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May 24, 1938.
M. |__. DAVIS
Filed Aug. 27, 1936
- Patented May 24,1938
' 2,118,592
‘ 2.11am
Mortimer L. Davis, \Ncw York, N. Y.
‘Application August 27, 1936. Serial No. 98,168
1 Claim. (01. 2-30)
This invention relates to new and useful im
means is ‘provided for v‘closing said opening. A
provements in a. combination brassiere and girdle. . fastener I5 is associated with the bottom edge
The invention has for’ an object the construc
of the opening l4‘ and is adapted to coact with
tion . of a combination" garment‘ as mentioned
the fasteners I2 which are uponthe br'assiére ,
which is characterized by fasteners for detach
ably connecting adjacent front portions of the
the girdle, further down.
l0, whereby the brassiere may be connected with 5
brassiere and girdle and a strap structure for
detachably connecting the rear portions of said
Furthermore, the invention contemplates form- \
ving the girdle ‘with an opening in the front por
tions at their bottom ends adaptedto engage the
prongs of a ‘fastening element IIIb which is
associated with means by which the opening may
' be closed, and the bottom edge of the opening
mounted upon the top edge-of'the girdle. Thus
the strips l38L may be hooked into position and 15
being‘provided with fasteners adapted to coact
‘with the'fasteners upon the brassiere portion of
the garment whereby the brassiere may be con
nected with the girdle in a lowered " position.
Thus the garment may be adjusted to fit a short
just as easily removed.
The opening I4 is closed by a pair of strips I6‘
‘and “5b attached completely along the lengths
of the opening I4 preferably by stitches.v These ‘
strips have coacting snap fastener lelements I1 20
» -Another object of this invention is to asso
which may be connected and disconnected as re
ciate a diaphragm control or inner belt panel
with the girdle in a novel manner.
quired. The fasteners I5 are arranged upon the
inner bottom edge portion of the opening I4 so
' For further comprehension of the invention,
that they may be engaged with the fasteners 12
and of the objects and advantages vthereof, ref
on the bottom edge of the brassiére III while the
erence will be had to the following description and
opening i4 is in the open position. A covering
accompanying drawing, and to the appended
claim in which the various novel features of the
strip I1 is adapted to engage over and cover the
invention are more particularly set forth.
top and secured by a line of stitches I8 to the
fasteners I5.
In the accompanying drawing forming a ma
Fig. 1 is a front view of a combination brassiére
‘girdle II and is adapted to be remova'bly mount
ed \upon the inner face of the front portion-there
of. This reinforcing‘panel I9 is substantially of
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 2--2
‘of Fig. 1.
A reinforcing panel I9_ is associated with the
and girdle constructed according to this in
245 t
This covering strip is free at the
material of the girdle;
terial part of this disclosure:-- ~
are attached at their top ‘ends to the rear' por- 10
*tion of the brassiere I0 and which have loop por
. tion thereof spaced down from the top edge, and
tional shoulder straps I6. The strap structure
I3 comprises. a pair of elastic straps I3"which
brassiére and girdle.
or tall sized person.
' '
The brassiere III is provided with the conven
Fig. 3 is a‘fragmentary elevational view look
‘ingin the direction‘of'the line 3-—3 of Fig. 2.
triangular shape as may be seen by the dotted
lines in Fig. 1 and by the detailed Figs. v3 and 5.
At the corners this reinforcing panel is provided
with snap fastener elements 20 coacting with
Fig. 4 is a rear elevational view of the girdle complementary snap fastener elements attached
upon the inner face of the front portion of the.
. Fig. 5 is a rear perspective view of the rein
girdle. The reinforcing panel I9 is provided
' forcing panel per se.
with several stiffening stays 2| which are se
curedthereon by covering strips’ 2|’.
‘ ‘Fig. 6 is a sectionall'view taken on the line 64-6
of Fig. 5.
The fasteners 12 comprise a pair of ?exible
In the form of the invention illustrated in Figs. strips I2a and I2b secured at rtheir'outer edges
1-6 inclusive a combination brassiére and girdle to the adjacent edges‘o‘f the brassiere and girdle,
is illustrated which comprises, essentially, a_ and'attheir adjacent edges are provided with
brassiere III and a girdle I‘I. Fastening elements ‘ interengageable hooks I2c controlled by .a con
l2 for detachably connecting the adjacent front ventional slide control‘ I25. A coveririg’strip of ‘
6 por'tionsof the vbrassiere and girdle together are , material 129 is adapted. to partially extend over 50
shown in Fig. l.
arranged on adjacent edges thereof. A. strap
structure I3 is provided for detachably connect
the fasteners.
gether. The girdle II is formed with a front
understood that I do ‘not’limit myself to the pre
' While I have illustrated and described the pre
ing rear portions of the brassiére andigirdletm ‘ ferred ‘embodiments of my‘ invention, it is to be
opening I! spaced from the‘ top. edge thereof. A
cz'se‘ constructions herein disclosed and the right 55
2,118,592 '
is reserved to all changes‘ and modi?cations com
,ing within the scope of the invention as de?ned
in the appended claim.
Having thus described my invention, what ‘I
claim as new, and desire to secure by United
tally-7V disposed fastener elements secured to the '
inside of the girdle'below the upper edge there
of, said rows adapted for engagement with each
other, said girdle having ‘a slit'overlying the last‘
mentioned fastener elements for access thereto,
and a flap extending from the'lupp‘er edge of the
In a garment comprising in ‘combination a .slit and covering said last mentioned fastener
elements whereby both sets of fastener elements
detachable brassiere and girdle, a row of hori
States Letters Patent is:---
‘ zontally disposed fastener elements secured to
10 the lower edge of the brassiere, a row 01 horizon
are concealed when the same are engaged‘.
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