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May 24, 193%.
m 18,543
Filed Nov. 23, 1937
JA c 05 #514 IVQ-E H,
Patented May 24, 1938
Jacob Asanger, Hollywood, Calif.
Application November 23, 1937, Serial No. 176,035
1 Claim. (01. 40-125)
As illustrated, particularly the frame, that is to
This invention relates to structures commonly
used on vacant properties along the roadsides, surround the large display portion of the board
for displaying advertising matter, news-items, or proper, is made in distinct sections that are pre
anything to which the attention of the public is to produced, to be merely assembled at the location
5 be called.
One of the objects of this invention is to mod
ernize, beautify, and simplify such a billboard.
Another object is to make it possible that the
billboard can be pre-?nished in certain portions
10 to require only an assembling at the location.
Another object is to make such portions of cer~
tain design and construction as to facilitate a
the ends ID of the straight pieces 5 and 6.
The longitudinal pieces 5 and 6, as well as the
end pieces 1 and 8 are held together by orna
15 for the main structure portions of harmonizing
Other objects will appear from the following
description and appended claim as well as from
the accompanying drawing, in which,
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a billboard em
bodying this invention.
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary cross section through
the frame on an enlarged scale.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary cross section through
25 a portion of the frame and as applied to a por
tion of the sub-structure.
Commonly used billboards are of a rather
standard design and structure, practically adopt
ed throughout the country.
For practical as well as for artistic reasons
there are, however, considerable objections to be
made against such commonly adopted construc
Billboards have to be transferred frequently
35 from one location to another, and any dismount
ing and reassembling of the old type of boards
involves quite considerable expenses due to
breakage, but, more particularly, due to dif
?culties in dismounting and reassembling pro
4.0 visions, or rather the lack of such provisions.
Moreover, public attitude against unsightly ob
structions in the landscape is such that the old
type billboard can not satisfy for many reasons.
This new billboard, disclosed herewith, is made
45 of such sections that can readily be produced
preparatory to being taken to the location, in
other words, can be produced in sections in any
suitable workshop to only require mere assem
bling that can easily be accomplished by any un
50 skilled men.
mental joining pieces ll, one of such joining 15
pieces being shown in proper position over a
inbetween so that the ends 9 of the rounded cor- 10
ners are simply brought into abutment against
proper assembling.
Another object is to provide connectingparts
where the ?nished board is to stand, there being 5
the upper and lower straight pieces 5 and 6 be
sides the end pieces ‘I and 8.
The end-pieces are preferably made to include
the rounded corners with the straight portion
This stipulates, of course, that the more di?icult
Work is done by skilled men in a workshop, to
include such work and portions that are orna
mental and part of the attractiveness of the
55 Whole structure.
joint in Fig. 1, while the other three joints are
uncovered, the joining pieces for these places be
ing merely indicated in dotted lines, to indicate
their proper locations.
Fig. 2 illustrates a joining in cross section, hav
ing the joining piece applied over the frame
pieces, and having bolts l2 indicated for uniting
the frame pieces by the joining piece.
in Fig. l, the locations for the bolts are merely 25
indicated by dots at l3, to indicate the possibilities
of having means at the opposite sides of a joint
for holding the different pieces together.
From this it should be understood that any in
the least difficult pieces, such as the curves and 30
the ornamental joining pieces, are pre-?nished at
a suitable place, such as a shop where proper tools
and equipment as well as skilled men can be kept;
while the assembling along the road can be ac
complished by unskilled truckmen.
Such a frame can then be made real orna
mental, and, since this frame really is the prin
cipal part of any billboard, a billboard can al
ways be made equally attractive and of well ?n
ished design and workmanship.
The central portion I4, forming the part on
which matter is commonly displayed, may be
of any suitable material, metal, wood, or any
other suitable sheet material.
Further sub-structures, such as the pieces I5 45
and the posts it, may be of any less ?nished ma
terial, since, as a rule, behind the board and
frame proper; and the lower substructure, or base
i‘! with its ornamentations [8 may also be of
simpler kind to not be di?icult for the roadmen to 50
cut and fit at the location, preparatory to as
sembling, so that the pre-?nished pieces form the
principal part of the completed board as it
stands at the roadside.
The bolts I2, of course, may be provided of 55
such a size and length as to hold, either, the
frame individually, or the frame together with
the substructure.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:-_
In a billboard of the class described, in com
bination with a sub-structure and a central dis
playing surface, a frame for the displaying sur—
face made in sections to ?t the horizontal lon
gitudinal as well as the opposite upright end
edges, the longitudinal sections being of plain
straight form with transverse abutting ends, the
upright end-sections including straight portions
to correspond to the upright edges of the surface
and curved portions to correspond to similarly
shaped corners of the surface and having trans
verse abutting ends to meet the abutting ends 6
of the longitudinal sections, and joining pieces
shaped to ?t on the front faces of the abutting
longitudinal and end sections for overlapping
the sections and having means by which to join
the sections.
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