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mhway 24, 1938.
2,ì NH23
Filed May '17, 193'?
Patente-d May 24, 1938
Robert L. Boggs, Norfolk, Va.
Application May 17, 1937, Serial No. 143,178
1 Claim.
This invention relates to a clamping band main
ly designed for holding asbestos covering on
a pipe, the general object of the invention being
to provide means for positively holding the ends
5 of a band in position with the band tightly en
circling the covering, said means also permitting
adjustment of the band to tighten it around the
each other so that the band will be contracted
about the covering A on the pipe B, as shown in
'I'his invention also consists in certain other
1o features of construction and in the combination
and arrangement of several parts, to be herein
after fully described, illustrated in the accom
panying drawing and speciñcally pointed out in
the appended claim.
In describing the invention in detail, reference
will be had to the accompanying drawing where
in like characters denote like or corresponding
parts through the several views, and in which:
Figure l is a fragmentary view showing the im
ZO proved band in use as holding a covering around
a pipe.
Figure 2 is an edge view, partly in section, of the
band and its holding and adjusting means.
Figure 3 is a View of the clip.
In this drawing, the numeral l indicates a band
of thin ñexible metal and the numeral 2 indi
cates a channel member of slightly arcuate shape
and the numeral 3 indicates an angle member
having one limb fastened in one end of the chan
30 nel member by the rivets 4 or the like.
at 9 in Figure 3, is pressed over the bent part after
which the extremity of the band is bent over the
clip as shown at I0.
Thus the ends of the band are ñrmly connected
with the angle members and then by turning the
screw 6 the angle members will be brought toward 5
A second
angle member 5 is adapted to ñt in the other end
of the channel member and this member 5 has
Figure 1.
It will thus be seen that I have provided simple
means for positively adjusting a band around a
covering and for firmly locking the ends of the
band to the adjusting means.
It is thought from the foregoing description
that the advantages and novel features of the
invention will be readily apparent.
It is to be understood that changes may be
made in the construction and in the combination
and arrangement of the several parts, provided
that such changes fall within the scope of the
appended claim.
What is claimed isz
A clamping device of the class described com
prising an elongated channel-shaped member of
arcuate shape with its ñanges extending out
wardly from the convex face of the member, an 25
angle member having one limb ñtting in one end
of the channel-shaped member and fastened
therein, the other limb extending from between
the ñanges of the channel-shaped member and t
having a threaded opening therein, a second CA. C
angle-shaped member having one limb loosely
fitting in` the opposite end of the channel-shaped
through which a screw 6 is adapted to pass, the
35 similar arm of the member 3 having a threaded
member, a screw passing through the other limb
an opening in its forwardly extending
or the second angle-shaped member into the
socket l thereon for receiving the screw. Each
threaded opening and a flexible band having its 35
of the members 3 and 5 has a slot 8 in that arm
ends detachably connected to the outer ends of
those arms of the angle members which ñt inthe
channel-shaped member.
which ñts in the channel member and these slots
are adapted to receive the ends of the band I
40 which are bent over after being passed through
the slot. After being so bent a clip such as shown
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