels; whereby the insertion and
‘rotation of the screw plug in said shell acts upon 15
the operating ends to pivot said dogs and cause
the engagement of the riding and gripping ends
thereof with the threads of the screw plug.
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